“This Shows That You Really Are Israeli”

I think I’ve underestimated the degree to which Palestine-fetishism has penetrated American universities. This young woman, who most likely has little to no real-world acquaintance with the Middle East, feels empowered to walk into someone’s store and lecture them for supporting their homeland. She starts with the usual hectoring rhetoric on diversity and inclusion, but near the end, she slips a bit: “You really are Israeli.”

A few thoughts on the video and the situation:

* Cui bono from the Jewish/Arab conflict in the Middle East? I’ve always been perplexed by the “Israeli issue” for one simple reason: it would be trivially easy for any of the major Arab players to give the Palestinians an amount of land equal to, or greater than, the state of Israel. After all, Israeli is only slightly bigger than New Jersey, and roughly twice the size of Ted Turner’s personal land holdings. The fact that none of the neighboring states seem particularly interested in giving the Palestinians anything besides weapons indicates to me that they are more interested in seeing the slaughter of Jews than they are interested in having local peace. Clearly the Israel/Palestinian conflict benefits someone. But who?

* The hard left and the hard right are united in Jew-hating; they just hate different Jews. Go to Heartiste or any of the alt-right sites and you will hear all sorts of complaints about Jews in America and Europe, usually laced with suggestions that they should leave the West and go to Israeli. Go to any “progressive” site and you’ll hear all sorts of “BDS” agitprop, culminating in the demand that the Jews either abandon Israel entirely or reduce their holdings to, let’s say, the distance it would take Egyptian tanks to cover in a leisurely afternoon’s drive. Both sides can make what they feel are compelling arguments: certainly much of what normal Americans dislike about the media and its pervasive influence on our culture comes from Jewish artists and executives, while at the same time Israel has not been shy about using violence in the cause of self-preservation. But there’s something odd about the idea that you find Jew-haters on both ends of the American political spectrum.

* Bullying people in the cause of social justice is great fun and very low-risk besides. What is it with these women and their desire to bully defenseless people. Whether it’s Melissa Click calling for black “muscle” to attack a slightly-built Asian-American or the girl in this video claiming to speak for the University of Michigan in her attempt to silence the owner’s unacceptable sign, it’s always about bullying. You get the sense that social-justice warrior types saw the Tienanmen Square video and decided they’d rather be on the side of the people with the tanks.

* The girl who made this video shared it deliberately and willingly. From her perspective, she was out there doing good work. She wanted people to see how she behaved. I’m reminded of the infamous Annaliese Nielsen hula girl video. The women who do this stuff aren’t ashamed of their behavior. They walk away feeling that they’ve clearly gotten the better of their targets. For me, that’s more worrisome than the actions displayed in the videos.

There are times when I feel like a genuine Apatosaurus of THE_CURRENT_YEAR. I was brought up to think of Israel as the ally of the United States. I was brought up to think of our country as the proverbial “city on the hill”, the last stand of genuine democracy in a world overrun with Stalinist, authoritarian repression and violence. No, we weren’t always perfect — William Calley, anyone? — but we were the closest thing to a force for good out there. Perhaps I was wrong. I’ve been wrong before, you know.

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  1. Joe

    I agree with your viewpoint and share your consternation with the hate, Isreal is a tiny spec of land with some resources and is entirely surrounded by dictatorships that use a specific religion to keep their people inline, these dictators hate the thought of people acting autonomously with regard to thought and action with little interference from the Isrealy government.
    I do not understand in this country the hate for Isreal from most media and educational institutions.

  2. Don Curton

    It’s not about the nail.

    Who cares that the Palestinians are being used? Who cares that the conflict is manufactured? Who cares why we want Israel as a friendly nation in the middle east? None of that is important.

    What is important is that she has “FEELINGS”. And those feelings are important. More important that any facts, discussion, civil rights, freedom of speech, etc. And those feelings need to be acknowledged. Like, right now. And woe to any man who defies her feelings. Or to any man who might even suggest, based on experience, that she’ll have different feelings tomorrow. Those feelings right now are “FEELINGS” and she has every right to demand complete obedience to her “FEELINGS”. Cause that’s what her entire life has taught her.

    Now she’s gets to post her video and receive another participation trophy. Yay for her.

  3. Ron

    To answer your question about the Palestinians and why nobody wants to host them…when I was at University there were some guys there from the mideast – one was Kuwati, the other, I think, Iranian – and they both agreed that the Palestinians were a great source of cheap labor that could be abused at will. Think H1B’s without those pesky civil rights. They even had jokes, in the vein of the Polish jokes from the period. Given some of the regimes in place over there, I can see the attraction of a labor force with no representation and no power. Of course, these days you can get workers like that from all over, but gen what’s happened since that time – would you be willing to host a group of people within which virtually all the adults have at least some basic quasimilitary or insurgent training?

