The True Victim Of The Somali Terror Attack Was, Um, The Somali Terrorist


#BlackLivesMatter: a hashtag for a political movement funded by George Soros and others to the tune of over $133 million. The true purpose of Black Lives Matter, according to the most perceptive external observers, is to establish something between complete federal oversight for local law enforcement and the complete federalization of local law enforcement.

#SayHisName: A hashtag meant to memorialize African-Americans who are killed by the police. The idea is that by saying their names, we humanize them, allowing us to see them as people instead of statistics or mere criminals who “had it coming”.

#BuckeyeStrong: Some meaningless stupid shit that presumably is meant to riff on #BostonStrong, another meaningless hashtag that seeks to equate the death of people who were the victims of terrorist violence and the “struggle” of people who kinda-sorta live in the same neighborhood.

Stephanie Clemons Thompson is facing calls for her resignation/termination after expressing sympathy for Abdul Ali Artan, the nutjob who tried to run a bunch of OSU students down and/or attack them with a knife. I’d like to see her fired as well. I’d also like to see her publicly flogged, the way we used to treat enemy sympathizers and fellow-travelers before we all got so civilized. But Mrs. Thompson’s biggest mistake is, I think, not her sympathy for the Somali-immigrant terrorist and Muslim cry-bully, but rather her myopic, self-deceiving refusal to take him seriously.


Every time a Muslim carries out a terror attack in this country, the media repeats the same tired line: “We may never know why he did it.” Note that the same uncertainty is never applied to “white” or “fundamentalist” mass murderers. Dylan Roof’s “manifesto” is taken at its face value, as were Timothy McVeigh’s statements. (Apropos of nothing, McVeigh’s final actions before being put to death are worthy of at least a grudging nod, regardless of what you think about America’s Reichstag Fire(tm) and the almost-scripted way it saved Bill Clinton’s legcy.) Dylan Roof was a typical racist who disapproved of the practice once called “miscgenation”; McVeigh was a typical American gun owner who hated the government. Their motives are held to be crystal clear.

Mr. Artan’s motives are held to be somehow ephemeral, indistinct. Although he clearly states his motives, and although his distrust of normal Americans was so pronounced as to be the subject of a fawning story in the Ohio State Lantern prior to the attack, the media just can’t seem to figure out what he was thinking when he went on his weak-ass would-be killing spree.

(And weak-ass it was; reading the account of it was enough to give me my own personal Mark Wahlberg moment. Fifteen years ago, I used to ride my BMX bike around OSU’s campus fairly often. I can easily imagine dropping my Supercross “Dirt Devil” long enough to stuff this hapless mook’s knife up his own ass. Any experienced martial artist, even rusty hobbyists like your decrepit author, understand that the foot has a longer reach than a knife. And I can’t be the only one. Given the raw bulk and musculature of the fraternity brothers who walk up and down High Street if the afternoons, I can’t understand how Artan got as far into his plan as he did.)

This sort of hand-wringing isn’t just American; it happened after the Charlie Hebdo attacks and all the rest of the Muslim terror stuff on European soil of the past year, as well. Every time somebody makes an unequivocal statement of solidarity with “radical” Islam and starts killing people, the media enshrouds them in a sort of motivational fog similar to that which tends to swirl around adulterous husbands at the moment of discovery… “I don’t know why I fucked her! I’m not sure why we met approximately three hundred times? It’s beyond me how I signed that lease for her apartment! It’s just all so confusing when I think about it!” It’s a rare woman who will accept that from her spouse, unless she’s already done the math on her financial future post-divorce and disliked it. But there is no act of individual or small-group terror so explicit that we cannot pretend to be in doubt of the motives.

Yet Mrs. Thompson adds a couple of unique inanities to the usual willful left-wing ignorance. The first is to tag her post with “#BlackLivesMatter” and “#SayHisName”. In doing so, she is uncritically characterizing Artan as a victim of police violence against African-Americans. The mental gymnastics required to accomplish this would shame any of Bela Karolyi’s best students. Exactly how is this dude a victim? He was trying to kill as many “infidels” as possible. The cop who killed him was quite literally doing a public service, taking out the trash if you will. You would have to be mentally retarded to think that this fellow didn’t require immediate killing. Even if he could have been brought down with a shot to the leg or whatever, a task which is far more difficult in the execution than in the Monday-morning quarterbacking thereafter, to do so would have been a disservice to Americans. You might shoot a bank robber in the leg, hoping he’ll reform in prison. But somebody like this you treat with no more consideration than you would show a rabid dog. If you think killing him was an example of a cop abusing “people of color”, you have placed yourself beyond reason.

