Weekly Update: Mirror, By Mirror, By Mirror, I Keep Holdin’ On Edition

All you have to do is drive one car next to another car for some photographs. Is that okay? Sure it is. Can you do about 40mph? Sure you can. Can you get to within an inch or two of the other car? Great. Can you stay lined up? Thank you. We need to go around the whole track like that. Fine, right? Did I mention that the cheaper of the two cars is worth $212,000, and the more expensive of the two cars has a race that it absolutely cannot miss in a few days? You’re still good with that, right? Great! Let’s do this for an hour.

Sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze. As you’ll see over the weekend, I recently had the chance to drive a proper factory-built McLaren GT race car at speed for the second time. (You can read about the first time here.) How’d I do? The answer is: depressingly well. The only thing standing between me and a ride in the Continental Tire GS series is, well, everything else about me besides my ability to race: my age, my poverty, my work schedule, my height, my weight, my fragility, my temper, my background check, my Zodiac sign.

Let’s roll the tape of what I wrote for you this past week.

For R&T, I covered the case for a Tesla-GM merger of unequals and expressed concern about how Ford dealers are handling their high-performance inventory.

At TTAC, I considered the moral aspects of Uber and the moral virtue of all-season tires in competition.

Just five thousand words. That’s twice what Hemingway used to write, but it’s not twice as good as what Hemingway used to write! Am I right? ‘Course I’m right.

14 Replies to “Weekly Update: Mirror, By Mirror, By Mirror, I Keep Holdin’ On Edition”

  1. AvatarTomko

    WTF happened at TTAC? I saw them advertising garage sale battery chargers, or some other K-mart schlock, in the guise of editorial content.

    Someone, somewhere, give me the truth about TTAC…

  2. AvatarCharlie

    So the ‘https’ on your image links causes them to get blocked by my firewall. When I ‘open image in new tab’ and delete the s, they view fine.

  3. AvatarCarl Kolchak

    You are dead on regarding the Focus RS. Bought two cars from a local Ford dealer, part of very large regional dealer group. In July, I saw my 1st Focus RS, while buying my CPO Escape. It had the “Market adjustment” sticker for about $4k. It was one of the first RS’s they had there and was already being delivered. Went back there in January for a”New owners appreciation night”. they had a ’16 RS on the floor with no “Market adjustment” sticker. Went online that night and they were asking list still ( they are a one-price dealer with the discounts showing online). Was curious as to if they still had the one RS so looked a few weeks ago. It’s still there and now discounted a whopping $1300 from MSRP.

  4. AvatarCJinSD

    ZIRP is driving high prices for things that aren’t in strong demand. It costs the big dealer groups next to nothing to have a few racing stripe adorned Fords in inventory for perpetuity. The only cost is the space they take up. The money is free. This is also why housing prices are back up in many places even as banks still hold massive numbers of foreclosed properties. They can keep them off the market as long as they like. The money that’s tied up in all of their properties that are waiting for buyers isn’t their money, and they’re not paying for its time value. Supply and demand only work when money isn’t free for the people who have the supply.

    It’s no accident that we have a nation of college educated people walking around who can’t grasp the obvious. Our ‘higher’ learning facilities didn’t start being pathetic dens of iniquity run by SJW imbeciles during the 2016 election cycle. There are some smart people who understand the underlying realities and just want to find their bubble moment to capitalize on, but there aren’t any good people who are looking to harvest manufactured ignorance.

  5. AvatarFelis Concolor

    Ah yes; “Mirror by Mirror” by the Subie Brothers.

    While taking an alternate route to the shop twice this week, I noticed a quartet of new Focus RSes sitting on the lot of the nearby Ford dealership. I need to stop by once again to see if any of them have moved, and if any of them are saddled with the despised adm. It was $#!+ like that at a local Honda dealer which caused my father to buy 2 new Toyotas instead of a single Accord one day. I know I’ve posted the story of that little adventure in TTAC’s or this blog’s past.

    And as promised, here’s a link to a thumbnail gallery of my Linear Limo recumbents along with some close up shots of the running gear and accessories. The shed shot reveals my need for 2-3 more mounting hooks and tire plates, along with mom’s Greenspeed quad and an old Schwinn 5 speed which I’m cleaning up and installing a Copenhagen wheel on.


    • AvatarFelis Concolor

      Upon returning to the nearby Ford dealership last night I realized I wasn’t even close by half regarding how many Focus RS models were being floorplanned there.

      I thought it was 4, but I didn’t see the 5th RS hidden from street level behind the initial quartet.

      I then noticed the 3(!) RS models inside the showroom itself.

      Walking up to one of the rusty-rotored cars, I saw the despised dealer add-ons sticker in the window of every single 2016 model. They all sported that horrible hack job CHMSL blinker circuit modification – and WTF, TTAC B&B; why did none of you comment on the vampire splice displayed in the article? That was considered poor form back in the 80s, fer crissakes! Below the CHMSL mod was the bullshit “Market Value – because we can” tax of $6,000.

      It was shit like that which caused my father to tell his local Honda dealer to fuck right off when he walked in to check out a mid-80s Accord and was notified “you’ll pay our mark up and like it.” That earned the local Toyota dealer a double purchase of loaded 1st gen Camry and base model Tercel a couple hours later.

      In any case, I didn’t bother to check the “market adjustment” crap on the 2017s, but I can’t imagine the dealer demanding anything less at this point, so there’s approximately $48K of additional cash for the dealer, more than enough for a “one with everything” RS from the website. This brings the real plus virtual Focus RS count up to 9.

  6. AvatarHogie roll

    Tesla is implicitly government er fed reserve backed via their unchecked backdoor open market operations a la Facebook, google and Amazon.

    A good bet until regime change occurs.


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