For Sale: 2004 SRT-4, Mopar Stage 3R, 330+ FWHP, One Owner

My old pal and competitor Big Nick Pearson is selling his 2004 SRT-4. He bought it about half a year after my first wife took delivery of hers, and he’s the sole owner. Details and photos after the jump.

Nick sez:

The Good

2005 Neon SRT-4, Orange Blast
Original owner. Took delivery direct from car carrier with one mile on the odometer.
Mopar Stage 3 Kit with Turbo Toys
Stage 3 coilovers
Hotchkis Sway Bars, front and rear
DC Strut Tower Braces, front and rear
17” Mille Miglia Wheels
Mopar 3” Cold Air Intake
3” Catless Down Pipe
3” Exhaust to Magnaflow Muffler
ACT Clutch
Maddog Short Throw Shifter
30psi Boost Gauge
Viper style seats
Factory installed Kicker Sound System
339WHP on HOM mode, untuned.
All parts, minus original wheels, to put the car back to stock are also included.

The Bad

The throw-out fork needs to be replaced. This affects high RPM shifting from first to second and downshifting from third to second to first. I simply short shift from first to second and do not bother downshifting beyond third until vehicle is at a complete stop. I’ve been driving it this way for years with no issues.
Loud rattle noise coming from trunk area(?) when driving over bumps. No idea what is loose or causing this.
Needs new tires
135,xxx miles

The Ugly

Severe clear coat damage to rear spoiler and rear bumper. Clear coat damage beginning on hood.
Boost gauge housing is cracked.
Dashboard crack.
Driver seat pleather is cracked.
Bad ding on left rear door and one small, slight depression on left front fender.
Normal amount of debris chips in paint for age/mileage.

Nick’s asking $7500. I don’t think you’ll go faster for less money. If anybody has any interest, post below and I’ll reach out. And since I owe Nick a bunch of favors, I’ll toss in a freebie of my own here: I’ll meet the buyer of this car at any race track in the 48 states to coach him for a trackday, and I’ll cover all my own expenses. So if you’ve ever wanted to try romping down the back straight of VIR at 150mph — in a Neon — then this is your chance to do it!

13 Replies to “For Sale: 2004 SRT-4, Mopar Stage 3R, 330+ FWHP, One Owner”

  1. jz78817

    Former SRT-4 owner.

    1) they all wear out the release fork; some genius decided to make it out of cast iron and have it press on hardened steel pads on the throwout bearing. I threw away a perfectly good clutch at 13x,xxx miles because I could no longer get the damn thing into reverse or 1st.

    2) rattle from trunk area- IIRC I had this too, but goddamn if I can remember what it was.

    mine had 168,000 in it when I sold it, with no mods. Was gone within 8 hrs of posting on Autotrader. Probably could have got more for it.

  2. Disinterested-Observer

    It is my understanding that “Severe clear” is the technical term that pilots use for the weather on 9/11. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  3. Philip Browne

    Owned a 2004 for awhile, these cars are stupid fast when done right. The turning radius is worse than a pickup truck but that is only a problem when you try to make a u-turn. I also had the boost gauge housing crack and the interiors are typical cheap dodge plastic.

  4. Ryan

    I still lust after these. Wanted a White 05 ACR when I got my license in the worst way. I can recall sitting in them at my local dealer, on several occasions.

    My dad said that I’d end up wrapping it around a tree. Looking back, If I would’ve owned my eventual 98 ACR when I was 16, that too would’ve ended up wrapped around a tree. Ended up with a 99 SOHC sedan that was truthfully more than enough of a first car.

    Still kicking myself for passing on a mint 1-owner Solar Yellow 03 with 60k miles for around $7500 back in 08-09. With $4/gallon gas, nobody was exactly lining up to buy a $6500 XJ, even if it only had 80k on it.

    When I was at the Optima event @ M1 Concourse back in August, someone had a clean Solar Yellow 04 that looked to have the entire Mopar catalog thrown at it. He was asking $8500. Funny how the market on these seems to be 8th owner/3rd engine cars for $3500, or decent examples (not unlike this one) hovering around the $10000 mark.

    Definitely an under appreciated car at this point.

    • jz78817

      I bought mine new when I was 28. The worst things about the car were

      1) the front suspension was made from tinker toys and chewing gum. It ate wheel bearings, control arm bushings, outer tie rods, ball joints, and stabilizer bar links like jelly beans from the secretary’s candy jar

      2) every 17-year-old asshole from Grosse Pointe whose parents bought him one thought I needed to repeatedly hear the “PSSSHHHH!” of his blowoff valve any time we passed on the road. My middle fingers nearly wore out while I had that car.

      He was asking $8500.

      These people are idiots. Sellers for believing they can add the prices of their mods to their asking price for the car, and buyers for being suckered in. In my opinion, a modded car is a beaten car, and is worth exactly $0.

      • Power6

        Oh man, I never got more attention and showing off from Evos, Camaros etc as when I had my SRT-4. Something about that car.

    • J. Howard

      They had one. It was a turbo 4 and would have been a noble SRT4 successor. Unfortunately, it died in the womb like most the forward thinking ideas at Chrysler. When in a meeting for licensing, I asked exactly WHY there was no hatch option for the Dart. They laughed and told me “hatches don’t sell”. Even after pointing to the Subaru, Note, and majority of their competing market, they basically said they couldn’t sell one. I immediately crossed them off my shopping list when they said “no hatch” after committing to sell a very, very poor one for years. The ideas that are dying on the vine in Detroit because of poor management are astounding. “We’ll just keep pushing the same crap as always because that’s what sells” You can do that in ’08… you can’t do that now. At least they were smart enough to bring out a few last noise makers on old platforms at Dodge… though I’m not sure anyone will care in 5 years.

  5. Felis Concolor

    Tempting, but at this point in time I have nowhere to properly park and care for it.

    One of the reasons I love Chrysler’s products and demonstrations of engineering prowess over the decades is its lack of an official flagship performance vehicle; this allows its engineers to override/circumvent the bean counters when it comes to releasing a potent performance package for any of its products.

    While some of the combinations were ill-advised (big block/Hemi into 1960s A-Bodies comes to mind), many of them were nearly magical in their results. By not having the constraints of a Mustang, Camaro or Corvette in its lineup, Chrysler was able to throw all sorts of powertrain and chassis combinations together to see just what would work. It’s why the hottest hatch of the 80s was also their cheapest – okay, how about “least expensive” – model, and why their Neon project became such a trackday terror. It’s why they started the minivan horsepower wars with their Caravan Turbos (make certain it’s fitted w/the 3 speed auto for greatest longevity) and why I call their current lineup “big power for all” as they figure out what else they can stuff their regular and force-fed Hemi engine into.

    BTSR’s right about the 200/Dart; without a wide-eyed power increase and chassis mods to keep it on the ground, they’ll never earn the coveted “Mopar” moniker out on the street.

  6. Widgetsltd

    The clutch fork issue is not too hard to fix, but the somewhat big & heavy transmission has to come out first. The stock fork can be carefully machined at the two wear points, then stainless steel Allen-head bolts (which are quite hard) can be added to build the surface back up to the proper height. A retired Chrysler engineer and racer fixed a fork up like that for me when I had my SRT-4, and it’s still going strong for the current owner. Modern Performance offers a forged (presumably steel) clutch fork for just a few bucks more than a new, stock cast iron fork. That’s what I’d probably get. I might be interested in this little beast if I were still working for Chrysler instead of Subaru.


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