The New CB1100 Is Here

The CB1100 has been revised for 2017, splitting into a wire-wheeled heritage model and a gold-nitride-shock “RS” variant. This video features the heritage bike. It’s pretty neat. Makes me wish my father rode a motorcycle. But my son and I both do. Maybe that’s enough.

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  1. AvatarYamahog

    Gold, right side up forks what is the world coming to?

    Any word on whether it’s coming here? Shame the ABS isn’t standard.

  2. AvatarApuleius

    I’ll take the white one with spoked wheels, please. Or a Moto Guzzi Griso. Or maybe a BMW RNineT. But probably a Triumph Thruxton 1200 after all…

  3. AvatarDon Curton

    Since I just bought my 2014 in May, I’m not in the market anymore. But I still think the 2014’s look better. Plus you can almost guarantee they won’t be bringing anymore over here to the USA. If they do, we’ll get one standard model in one color. Honda apparently has no idea how to market the bike to us, which is a frequent conversation piece on the forums.

    Still, if you want retro…

    • AvatarDirtRoads

      Dammit Don, posting that link made me go off on a huge search for motorcycle news! I’m supposed to be working!

      • AvatarDon Curton

        If my company didn’t want me looking at motorcycles at work, then they should block my internet access. Way I see it, it’s their fault I can’t get any work done. 😉

  4. Avatar-Nate

    Thanx Jack ;

    That’s a nice looking Standard bike and a GREAT commercial .

    Pops told me his dad (whom I never met) rode a Indian Combination Rig in the late 1920’s when they lived behind the Indian Motocycle Factory .

    I began riding in my Teens and bought my Son his first Moto when he was 12 , I have many cherished memories of he and I riding two up then later he behind me for a short while ~ he’s far more talented than I ever was, now he waits for me wherever we’re going when we ride =8-) .

    I hope this bike is a hit for Honda .


  5. AvatarG. Wallace

    My brand new leftover 2014 sits in my dining room as I write. Though I had no business buying it at $6,199 I couldn’t walk away. I have the standard blacked out model with the 4 into 1 exhaust and it reminds me of my 1975 CB550F albeit with better brakes, suspension, and about twice the power. It is a time machine.

    • Avatar-Nate

      Mr. Wallace ;

      Mind the fuel fumes indoors ! .

      They flow out and down then crawl along the floors searching for a pilot light like in the water heater, explode with violent fury .

      It’s *very* dangerous to store a Motor Vehicle indoors .

      Enjoy the new ride ! .



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