A more cynical writer than yours truly might suggest that the #BlackLivesMatter crowd knows perfectly well how imperfect most of its chosen martyrs are, and that therefore Artan fits right in. Maybe they’re right. For every Eric Garner, there appears to be more than one Michael Brown. But I’m not going to offer much opinion on #BlackLivesMatter except to say that the Venn diagram of its most earnest supporters appears to show the overlap of “people who are easily upset by media coverage” and “people who are bad at math”.

Mrs. Thompson’s second, and perhaps more grievous, error is plain from this phrase: “Think of the pain he must have been in to feel that his actions were the only solution.” This is a sentence of such breathtaking stupidity that it should cause everyone who reads it to pause a moment in contemplation. This woman is an officer of Ohio State’s Residence Life department. She has power over the young people who attend OSU. That power can be considerable; I spent my four and a half years at Miami in constant two-fisted battle with Residence Life, believe me, a battle that almost cost me a degree. And yet she’s a fucking fool, a moron, a half-wit.

And a bigot to boot, which in this society is a greater fault than being a rapist or murderer.

With that statement, Mrs. Thompson reveals the core conceit that animates her inept misunderstanding of Muslims, people of color, and religious people across this blue globe. She simply is unable to believe that Ali Artan was serious, sane, in full possession of his faculties. She’d have no trouble believing it about a white person. If I devoted a post on this site to the topic of “All Black Women Must Die” and then I drove over a bunch of black women with my Accord, she’d accept that without a moment’s thought. I’m simply a typical white racist. We all secretly feel this way. I spent most of my day hating black women. All white men do, when they are not engaged in the process, indistinguishable from magic to the average inmate of the university system, of making the world actually work. She would respect my thoughts, my process. She would hate me, but she wouldn’t ever suggest that I was “in pain” or that I wasn’t absolutely serious and committed in my actions.

Any crime that I undertake will be taken seriously by the media. I’m a 45-year-old white man with a house. In other words, I’m an adult. But Ali Artan was a Somali, a person of color, a believing Muslim. His goal was clear, and understandable: If Americans have to choose between their own personal safety at home and their support for this country’s anti-Muslim policies in Burma or elsewhere, they will choose the former. This is as fucking sane as you can possibly be. There are enough Somalis in Columbus, Ohio to bathe the city in blood. If we had to choose between supporting American actions in Burma and knowing that every pitch-black face in Franklin County could take our lives at any moment, we’d lay the fuck off Burma.

(In the interest of clarity, I have to say that the not-actually-existing Somali-militant-Islam community would find any attempt to violate the tranquility of Powell, Ohio to be a short and bloody one. Columbus has comprehensive gun control and is inhabited by a diverse rainbow community of gentle people. Powell has more AR-15s and ammunition than the 10th Mountain Division, as well as about two thousand dudes who are itchin’ to do some shooting in a worthy cause.)

Yet because of Artan’s color, and his belief, Mrs. Thompson has decided to treat him like a spoiled baby. He must have lashed out in pain! He’s mentally ill! He’s acting from ridiculous, ill-considered notions that no adult would take seriously! Would you put your Labrador puppy down just because he shit on your bedspread? No? Then why kill this poor silly African kid who got some stupid ideas in his head and decided to act out a bit?

This is the fundamental, thoroughly racist conceit that underpins much of modern liberalism: that black people, immigrants, Muslims, and others are only three-fifths of a rational white adult human being. That they need to be treated like children. That the adult police need to handle Black criminals with kid gloves because those criminals aren’t adults. That all nonwhite Muslim terrorists deserve our sympathy for their ridiculous caveman beliefs. That anybody who acts in service of Islam is really acting in the service of mental illness, childhood trauma, low IQ, or inadequate childhood nutrition.

The logical end of this progressive theology is simple: Anybody who is fully exposed to the catechism of The Huffington Post will naturally renounce all homophobia, Islamophobia, racism, and sexism. But they will also renounce all Islam, Christianity, or any other beliefs. It is the astoundingly bigoted certainty that only a very small community of doubleplusgoodthink people, most of them white women, truly understand the correct path. White men understand the path but reject it because they are evil. Everybody else is simply suffering from a delusion, because they are no better than children.

