The Flyin’ In Winter

This is the Kawasaki ZX-10RR Ninja. It’s basically a way to homologate a more aggressive engine top-end for literbike racing; as a roadgoing proposition it’s unlikely to be significantly different from the new-for-2016 ZX-10R. The reason I’m featuring it today: Kawasaki’s brilliant idea to deliver the bike in “Winter Testing Livery”. It’s a production paintjob that pays tribute to the plain-black bikes used before a team announces its sponsors for the season. There’s a snowflake on the cowl. All of this is brilliant because not even an insane person would ride a 197-horsepower ZX-10RR in anything resembling snow.

I wouldn’t trade my ZX-14R for it — not sure I would trade my ZX-14R for anything, actually — but if I had enough money to put multiple big Ninjas in my garage you can bet that I’d give the snowflake-mobile a chance. Enjoy your weekend, everybody; the Weekly Roundup will appear tonight.

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  1. AvatarJoe

    Damned spell check on iPhone, was spelled gorgeous and iPhone changed to what ever that was , love the looks of that machine!

  2. Avatar-Nate

    ATTN: So. Cal. Moto Nutters :

    The Los Angeles Cretins M.C. is having a Moto swap Meet this Sunday Jan. 8th on Lake St. Burbank, Ca. right underneath the Burbank Blvd. bridge .

    10AM ~ 1PM rain or shine, it’s expected to rain heavily but we’ll be there .

    It’s been 25 years since I rode in the snow, maybe it’s time again before I die .


  3. Avatarrwb

    I’ve never ridden a motorcycle, period; but one of the reasons I discourage myself is because I don’t know that I would be able to settle for anything but a liter-sized crotch-rocket suicide machine, even if it’s the first I buy, because I’m a retard.

    I have no pretense of an inherent talent to control such a thing beyond a general modicum of self-control, but when you can get a T-drunk psycho’s wet dream for the price of a cheapskate’s new commuter pod, how could you possibly not?

    I’m trying to tell myself I need to save for other things, like taxes and racing, but goodness me, after they retrieved the SD card from the far end of the long, thin smear and uploaded that shit to YouTube, I bet I could be (posthumously) famous.

  4. Avatarjstyer

    The kawasaki is nice… But I feel like it’s Yamaha that’s really on a roll right now.

    R1, FZ-09, R3, FZ-07, XSR-900… I want every one of their bikes!

  5. Avataract

    Snow on the ground in TN this morning, but I’m looking for a new bike. I ride a Moto Guzzi V7 now, but want something a little sportier that is also better suited to longer rides. Not really interested in ADV bikes. I’m considering the following:

    -Kawasaki Ninja 1000
    -Honda VFR800
    -Yamaha FJ-09
    -BMW F800GT

    Thoughts? Anything else I should be looking at?

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Of those I think the Ninja 1000 has to be the winner, and I say that as a very bigoted VFR800 pilot. You need the fairing?

      • Avataract

        I’ve only ever owned naked bikes-most recently the Guzzi and a Ducati Monster-and would like to try something with a fairing. So I’ve been looking at the sport-touring stuff.

        • AvatarApuleius

          The BMW is a fine enough bike but has a deadly dull motor. The FJ-09 is great but it’s got a really upright seating position, ADV-style bars, and lousy wind protection. The VFR is the most special and interesting of the four but it’s way overpriced for how tamely it performs. Get the Ninja 1000 – it’s just better at almost everything than the others. Just remember it’s going to have a LOT more pep than your V7.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            It’s possible to get a leftover 2014 Interceptor for eight grand, which is a little bit less than Ninja 1000 transaction prices. But unless you want the various jewel-like aspects of the VFR, I think the blunt-hammer Ninja 1000 is still better.

    • Avataryamahog

      It seems like the Ninja 1000 is the clear winner of the group – if you’re looking for a sportbike with long ride ergos.

      Why not the GSXS-1000 or XSR900?

  6. AvatarApuleius

    Okay, the VFR is pretty good value at $8kish new. If I could get one here with bags near that price I’d be darned happy…and then intermittently annoyed that Honda has removed most of the zest from a really nice bike.

  7. AvatarDirtRoads

    Believe it or not, the old Sabre was a pretty good all-day bike. I used to have an iron butt, however. Love the Honda V4 engine.

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  9. AvatarJustPassinThru

    I got old too soon…I was a twentysomething learning to ride, when a 500 was a big bike and a 750 a monster. When Kawasaki made two-stroke triples with rubber-band chasses that got owners killed regularly.

    Today, the UJM is a dead concept, replaced by the ADV bikes. Liter bikes are a requirement for street cred, and 1600s not unknown. Zero-to-60 in three seconds; but to get that kind of performance, you have to stoop down to ride a crotch-rocket with clip handlebars. I can no longer do it; and the years between 1988 and 2008, I was sitting it out. Road-rash memories.

    I wish. I wish I could. Mostly, though, I wish the young men (women not excluded; but it seems in the aggregate, men appreciate it more) would turn off their stupid SmartPhones and get out there and LIVE. Life to the fullest, while they can. Sensory overload, on a trip to where a young woman waits…


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