For Me, It Was Tuesday

Raul Julia was a multiple Tony Award winner, a humanitarian, and an authentic cultural hero of Puerto Rico. He died of a stroke during a protracted battle with stomach cancer. His last major role was as “M. Bison” in Street Fighter. After Julia’s death, much was made of the fact that, after a long and much-celebrated career, the actor had “ironically” died immediately after starring in an awful film based on a video game. But there was nothing ironic, or accidental, about it. Knowing that he was desperately ill, Julia took the role at the request of his children, who were fans of the game. And his performance just about redeems what is otherwise a meritless film.

The above scene from Street Fighter is the “Trope Namer” of But For Me, It Was Tuesday. Check it out. And a very happy Tuesday to all of you!

11 Replies to “For Me, It Was Tuesday”

  1. wlitten

    Why did Dal Sim not shoot any fire in the Street Fighter movie? Because they needed all that fire for Bison’s sick burn.

  2. davefla

    Gumball Rally is mostly forgettable… except for Raul Julia:
    “The first rule of Italian driving” (snaps rearview mirror off its mount) “is, what’s behind you doesn’t matter.”


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