I cannot subscribe to this. I believe Ali Artan was sane, reasonable, in the absolute command of his mind. I understand why he acted as he did. I don’t agree with him. I’d have no hesitation in shooting him down like the aforementioned rabid dog. But I don’t think I’m better than he is. I’m just on the other side. In other words, I accept him as an adult human being of equal worth in the eyes of God as myself. Mrs. Thompson and her fellow-travelers would be well advised to adopt the same mindset, if only for that future day when they find themselves on their knees before someone just like Mr. Artan. After all, in any fight, you’re best off putting your money on the guy who believes in his cause.

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  1. Harry

    Lots of stuff here, but first I am not sure that Ali was sane reasonable and in command of his mind, but probably not for the same reasons as Ms. Thompson.

    I don’t think that he would have executed as poor of a plan as he did if he was.

    I fully believe that his facebook statements reflect the underlying reasons he was angry, but I would like to know what caused the immediate break, which is what I think it was, that preceded the days events.

    I think if he wasn’t having some sort of episode of some kind, he would have taken more time to be more effective in his goals, as I am sure someone who had his troubled educational background would have too be fairly intelligent to be accepted at OSU post open enrollment.

    • Harry

      Also, fuck ResLIfe, bunch of self involved nannies, and fuck tOSU for mandating a second year of enforced toddlerhood on its students recently.

        • Harry

          Yup, two years. I don’t think I could have done it. I feel very strongly about this issue.

          Most of why I consider my time at tOSU to have been a good choice was the amount of Independence they allowed students to have if they chose so. I remember going to school as being a major life shrinking experience, transitioning from a full time job, a car, hobbies ect, to being stuck on campus my freshman year.

          By being able to make my own mistakes and sign a horrible slum lease off campus, it allowed me to also take an entry level job with a third party that had contract at the Daimler-Chrysler facility in Dayton, and parlay that experience into sufficient consulting employment to pay for my schooling and resumption of hobbies. I couldn’t have done that from a dorm where the commute to off main campus parking is longer than the drive to (eastern) Dayton.

          Years later my friend was dating someone who was working at reslife, and somehow student tracking came up over dinner, and I was regaled with stories (which she thought were being positively received) about how a section within Reslife would track students academic progress based on things that had happened to them, such as the elevator crushing incident, roommate OD or similar “traumatic” events. All I could think of was how embarrassed I felt about my peers being able to access my academic record without my consent. At the time I still felt like that meant something and I hid my academic record, as traveling the country to help put out process engineering brush fires was not compatible with good grades.

          I am raising my daughter to be a big Buckeyes fan because it is fun and gives us something to talk to my wife’s family in Ohio about, but it is one of many reasons I won’t be encouraging her to attend.

  2. Ronnie Schreiber

    The “run them down and stab them” jihad started in Israel a while back. People there have stopped attacks with whatever they’ve had at hand like umbrellas and nun-chucks, or their automobile and one guy, an orthodox Jewish man collecting charity from business owners, after being stabbed multiple times by a Palestinian, pulled the knife out of his own neck and killed his attacker. Now that’s badass. #sayhisname? Yonatan Azarihab.

    “the foot has a longer reach than a knife”

    My brother lives in Jerusalem. I told him that if, God forbid, he finds himself confronted by an attacker with a knife, he’s got a better chance going after the hand with the knife than he does trying to defend himself. These sudden jihadi syndrome guys aren’t trained knife fighters. Accept the fact that you’re going to bleed and you’ll have a decent chance of surviving. A good walking stick with a metal handle helps – there’s an entire Indian martial art involving fighting with walking sticks. An umbrella capable of supporting a man’s weight makes a decent bayonet, particularly if it has a metal ferrule tip.

    Stephanie Clemons Thompson isn’t some low level diversity official, she’s the “Assistant Director of Residence Life”, the office that runs OSU’s dormitories. Speaking of diversity officials, at OSU they aren’t low level. OSU’s “chief diversity officer” is a Vice Provost of the university and has two assistant vice provosts reporting. You think any of them, or Ms. Clemons Thompson (two slave names for the price of one, eh?) makes less than $100K a year?

