And Now For Some Actual Music From One Of Our Contributors

Let me start with some apologies — I should have put this up a month ago, but I’ve been on a continual treadmill of distraction. I have a couple very solid written contributions from the Riverside Green commenter/reader base as well that will be going up shortly. All I can ask is that all of you be patient with me. I work three jobs and I have the attention span of that lesbian fish in the crappy Disney movies.

The Memphis Motor Co. is a band that performs traditional Eighties-style synthpop. If you like Tears For Fears, Real Life, When In Rome, The Smiths, or anything from that era, you will dig this. One of their frontmen is an occasional correspondent of mine and Riverside Green reader. He gave me a scoop on their EP release a while back and I just sat on it because I wanted to give the music a thorough listen before putting it up here.

Their EP, amusing titled Noise, Vibration, and Harshness, can be found on Amazon, iTunes, and their own Bandcamp site. If you’re a full-boat Spotify member, like my music-thieving brother Bark, then you’ll find them on there as well.

I can’t listen to this EP without feeling that odd tugging sense of nostalgia for everything from “Jams” shorts to my old Redline 600c BMX bike. It might affect you in the same way. Check it out!

7 Replies to “And Now For Some Actual Music From One Of Our Contributors”

  1. Felis Concolor

    Ahh, The Smiths. When I first heard How Soon Is Now? I thought, “that is the sound of a slate grey sky.” 30 years later, I still listen with rapt attention whenever it airs.

    I’m enjoying the EP now; thank you very much.

    And hopefully I can get some photos of the Linear “experimenter” and “speed machine” up on a friend’s hosting site for your perusal tomorrow.

    Speaking of nostalgia, a friend from the homeless community has two many bicycles and is giving me one of them, a mixte frame with perfect finish, tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be fun to see how well – and if – it fits me, or if the young lady of the house will get to enjoy something a little sportier than her shiny Sun cruiser this summer.

  2. zzrist

    Young bands today are doing a great job of re-imagining New Wave, Cold Wave, post-punk, and electro-pop. This band reminds me a lot of Strange Advance. The refreshing thing is most of them haven’t adopted the ridiculous costumes and posturing of the 80’s originals.


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