    • Ark-med

      The untouchable-class treatment meted out to the Palestinians by their fellow Arabs is decriable. Most bonfide Arab countries allow near-citizenship rights or paths to citizenship among themselves, but exclude Pali natives from receiving these privileges. This is putatively done to keep the struggle against Israel alive—by maintaining a victim class.

  4. Hank Chinaski

    Wow, what a cun7. He should have led with ‘get out of my store’. You can’t reason with nutjobs like that.

    I think *THE FOUNDERS* (said in deep voice) intended for us to stay on our side of the pond and leave the old world to properly eff itself. The downside with the ‘city on the hill’ philosophy is that it inevitably is used to justify the march to war, in this century under the euphemism of ‘nation building’.

  5. Ronnie Schreiber

    I have to go up to Ann Arbor on Wednesday to pick up what I’m hoping are the final revisions of some 3D printed parts for my electric harmonica project. I’ll make a point of stopping in, buying something and extending a kol hakavod [Hebrew for mad props] to the gentleman.

    If you’re near the city of trees:
    Champion Liquor
    1227 S University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  6. Charlie

    I can’t seem to find what the sign was or said. The beginning of the video is ass quality and she never seems to point out the sign. Was it just a star of david?

  7. Arbuckle

    Re: your last paragraph.

    I’m not going to call you “wrong”, but I think your feelings about American Exceptionalism (or whatever term you prefer) are less common in people under 50 and downright rare for those under 30.

      • Matt

        Young people’s worldview has been formed during a period in which “American Excelptionalism” was used as a rationale to justify a whole lot of actions that are discordant with the premise of said exceptionalism.

        So, to answer your question, each view could be realistic. If America becomes great again, perhaps young people will adjust their perspectives. But given the massive level of retrenchment I’m seeing amongst most purportedly open minded liberals following the election, I’m not optimistic.

        • jz78817

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. the notion of “American Exceptionalism” came from an era where we benefited mightily from the circumstances immediately following WWII. Those circumstances are very, very unlikely to ever manifest again, and we need to come to terms with that.

          • Rock36

            Again, I will continue to agree with the fact I too feel many Americans get a distorted sense of greatness given the relative power arrangements post World War II, but the concept of American exceptionalism predates this.

            One can easily argue that the concept was first described by Alexis de Tocqueville in “Democracy in America”

            Furthermore, the general sense that the United States could sperate itself from the continental realism of European politics (through values, ideals and geographical position) is also fundamental to the notion of some kind of American exceptionalism that dates back to the founding.

            While on one hand we downplay the position we found ourselves in post World War II, I feel we also forget how radical Democracy at scale was in the the 19th and late 18th century.

            These all feed the notion of exceptionalism.

            With regards to the post World War II era, I recommend “After Victory: Institutions, Strategic Restraint, and the Rebuilding of Order After Major Wars” by G. John Ikenberry.

            It covers far more that WW2, but it helps put the aftermath into context.

            Another book that illuminates this as well is “The Economic Diplomacy of the Suez Crisis” by Diane B. Kunz. It does a good job of painting the picture of American power at the time that people typically thought America was at its greatest… it is a little dry though.

      • yamahog

        Perhaps people are stuck with the view they had growing up.

        My grandpa thinks the Japanese make everything from lead, tin, and pewter.

        My dad thinks Rolexes are for young professionals.

        And I think pensions are exclusively for government workers.

  8. -Nate

    I wish the sound was working on my computer .

    Why isn’t the sign shown at the beginning of the video ?

    Answer : because it’s not really important .

    I too wonder why so much hate for Jews ~ every anti George Soros comment you hear is just mindless Jew hate, not based in any reality .

    Jack, you (and Mark) are often wrong but that’s fine : it’s all part of AMERICA’s FREDDOMS ~ you know , the ones trump, the koch bros. and the alt right want to abolish straightway .

    Carry on please .


    • rambo furum

      Soros, communism, the neo-cons that gave us the Iraq war, Jeffry Epstein, Anthony Weiner, and so on and so on. Yes, why would anyone not love the Jews? The Rothschilds are not real, the ownership of the networks and movie studios is pure coincidence.

      • Ronnie Schreiber

        When the Hollywood movie studios were indeed controlled by a realtively small number of Jewish entrepreneurs (demonstrating the idea that if you start an industry, the haters can’t keep you out of it) they made movies deeply respectful of American values and of Christianity. Ben Hur, The Robe and other films come to mind. That mostly ended in the 1960s and 1970s as the established studios either folded or were absorbed by other firms.