    How many worthy minority kids, or worth kids in general, could attend OSU on the money wasted on Clemons Thompson’s salaries and the budget of OSU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

    Look, we all know “diversity” and “inclusion” are part of an Orwellian scam that redefines things so hurting someone’s feelings is now “literally violence”. Their concept of diversity is completely racialist, picking and choosing which identity groups get to be their exotic pets. You think Trump supporters, or religious Christians or Jews (you know, the folks that guys like Artan want to kill) feel included by Clemons Thompson?

  3. 98horn

    just like Hillary’s “Women are the primary victims of war” statement. Not the dead guys (and it’s overwhelmingly guys) on the battlefield.

        • Hank Chinaski

          And those that think she should be strung up by her cankles in a gas station for helping to destabilize Libya and Syria and it’s aftereffects on Europe. Or sitting in a cell next to General Cartwright’s. Or at the very least on probation with Petraus.

          • jz78817

            the mental contortions one has to go through to try to pin the destabilization of the Levant on Hillary Clinton are considerable. That can be laid firmly at the feet of George W. Bush and the congresscritters of that time.

          • -Nate

            “the mental contortions one has to go through to try to pin the destabilization of the Levant on Hillary Clinton are considerable. That can be laid firmly at the feet of George W. Bush and the congresscritters of that time.”.
            .There you go again : using TRUTH and FACTS ! you nasty liberal fool.
            =8-) .

          • jz78817

            which way I lean depends on the specific topic.

            to (humorously) quote Chris Rock, “Some shit I’m conservative about, and some shit I’m liberal. Drugs? I’m conservative. Prostitution? I’m LIBERAL!”

  4. Kevin Jaeger

    Well written. While the left’s reaction to these things is both despicable and predictable, there’s something I find still worse.

    Why was this guy in the country at all? Supposedly a refugee, but he was safely living in Pakistan for years before he was for some inexplicable reason selected for resettlement to the U.S. Why?

    There needs to be a serious review of the programs that are bringing these people over. I seriously doubt that they even know who this guy really was, as he looks significantly older than 18 to me. These refugee programs often have no idea who they’re really bringing in. And as with the Boston bomb brothers there seems to be no defensible case for how they were ever classified as a legitimate refugee in the first place.

    We recently had a refugee playing high school basketball in Windsor who claimed to be 17 but was actually closer to 30. Their age is often claimed to be whatever is most advantageous to them at the time. This madness has to stop.

  5. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Damn, I’m gonna need a big bowl of popcorn.

    I’ll be back in a bit to give MY opinion (and a lot of you won’t like it)

  6. Hogie roll

    Another low IQ low trust tribalist that is not compatible with 1st world western society. The only reason he is here is to vote democrat.

  7. jz78817

    I think the point is that their religion isn’t necessarily what turned them into sticks of dynamite, but it may have been what eventually lit the fuse.

      • jz78817

        so that’s why people who call themselves “good Christians” don’t know anything about the Bible other than a few verses of Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

        • Kevin Jaeger

          I suppose Christian-bashing makes sense on this topic, somehow. Probably either the cop or some of the victims were Christians, after all.

        • Ronnie Schreiber

          I’m not a Christian, but my my academic background is the field of religion so if you’ll pardon a little argument from authority, I’d say that most folks who self-identify as bible believing Christians are far more familiar with the New Testament than they are with the five books of the Torah. The are far more likely to quote John 3:16 than passages from the Holiness Code of Leviticus.

          While I’m pretty sure your reference to Leviticus was about homosexual behavior (though that’s only one of a number of acts prohibited to Jews in Leviticus), I’m not sure what your beef is with Deuteronomy.

          • jz78817

            Christians are far more familiar with the New Testament than they are with the five books of the Torah.

            Their actions say otherwise. Most of them seem to believe faith is about hating the “right” things, and if Jesus Christ himself were to return to preach the things he said in the New Testament he’d be dismissed as a bleeding heart SJW.

          • CJinSD

            So now you’re saying SJWs are a thing? I missed the part where Jesus spent his time attacking people for leading good lives, or saying that it is good to force others to do what you want to be celebrated for. It takes a lifetime of brainwashing to make an SJW. Sane people know Robin Hood stole from the tax collectors and returned the money to the people who earned it.

