“I’ll Keep My Word And My Seat”

John Mayer’s four-song EP is out now. One of the songs is brilliant, two are forgettable, and one is a mashup of other great songs, consciously and ironically performed. I think this is the brilliant one. If you can’t think of at least one woman when you hear this song, you’re dead inside. Lyrics after the jump.

A great big bang and dinosaurs
Fiery rain and meteors
It all ends unfortunately
But you’re gonna live forever in me, I guarantee
Just wait and see

Parts of me were made by you
And planets keep their distance too
The moon’s got a grip on the sea
And you’re gonna live forever in me, I guarantee
It’s your destiny

Life is full of sweet mistakes
And love’s an honest one to make
Time leaves no fruit on the tree
But you’re gonna live forever in me, I guarantee
It’s just meant to be

And when the pastor asks the pews
For reasons he can’t marry you
I’ll keep my word and my seat
But you’re gonna live forever in me, I guarantee
Just wait and see

10 Replies to ““I’ll Keep My Word And My Seat””

  1. Max Hoffman

    “Love on the weekend” was probably the corniest song, but it reminded me of a past relationship where we were kept apart by geography. Even worse, I can’t help but think about her listening to it and thinking of her new long-distance boyfriend and not me.

  2. TheMook

    It’s always nice to see another fella born in seventies become openly moist regarding John Mayer! Even to this day not all of my buddies are secure enough in their musicality to openly rock a John Mayer playlist without the presence of at least one set of ovaries near by.

    This new material is quality pop music. Straight up. While I’m not diggin’ the tracks quite as much as the majority of the last 2 albums it’s only 4 of the 16 new songs he’s set to release in the next few months. I’m optimistic that this album will be yet another solid offering when it’s all said and done.

    The guy seems to know exactly what he’s doing with himself and his career at all times and I really admire that!

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Uh — if you have a really high tolerance for Mayer fanaticism, follow me on Instagram: jackbaruthofficial

  3. jstyer

    I don’t want to be the crack dealer in the room… but there is a VERY nice used PRS Mcartney II double chambered guitar at the Houston flagships GC. I think they want $2800 bones for it. I usually can’t stand guitar center, but the westheimer store is stacked right now.


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