Housekeeping: In Ukraine (and China), The Game Plays You


That’s how many fraudulent login attempts this site got yesterday from the Ukraine and China combined. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So starting next week, I’m going to block traffic from those countries. If you’re a (at least semi-)legitimate reader of this site from either of those countries, post in this thread and I’ll email you a workaround. Thanks!

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  1. Bill Malcolm

    The Chinese were arriving twice an hour six years ago at our workstation in a small business – high-end hi-fi store here in Canada. Quite what they got out of it was beyond me – could they hear the JMLab Mezzo Utopias or ATC 40s through the mic? Were they checking we were buying Dragon tubes rather than Sovteks? Were they hoping they could learn how the Sabre DAC worked in the Moon equipment?

    When an “attack” happened and I was actually there, I’d just unscrew the cable from the modem for shits and giggles. Seemed to screw something up. They’d go quiet for hours afterwards, but like good little doggies they’d be back. Since all they seemed to be doing was checking we were alive, and all our computers got shut down at going home time each day, fuck knows what they were getting out of it. But I suppose a billion and a half people can spare a couple to play around with no aim in mind.

    I suppose there are Chinese businesses where NSA or CSEC “attacks” happen all the time as well. I’m under no illusion our side are the only good guys, lily-white and pure, interested only in human rights and never trying to screw up notional enemies just for laughs too.


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