Weekly Roundup: I’m Having Some Trouble Coping Edition

Perhaps “having some trouble with the coping” is a better way to put it. I’d like to do more half-pipe and quarter-pipe stuff but I have trouble with my back wheel “hanging up” on re-entry. The last time I really “aired out” a big quarter-pipe was back in 2002 or thereabouts. I was on my Haro Nyquist x24 and I probably went 3-4 feet up on this ratty wooden ramp in Lancaster, Ohio. I completely hung up on the way down which led to me being ejected from the bike and falling six feet onto my ankle. That still hurts today. Maybe I should find somebody to coach me a little bit so I can release my inner Mike Dominguez.

I don’t think I’m having trouble coping. This has been a big week for personal growth. I’ve thrown away or donated hundreds of pieces of clothing. I’ve filled both of our 55-gallon trash cans — twice! And I’m in the process of selling a couple hundred items on eBay. Right now, my seller listing is just bike parts, but over the weekend I’ll be listing about twenty different pieces of auto-related memorabilia including some limited-edition Porsche and Land Rover clothing. Soon I’ll be putting up dozens and dozens of brochures and catalogs from as far back as 1996. If you want something specific, particularly when it comes to the German or British marques, let me know and I’ll start digging through my collection.

In addition to all of the above busywork and winter-time skatepark riding, I’ve also managed to get six articles out the door this week. Let’s take a look.

For Road&Track, I considered the future of the Spec Miata in vintage racing and introduced you to Cranky, the eighteen-dollar part that appears in both the 1975 Rabbit and the Bugatti Veyron. Many thanks to Bozi Tatarevic of the Boost Brothers, whose research into common part sourcing was the inspiration for the story.

At TTAC, I asked where all the bubble wagons in downtown Columbus disappeared to before finding out the answer, again with the help of Bozi. I really should listen to Bozi more often.

We had an “Ask Jack” from a suspciously familiar correspondent, and a trip to the local car show with Bass Playa Patrick.

In the upcoming week, expect more tales of skatepark-related injuries, some fascinating questions from the readers that I’ll be answering in a painfully earnest fashion, and many, many more eBay listings!

30 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: I’m Having Some Trouble Coping Edition”

  1. Avatarsmallblock

    Regarding “Cranky” the shaft seal – this reminds me of how I replaced a power steering pump shaft seal in the 05 V8 Touareg. Of course no component parts were listed, only the pump itself, an expensive long lead time item. It was beginning lose CHF-11$ at an increasing rate. I pulled the pump, extracted the seal, measured it, the housing bore & depth, and the shaft diameter. I then went to the seal catalogs armed with the dimensions and came up with a part number, cross referenced it, and got it from the local NAPA. It listed a 90’s Isuzu Trooper as the application, IIRC. Everything went together perfectly, hasn’t leaked a drop, power steering has since been flawless.

    • AvatarRobert

      I love stories like this. I once replaced all the bearings and seals in a Honda Odyssey engine (dune buggy, not minivan) the same way.

        • AvatarRobert

          In the early 80s, Honda must have had a bunch of surplus air-cooled CR250 engines from the 70s. They put them in a dune buggy, with a primitive CVT no less!


          I bought one in 1990 or so for $50. It was in multiple boxes, bad lower crank bearing, a classmate’s dad wanted it gone. I learned three things from the experience.

          0. Poor man’s bearing press == put the crankcase in the oven, and the new bearings in the freezer. Find the closest sized socket and clamp together in a vice.

          1. The wrist straps on the steering wheel really do keep you from breaking your arms when you inevitably roll it due to…

          2. Snap oversteer.

          • AvatarWheeTwelve

            Oh yes! A friend of mine had one of those (plus the 350 one with actual suspension). We used to take the 250 out in an open field, build up some speed and yank the wheel to see how long we can hold it on two wheels. I second the comment about the wrist straps.

            Also, six foot dirt jumps were fun. Landings less so. But the jumps sure were.

            Made a tight dirt track in the woods. Bouncing over the tree roots and ruts in that thing without any suspension was like going a few rounds in a UFC fight. But youth absorbs many a body blow. If he still had it, I’d do it again today, if for no other reason than to see how I’d fare in the end.

            Thanks for bringing back those memories…

  2. Avatarsilentsod

    Let me know when you put up some of your Porsche crap. I have an affinity for buying hats of products I own or use(d).

  3. AvatarTomko

    Jack – I want to hear more about your ex in-laws Vanagon. Is it true that you have to send a postcard if you want to pass somebody?

  4. AvatarSajivW

    Jack, does your Brochure and Catalogue collection have any Jaguar items, specifically for the XK8? Would definitely like to pick them up if you do have any. Thanks.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      I’m not trying to horn in on Jack’s clearance sale, but I have a bunch of XK8 press kits that are rather nice, in hardcover book form. It might take some time to find them but I know they’re in some of the 60 or so egg crates full of car lit distributed around my house.

      Jack, when you put a list together for him, please send me a copy and I’ll see if I have anything you don’t.

  5. AvatarJodine

    It’s not a bubble wagon, but there’s a crown Vic wagon in mint condition that’s been parked on our block for over a year that you’re welcome to come and take. I’m sure the owners won’t mind. What a week it has been for you. I’d be devastated to find out it was crushed.

    I used to take my husband to Chicago’s auto show every year for part of his birthday weekend tradition, but we haven’t been to it since 2012. I always expected more than was actually offered, left a bit disappointed (that’s it?) and after a long day of crowds of sticky children, I’d now rather tag along with Luc to a small gathering of some vintage toyotas instead. When I worked for Consumers Digest they would go on press day, and left me at the office proofreading trim levels in their size 6 font yearly Auto Guide. I guess that’s what I got for being 23…

    So, did you clean off the damn dining table?! Get to it!

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I had it clean last night but then I rebuilt a bicycle for Danger Girl and now there’s stuff all over the table again. For one glorious moment though it was like 75% clean.

  6. AvatarDavid Florida

    Having read of Cranky and your glorious concluding pun, I now fear that eternal envy shall be my lot. Splendid!

  7. AvatarMateo319

    I’ve been thinking along the lines of Peril Chica regarding the Chevy Waffen. Now would be the time to get one for sure, and having the manual transmission, naturally aspirated V8 RWD is certainly desirable. I wish it didn’t come with such low profile tires – I haven’t read if the brakes are small enough to down size to 18″ rims or not. Large wheels which do nothing for performance are a huge issue for me. I realize the buying public in completely down with rimz.

    To me, seeing some Commodores go around Nelson Ledges last year was a great argument for not doing that. I think I’d rather stick to a ‘Vette, Miata (hopefully without melting the bumper off) or something else for the track.

    And, I currently drive a Volvo, which is probably less likely to leave me or my fellow passengers as crispy as the Chevy did some bros last year.


  8. AvatarAthos

    I am also in the process of getting rid of some items, although for different reasons: they are collecting dust and want to avoid the situation you are in, which we faced shortly before moving to the other side of the planet.

    My current listings are mostly Saab parts… and a cot 🙂

  9. AvatarDirtRoads

    I have too many guns and guitars but I can’t bear to part with any of them, even though I’m kinda broke at the moment.

    Anyone want two acres of great land in Oregon?


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