Made In The USA: Rattlerstrap Titan


I think a lot of my friends are going to make fun of me for this one, and perhaps deservedly so. The Rattlerstrap Titan belt is a child of the “Everyday Carry” phenomenon, also known as “EDC”. It’s an American-made, titanium-buckle belt with a very fine-grained adjustment, which is nice when you’re trying to use the same belt for both denim and wool pants. But its raison d’etre is based on the rather ridiculous assumption that you will need one hundred feet of nylon paracord on short notice.

The product page makes the pitch. In the matter of a few minutes, you can turn your Rattlerstrap belt into between 90 and 120 feet of American-made paracord, depending on your waist size. What could you do with that paracord? Why, anything from tying off an amputated leg to supporting a 550-pound load! This list of 44 uses from a female survival enthusiast includes “Replace a broken bra strap” and “Tie up a bad guy”. But you don’t have to be a big-breasted “50 Shades Of Grey” reader to enjoy paracord.

For me, the primary virtue of this belt is that it won’t set off a metal detector and it looks like it will be very wear-resistant. But I’ll keep my mind open to other possibilities as well. And, of course, it’s 100% made it the USA, which is reason enough to get it!

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  1. AvatarPaul Alexander

    Well, I’m sure Danger Girl will be relieved to know you’ll be wearing this obvious deterrent from female attention on business trips.

  2. AvatarDomestic Hearse

    With the purchase of this belt, you will be obliged to follow up with a tactical pocket dump photo which details your IWB holster, carry pistol, folding knife, tactical pen, mini 300 lumen flashlight, cell phone, backup battery, lighter, mag carrier, and custom guitar picks.

  3. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    Completely off topic;

    I just got a car magazine in the mail, and see you are now a contributor, along with Larry Webster. Did I miss the announcement in a previous post?

    Either way, congatulations.

  4. Avatarcarrya1911

    I just use paracord laces on my boots. Primarily because it’s useful if you need to use your feet to saw through flex cuffs or duct tape. Violent criminals use some form of restraint method more than most people realize.

    And unlike most other types of shoelaces I never seem to break paracord. 100 feet of paracord is…likely excessive for anything but a long term survival situation.

    I actually do carry a handgun, a spare magazine, a knife, a canister of OC spray, and a flashlight along with the usual wallet and keys. (With good gear you can carry all of that in a nicely tailored suit, believe it or not) I need a belt that’s primarily good at being a solid belt that will work with the loops of most holsters and accessory carriers…so a paracord belt is right out for me, I’m afraid.

    • Avatarcarrya1911

      It’s also good to have a belt that has a very quick release for bathroom emergencies and those David Caradine adventures. You never know when that Thai ladyboy you picked up is going to go rogue and leave you hanging.

  5. Avatarviper32cm

    What’s the torsional strength of that belt like? It seems like it would be marketed to the same sort of folks that carry OWB, but it also seems like it would twist under the weight of most pistols.

    BTW, if you’re ever in the market for a leather belt, including exotic hides, check out Made in the USA, of course, and tough as nails.


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