Dashing Through The Snow

The rumors are true: Matt Farah’s Corvette is coming to live at my house. Yesterday we drove it from Venice, CA to Albuquerque over the course of seventeen dismal snowy hours.

If you know the story behind this car, you know it is very loud. 132dB at full throttle. I’m still a little deaf even though I brought and used three different kinds of earplugs.

Here’s hoping you all have the best holiday possible. I can’t stand Christmas, but I don’t expect all of you to share my opinion!

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  1. Nick D

    Merry Christmas and safe travels.

    3M Peltor is where it’s at. Had to do a turn and burn to Belgium for work last month and with those over a pair of earbuds I slept like a baby each way despite lots of actual unhappy babies.

  2. -Nate

    Glad you made it home O.K. ! .
    Reminds me of having the W.S. wipers freeze to the windshield in my old ’68 VW Panel truck on one feeezing Winter drive .

  3. -Nate

    BTW Jack ;

    Be very careful with your hearing ! .

    I can no longer hear vacuum leaks and it’s really hard for me to balance multi – carby setups because I ” listen to the hiss ‘ .
    You’re a Musician and once your hearing goes you’ll have the helluva time playing guitar .

      • Sobro

        A little advance notice before your next foray to NCM Motorsports Park would be appreciated, Jack. It’s a very few miles north of Nashville and you would enjoy meeting me. 😉 Plus the wife and I still haven’t done the Corvette Factory Tour.

    • Rock36

      I’d say a bone stock C5 corvette still had some go even by today’s standards, but that’s certainly only my opinion.

      With the mods this one has, it’s easily making 400+ hp to the rear wheels (probably more) pushing only ~3100 lbs or so. Such is the responsiveness of the GM LS1 engine to modifications.

      With a set of drag radials, this thing will easily produce an 11 sec 1/4 mile slip… just like all the other C5s with cams and exhaust work have for nearly the last two decades.

      I think this one has a coil over suspension on it now, so it’s
      going to put a lot of that power to good use at NCM. I just wish I was still stationed down at Ft Campbell so I could go up and see this thing run…or more interestingly (for me) how I’d run against it.

    • Felis Concolor

      He’s making a list
      And checking it first
      Gonna find out who’s naughty or worse
      Santa Claus is coming right now

  4. DirtRoads

    I don’t drive my Vette in the snow, although I know of Candiands and Icelanders who do, and think nothing of it. And I grew up in western Montana so it’s not because I’m skeert of snow driving. The wide tires and excess power don’t do well. And I don’t buy winter tires for a summer car.


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