        Today the studios are owned by large corporations like Sony. The same is true of the major broadcast and cable networks. You think the folks running Sony in Tokyo are doing the bidding of the Elders of Zion? Speaking of which, they’re way behind on the checks for my share of running the world.

        As for communism, Marx, whose parents coverted to Christianity, was hostile to traditional Judaism and the notion of the Jewish people. Sure, there were Jewish communists, but like the rabbi in Moscow said to Leon Trotsky (nee Bronstein), “The Trotskys make the revolutions and the Bronsteins end up paying for it.” The NKVD’s Yvsekstia, its Jewish Section, ruthlessly persecuted rabbis and other traditional Jews.

        The Rothschilds are a large, extended family, that helped invent the modern banking system. The family has historically been very philanthropic. How many Rothschilds are still Jewish by any definition is an open question.

        But, hey, if you want to hate Jews, go right ahead, but be honest about it and boycott anything and everything that Jews have either invented, developed or marketed. Sorry about your grandkids dying of polio. Oh, and you can’t use your computer or cellphone either.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      “every anti George Soros comment you hear is just mindless Jew hate, not based in any reality .”

      Oh, I cannot agree with you there. Mr. Soros is an active political meddler of the first (and worst) rank. In addition to giving $33M to Black Lives Matter, he’s continuously funded and supported efforts to settle “refugees” among working-class Europeans and Americans. He also was the money source behind both MoveOn and DailyKos.

      You can despise George Soros for reasons having nothing to do with his Jewishness. And the irony is that he actively funds anti-Israel causes:


      I’d say he’s a gloabalist first, a money manipulator second, and a Jew in distant last place.

      • MrGreenMan

        The Jews I know who relocated to Israel from the US do not look to their cousins “back in the states” who vote Democrat to protect them; they look to the evangelical church members who vote GOP. It’s almost as if they’ve parted ways as much as the US and the UK did after the Revolutionary War.

  9. MrGreenMan

    What a horrible human being that girl is.

    Take daddy’s credit card and go somewhere else.

    She is Certainly Under Narcissistic Tendencies.

  10. MrGreenMan

    “* Bullying people in the cause of social justice is great fun and very low-risk besides. What is it with these women and their desire to bully defenseless people. Whether it’s Melissa Click calling for black “muscle” to attack a slightly-built Asian-American or the girl in this video claiming to speak for the University of Michigan in her attempt to silence the owner’s unacceptable sign, it’s always about bullying. You get the sense that social-justice warrior types saw the Tienanmen Square video and decided they’d rather be on the side of the people with the tanks.”

    You must have seen a woman bully a waitress the very last time you took her on a date, right?

  11. cruise2016

    How fitting, I just visited Israel four days ago as part of a cruise. We had a Jewish tour guide who was born in the Bronx. Coincidentally, we sit with a “Palestinian” Israeli at dinner. The first describes Israel as inclusive and wants us to be ambassadors for the country when we return home. He’s also the oldest reservist in the Israeli army. The Palestinian lives in the UK, holds three passports and describes the situation in some areas as apartheid. From my experience it falls somewhere in the middle.

  12. kvndoom

    Social media is the worst thing to happen to humanity in my lifetime. I don’t believe that all people are created equal. I don’t believe that all people have equal opportunities. I don’t believe that all people are born good, or sane, or reasonable and become something else later in life.

    And all people DO NOT deserve to be heard. So sick of these fuckers pretending to have a “cause” when their only real motive is to get more views.

      • Pat

        Facebook really neutron bombed the car related forums, especially in my local area. It makes finding out about events and other local information a bitch, but I refuse to use Facebook.

        I really don’t like social media, it has lead to a kind of online “mob rules” mentality. I like the concept of being able to get ideas out there, but social media sure has allowed bullshit to spread unabated. Not sure how that genie ever going back in the bottle.

        Like kvndoom said,
        “And all people DO NOT deserve to be heard”.

        • jz78817

          Facebook, twitter, etc. have bombed the hell out of forums in general. One forum I’ve been on for over a decade (attached to a tech-related site) has seen participation fall off of a cliff.

          • Ken

            True, but I find the forum crowd to be a bit higher caliber (to put it nicely) than those that frequent the FB versions of the same car.

            So while there’s less participation on the traditional forum, there’s also less of “wat oil can I uze?”, “which tunez r da best?”, “check out my latest mod (insert generic rims, intake, exhaust, or holes drilled in air box)”

            Though if I’m honest I was that way in the Nissan scene about 10 years ago.

