Made In The USA, Dirt Cheap: New Balance 3040

They aren’t for everybody, but if you like the look of the USA-made New Balance 3040, today — and only today — is the day to get them at the Chinese price.

This link will get you certain sizes of the 3040 for $27.19 before shipping. The final discount appears in the cart.

Full disclosure: I don’t get paid or compensated in any way for this.

The 3040 is probably the worst NB-USA shoe. But it’s very light and very cool (in the sense of it doesn’t get hot when you’re running in it). And this is a good chance to see the difference between overseas manufacturing and local production firsthand.

15 Replies to “Made In The USA, Dirt Cheap: New Balance 3040”

  1. Dr Ribs Revere

    Jack, you are a dangerous man! Fortunately most of the awesome colorways are not in my size. Thanks for sharing the site with us.

  2. Vincent

    Jack, New Balance’s NB1 custom program seems like something that might interest you. I ordered a pair of 574s a while back and got them within a week.

  3. VoGo

    I like that you do this, Jack. I could see you starting a magazine – like a combination of Lucky, Esquire and an upper middle class Robb Report – but focusing exclusively on American products and services.

  4. Aoletsgo

    I am sorry but if those shoes don’t scream 84 year old white man in FL with black socks, pink shorts and Jimmy Buffet shirt. I don’t know what does.

  5. MrGreenMan

    I had a style of Brooks that I wore for about 16 years, one new pair a year, like clockwork. They stopped reliably making it and raised the price considerably. I discovered that there’s a New Balance equivalent that’s made in America. (Basically, only Brooks and New Balance had any sort of shoe for my particular requirements.) Now, they are definitely “red, white, and bold” in their design and coloring, whereas the Brooks was really subdued, but they are fantastic shoes. They have held up so far for several months; if I want something fancy, I wear an actual dress shoe; but if it’s the grocery run or the gym or Casual Friday, bring on the bright blue N.


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