          • -Nate

            “Their actions say otherwise. Most of them seem to believe faith is about hating the “right” things, and if Jesus Christ himself were to return to preach the things he said in the New Testament he’d be dismissed as a bleeding heart SJW.”
            Not just false ‘Christians’ either ~ _ANYONE_ who needs to tell you their Religion before anything else, isn’t going to be a trustworthy individual .

            FWIW, I dislike these ‘SJW’ types too, they were almost all pedophiles when I was young .

          • Don Curton

            Ronnie – in regards to your comment, as a Southern Baptist we study both New and Old Testaments, but most of the OT study is based on how it leads to the NT faith. i.e. a proper study of the OT is necessary to better understand the NT, but our faith is based NT doctrine. We do not, as a matter of practice, go around throwing out scripture from the OT book of law to condemn people. Which I think is what you’re saying.

            Everyone else – y’all must know completely different Christians from the ones I know. The Christians I know are not full of hate for others, but apparently your experiences are different. Sad really. Hopefully the Christians that gave you that impression will change for the better.

            As for Jesus being a SJW – might want to read the Bible again. Jesus was a lot of things, but a hectoring nanny scold isn’t on the list.

          • jz78817

            So now you’re saying SJWs are a thing?

            I’ve never claimed they weren’t. I’ve merely said some people fling the accusation around far too frequently and inappropriately. I’ve been called one multiple times simply for disagreeing with someone.

        • MrGreenMan

          Are these the people you made up in your head, like when Dan Savage made up the German Christian couple who had prayed for 20 years but never tried sexual congress?

          These are really Christians you’ve imagined, and, therefore, this is an argument from the credibility of your imagination, right?

          As Ronnie said, most evangelical Christians quote the New Testament. Only people who think that Jack Black had a point with his Zeus outfit and martini glass of prawns think most Christians even think about Leviticus.

          Never mind the part where a gentile Christian doesn’t appeal to the Mosaic covenant but rather to the Abrahamic covenant…that’s not usually in the Sam Harris follower playbook.

  8. Bigtruckseriesreview

    Anyone…and I mean ANYONE who attempts to hurt, harm or molest law-abiding, innocent civilians/ citizens of the USA is SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE EXECUTION.

    This SCUMBAG tried to ram a car into a group of people (like the Paris Truck ramming) and then gets out with a meat cleaver to hack up innocent people?

    He’s lucky it was that cop and not me because all he’d have seen was BULLET HOLES.

    But that…kinda happened…actually..

    • Economist

      Me too. I would be satisfied with some more blog posts, though. TLP’s writing has had a lot of influence on the way I have seen the world for the last few years.
      I try to read his/her archives, but my phone gets very hot and my battery starts draining, like my phone can’t handle being this woke af.

      • Widgetsltd

        Each of these people apparently thought that the murder of certain people was necessary under his ideology. The vast, rational majority of the population (and the force of law) do not support that conclusion. None of the three people in question were actually being attacked by anyone. It was not a self-defense situation. Their thinking was delusional.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          Agreed, but by those standards most of the wars in human history have been based on delusions, including the military actions taken by Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

          • -Nate

            “No disagreement there, so long as we include nearly everything after WWII?”

            Yes indeedy .

            America needs to stay out of nation building ~ if you want to be a third world sh*thole, have at it, don’t expect us to wa$te lives and dollars on you .


    • Pete DushenskiPete Dushenski

      You’ll want to add Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski to that list too. Though Ted wasn’t much of a historian, he wasn’t really pathetic either, and I’m not sure the others were either. In saying that these men are “pathetic,” really just stating that their conduct was dishonourable and unworthy of your admiration, perhaps a disputable point when describing folks with such dogged stamina and single-minded perseverance (eg. Ted was at large for 17 years!), but we each have our own value sets and priorities in this domain.

      As to stating that these men are “delusional,” you’re really just saying that they weren’t conformists, or “sane” in shrink-speak, which is obviously true without really bearing any substance. I mean, who even wastes their breath talking about people who aren’t delusional by that definition ? All the interesting people are at least a little nutty.

      Anyways, as Jack points out, these “lone wolves” were really just your much-maligned opponents, which doesn’t make them wrong any more than it makes you wrong. The only one who’s wrong is the one on the wrong side of history. So… don’t lose and you’ll be totally vindicated!