            Sad for those young car enthusiasts that live in the Facebook echo. The guys that slapped me across the face and set me straight are the experienced posters who live on the forums.

            I’m basing this off the Nissan, Jeep, Xterra, and Saab scene. Could be different elsewhere.


    Israel cannot simultaneously be a democracy and host Palestinians.

    Their views are diametrically opposed and although the liberals seem to think”inclusion ” is the answer- they will have a subgroup of “citizens” planning to use their democracy against them and cut their throats.

    “Peace in the middle east” has been a joke since I was a kid.

    This is part of a never ending war.

    • Economist

      Dammit BTSR, your posts here just make me miss you more at TTAC. How the hell does that retard Rideheight get to keep spewing verbal diarrhea but someone with actual points to make, like you, has to pack up and leave?

      • Bigtruckseriesreview

        I’m not sure who ride height is.

        I do, live and say things atypical of a Black man.

        I’ve lived around the world – so my perspective is completely unlike anything you’ve seen before.

        TTAC obviously doesn’t respect perspectives they deem inferior.

        O WELL…I’ll just sit over here…alone…and count my Youtube money.

    • CJinSD

      I have a poli-sci degree, as silly as that seems in hindsight. Our term paper assignment in National Security class was to propose a plan for peace in the Middle East based on the models defined by political “scientists.” In my paper, I described why each of the mooted models would fail. My professor didn’t agree, which was reflected in my grade. He may have been an ideological imbecile, but at least he had no integrity. If I remembered his name, I’d see what he wound up doing in the Obama regime.

  14. Harry

    I think that new expression of socially acceptable anti-semitism mostly reflects two things. The first is the fact that we often have reconcile experiences in our daily lives with a people who are us, but at the same time stand apart from us with a distinct but not necessarily opposed religion and customs which can be perceived as exclusive of outsiders and therefore a bit mysterious. This causes a person to have to have an opinion on Jews rather than simply not think about it.

    Second is the anglo-saxon cultural trait of rooting for the underdog. Post WWII, clearly the Jewish people were the underdog, and Hollywood/the media/actual events made them easy to portray as such. The various Arab-Israeli armed conflicts seems like it was David slaying Goliath over and over again. It helped that the first language of many of the leaders was an easily identifiable European language, and the leaders looked like white Europeans with a healthy tan from tending to the kibbutz.

    We got Paul Newman in Exodus and Ingrid Bergman as a (female!) war hero Prime Minister, with Spock for a husband! (I know A Woman Called Golda was 1982, but it sentiment predates occupation of Lebanon)

    Who couldn’t love them some Israelis, where I grew up we even had debates about who would kick more ass, the USAF or IAF.

    After the improbable events of the Yom Kippur war it was the Israelis that looked like the supermen. Following the 78 accords the conflict shifted from (pan)Arab in nature to a Palestinian/terroristic conflict, the Isrealis rightly chose to export rather than import that conflict as much as possible.

    From then on it was the big bad Isrealis beating on up on the poor, incompetent Palestinian (children, by the definition Jack proposed liberal elites are operating under from his previous post about the OSU attack)

    So once again people with no real skin in the game, certainly no more than they have in a football rivalry, are choosing up sides and rooting for the underdog.

    • Dan R.

      @Harry, well said, though I’d argue the “rooting for the underdog” thing runs very much in tandem with white, post-holocaust, post-colonial guilt – especially with the UK and Europe’s near-fetishistic adoption of BDS. Guilt is one formidable mistress (ask any Jew)

  15. The F0nz

    I lived in Ann Arbor for some time, and I can tell you that this person is a special case in my experience. In college I heard stories about the crazy liberal/progressive atmosphere from the OSU and MSU crowd, but when I lived there I found the people inviting and enjoyable. People kept to themselves mostly, but were welcoming if you were respectful and courteous.

    When I see these kinds of videos, my heart hurts a bit. That man has probably one of the most interesting stories you will ever here, yet she lost the opportunity to hear it.

    • The F0nz

      “That man has probably one of the most interesting stories you will ever *HEAR*, yet she lost the opportunity to hear it.”

      I cannot say the video angered me too much though. The young lady’s argument was too ignorant and underdeveloped to be all that offensive. That guy has seen worse, and he behaves appropriately. He probably took pity on her after she left more than anything.

  16. Scotten

    Since this video pisses me off to no end, I’ll chose a non-sequitur response:

    Where will Brad Pitt go during the zombie apocalypse in the USA if there is no Israel?!

  17. -Nate

    I just listened to this twit make a fool of herself .

    Why she thinks her incorrect opinions matter to anyone else stumps me .



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