Housekeeping: If You’re Buying Anything Music-Or-Audio-Related

I got a call today from my pal Matt Emick at Sweetwater. Apparently one of you magnificent bastards bought a set of Westone UM2s from him and mentioned this site. Many, many thanks for this. I’ve been working with Matt for eight years now; he’s sold me everything from guitar strings to a Gibson R9 Collector’s Choice and a PRS Private Stock. In all of that time he’s never failed to answer a question, find a particular item, or cut me a brilliant deal on something that I absolutely, positively did not need!

Contact Matt here. Full disclosure: I don’t get anything from Matt or from Sweetwater if you deal with him. I just think that you will benefit from the interaction. The primary thing you can do to make my life better, other than reading and commenting on here, is to join Massdrop and buy something with this link. Every so often, Massdrop sends me fun stuff like titanium sporks thanks to your patronage.

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  1. Lee Conn

    Jack, sorry to butt in on your Sweetwater article. It’s a good one and I couldn’t agree more, they do a brilliant job personalizing the process of buying commodities in this Amazon world.

    Gotta complement you on your “Defeat, Snatched from the Jaws of Victory” piece. You are right, it is troubling, but I have to challenge you, too. There are a couple new American brands making interesting motorcycles (that was my big ego talking). You’ve not likely heard about us, but check out

    Partnered with Pratt&Miller (GM Factory Racing for Corvette, Cadillac, etc), we build a line of comfortable American sportbikes/tourers far different from anything the Motor Company or Polaris build.

    When you state “What’s needed is some new blood, new ideas, new brands to shake things up. But who’s going to take a risk on funding a new automotive brand?” ….we agree and, in 2008 made the decision to take that risk on as what is happening today was “writing on the wall” way back then….

    Hope to cross paths with you sometime.


    • Ark-med

      Not a motorcyclist, but I’ve watched a few YouTube videos of the Motus bikes, after seeing one at the COTA parking lot during F1 piqued my curiosity. They sound great. The bold engine is quite the sight to take in. Mssrs M/J Baruth should review them.

    • JDN

      I’ve followed the development of Motus a while now and have seen them in person at a few MotoGP races.
      Great looking bikes, amazing engines but… still wayyyy out of my budget unfortunately.

      Really wish you guys the best, but I’ll have to wait for either the poor person version to come out, or for EBR to finally get around to putting out that Ulysses replacement they’ve been hinting at since they formed.

  2. rwb

    Sweetwater is a blessing and a curse.

    On one hand, they’re clearly an excellent domestic employer and provide good customer service. If you need to record your music or make it louder for the least amount of money, they exist for you.

    On the other, they sell massive amounts of genuine Chicom garbage, and on the whole, aren’t really helping to make better music or recordings in general.

    It’s been some years since I’ve paid close attention, and it’s not worth the wrist pain to type out some missive on the state of studio recording gear, but Sweetwater and Vintage King basically hammered the final nails into the coffin of the boutique pro-audio retailer. I can’t say it led to massive numbers of jobs lost, but I can promise it led to a few; I carried rocks for a few years thanks to them.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      If you ever want to type out that missive, I’ll publish it.

      I didn’t think about the pro audio side — I was thinking about how they compare to Guitar Denter et al.

  3. DirtRoads

    I liked your article on car building. Sad state of affairs the way you’ve put it.

    I happen to work in the aviation industry, where things are even more tightly regulated but the FAA does much smaller fines (in general) and doesn’t fine you for not meeting EPA standards. EPA standards for airplanes? What are those, anyway? There are some new rules in work for certification requirements, but hey, we still build and sell engines that run on 100LL fuel, which contains more TEL than about any other fuel on the planet.

    Thing is, there really aren’t that many planes compared to cars. Maybe the EPA did a Pareto analysis on it and figured get the car makers out of business, then go for the airplane makers. We should all ride in electric trains, perhaps.

    I could ramble on and on, but your ramblings are put together better. 🙂


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