      • Ronnie Schreiber

        I don’t know if Hut Man was pathetic or not, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not possible to read David Gelernter’s account of surviving a Unabomber attack and come away with any sympathy for Kaczynski. That Hut Man was deluded is clear from the fact that while Gelernter is indeed a computing pioneer, he’s also been a cautionary voice about rushing to embrace technology.

        After Kaczynski was arrested, Time magazine approached Gelernter because they wanted to run a side by side with some of Hut Man’s manifesto and Gelernter’s writing. Gerlernter essentially told them that they were out of their fucking minds if they thought he would participate in something that would morally equate him with the guy who tried to murder him.

  9. -Nate

    ? Only twenty comments ? .

    More Americans need to get out side their comfort zones and taste reality .

    Try living under the thumb of any muslim and you’ll soon change your tune .


    • jz78817


      A world where law enforcement is empowered to carry out summary executions (like BTSR naively wants) is not a world I want to live in, and should stay on the pages of a comic book.

        • jz78817

          there’s a difference between someone being killed by police while they’re an active threat to people, and what BTSR said.

          • Bigtruckseriesreview

            This bastard tried to kill as many people as he could – and then attacked as many as he could with a meat clever.

            And he did it based on a religious belief…an indoctrination.

            As far as I’m concerned, NEGOTIATION IS A WASTE OF TIME and terrorists are VOID “due process”.

            DUE PROCESS for a TERRORIST is a hail of bullets.

            But I don’t have to tell the police that…

            They shoot to kill in states that abolished the death penalty.

            Just consider that for a moment.

          • jz78817

            Look, dumbass, you said:

            .Anyone…and I mean ANYONE who attempts to hurt, harm or molest law-abiding, innocent civilians/ citizens of the USA is SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE EXECUTION.

            That’s far broader than just “terrorists.” You want to live in a fucking police state where anyone can be shot on sight for even the appearance of improper behavior, good luck. Because they’ll turn their sights on you before too long.

          • Bigtruckseriesreview

            “Look, dumbass, you said:

            .Anyone…and I mean ANYONE who attempts to hurt, harm or molest law-abiding, innocent civilians/ citizens of the USA is SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE EXECUTION.

            That’s far broader than just “terrorists.” You want to live in a fucking police state where anyone can be shot on sight for even the appearance of improper behavior, good luck. Because they’ll turn their sights on you before too long.”

            That’s a STUPID false equivalency.



            BULLET HOLES for EVIL DOERS: murderers, rapists, child molestors.

            I SAID IT AND IT’S FACT.


  10. kvndoom

    “Think of the pain he must have been in to feel that his actions were the only solution.”

    What the FUCK. That line used to be the response to suicides, not killing sprees.

    • Rob

      That’s the language that stuck out to me too, Kvn. Implying that attempting to murder unarmed citizens would provide a “solution” to anything indicates delusion- but on the part of Mrs. Thompson.

      And now here’s where jz brings up George W. Bush, I presume.

  11. hank chinaski

    If I had a nickel for every time my SWPL friends mentioned Dylan Roof to rationalize another Muslim attack….

    Bad at math, indeed.

  12. Domestic Hearse

    I give absolutely zero fu¢ks about anything this person has to say. Eleven of her university’s students — her students — are broken and bleeding, and not a word about their pain and suffering? A university officer had to kill a rampaging student, an unwanted mission and memory he’ll carry forever, but does she reach out to him to see how he’s coping?

    No, those run over and stabbed were inconsequential sidebars to Abdul Razak’s narrative. The campus officer, the villain. The entire story turned inside out and backwards by this Ohio University doctoral candidate (why aren’t you in your employer’s program at The Ohio State University?). Put down the Harry Potter books, Ms Clemons Thompson, this ain’t Hogwarts, and your magic hashtags do not alter reality.

  13. Tyler

    A relevant endorsement of the argument that the attacker was acting rationally: “How Civilizations Die” by David Goldman.

    • Domestic Hearse

      Hmmmm, interesting concept. Kindled, thank you Tyler.

      The Muslim civilization’s death and its desire to take us down with it…I guess I always believed they think they’re somehow going to somehow win, but at the core, they know the world has left the sixth century behind, which creates a fervent desire for an apocalypse (a wish shared by fundamentalist Christians in America)….

      Peace be upon y’all.

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