Made In The USA, Black Friday Edition: $79.95 Basic Black New Balance 993


You want a great pair of shoes? Today’s the day. Click this link to get to Joe’s New Balance. (I don’t get anything, but you have to use their email promo.) Choose Made In Usa. Choose basic black 993. It’s $99.95. After your 20% off, it’s $79.95.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a set of the best all-purpose casual shoes out there, now’s the day. For another ten bucks or so, you can get some of the color combinations, if you like, but this all-black 993 is new to the site and I think it’s pretty neat!

Happy shopping, everybody!

15 Replies to “Made In The USA, Black Friday Edition: $79.95 Basic Black New Balance 993”

  1. AvatarBigtruckseriesreview

    I went shopping around 11. The stores were mostly empty – and I’m sure many people preffered to shop online.

    I got a second snowblower ($399) from Sears.

    A 60″ 4K TV to replace my old 50″ 1080p model.

    A 32″ TV for my garage.

    A Tool chest from Sears for the garage.

    A PS3 so I could play Gradius V and old games from TG16 and PS2.

  2. AvatarCanuckGreg

    Athletic shoes are to be worn when being, well, athletic. Wingtip oxfords with a rubber sole are “casual shoes”.

    Chucks or Vans with a pair of jeans or khakis works, but otherwise you look like a doofus.

  3. Avatardoofus

    Are you diabetic or on your way to referee a high school basketball game? If not, you can find a better looking alternative.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Ridiculous, all of you. The NB993 has the best demographics of any shoe IN THE WORLD, as Clarkson would say.

      • AvatarNight Driver

        Jack is spot on – I have 2 pairs of 993’s – they are the most comfortable, supportive, and highest quality athletic shoe I have ever worn. They pair perfectly with jeans.

        Fun fact 1: Some people think they’re “Dad Shoes”, and I don’t care. Need proof? See 1:12 of the Jimmy Fallon Dad Rap, “My New Balance are gray, I might casually say”

        Fun fact 2: The gray 993 (and the previous 99x series shoes) was the only shoe Steve Jobs wore from the ’90s onward. Per Wikipedia – “New Balance owner Jim Davies has claimed that the original design concept actually came in a letter from Steve Jobs”…”because he was tired of wearing plain leather shoes and he wanted something “more sporty and hip”. He included a rough sketch of what he envisioned for the shoe and this formed the base that designers built the series from.”


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