Spotter’s Guide To The Dec/Jan 2017 Road&Track


Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to present you with the Road&Track Performance Car Of The Year feature. I’ve written all four of these and, God willing, I’ll continue to write them in the future. Come along with me as we drive ten nine of the most exciting new cars for sale in the United States. As always, thank you for reading!

19 Replies to “Spotter’s Guide To The Dec/Jan 2017 Road&Track”

  1. jz78817

    are the print and iPad/digital issues identical? Apart from PCOTY this issue seemed like mostly GM, Weathertech, and Escort ads.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I couldn’t say for sure.

      PCOTY is really expensive to put on, so we are often short of stuff in that month due to cost.

      • Eric H

        Every issue is 25% content, 75% ads.
        If the ad/content ratio falls below that they can’t use the special discounted mail rate.

  2. Bryce Himelrick

    Loved it! Brilliant writing as usual. Weirdly, the focus rs issue and pcoty came within a week of each other.

  3. DirtRoads

    I don’t know about R&T but the article you wrote about autonomous cars made me fall out of my chair laughing. Especially the line, “If a “thinking” car is heading towards a green-lit intersection at high speed only to see ten children step off the curb in one direction while Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair enters the crosswalk from the other, should it make the decision to kill the kids or murder the physicist.”

    On another note, a kid got arrested in Oklahoma for doing 208 in a Mustang. I’m not big into Mustangs, but doesn’t that seem too fast for a Mustang? I thought that was supercar speed. Anyway…

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I remember Car and Driver doing a piece on a kid who borrowed his dad’s Porsche 928 thirty years ago and was doing “180mph” according to the cops. Top speed of that 928 was 137mph.

  4. JNull

    Jack, random place to put this, I’ve only commented once before (said you should occasionally sub for lead singer of Symphony X, meant as a complement, he’s a bad ass), but having read your articles / columns / posts for YEARS (I was a BMX kid 25+ years ago, still have my PK Ripper), I really appreciate all the effort you put in. So few writers cut through the noise like you (cut my teeth on Mike Royko). am a big fan and please don’t ever stop writing.

  5. JNull

    Jack, very honored you replied…you, Mike Royko and Joe Posnanski are writing heros to me…yes, it’s a Looptail, I’m not sure of year, I think 82, I bought it for $75 in 1987 from an older guy (he was probably 22 then) then raced it for 3 years in Sikeston, MO, never lost a race and only lost one heat (went for a table top on last jump and wrecked)…let me see if I can attach pic


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