Who Wore It Worst?

2017 Ram 1500 Sublime Sport debuts at New York Auto Show (PRNewsfoto/FCA US LLC)

Now this is a truck! Just what I’ve always wanted: a lime-green car-hauler and BMX-toter and mountain-climbing mountain-bike carrier. Shame it costs as much as it does and it’s not likely to stick around long enough to get the usual discounts. I’d be a fool to spend $45k on this when I can get the equivalent Chevrolet in a boring-ass color like Titanium Grey Silver Slate for ten grand less. It’s also kind of insulting that they charge MORE for the Sublime Sport than they charge for the Blue Rebel. I’m pretty sure the Rebel has more content.

I’m going to start a trend here. I’m going to post a link straight to the press release. That is all the information that anybody has on this truck. But if you find a report on the Sublime RAM where the writer either makes shit up or rephrases the press release in such a way as to make his report manifestly less useful than the PR script on which is it based, post in the comments and we will make fun of that person.

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  1. AvatarMrGreenMan

    Color is beautiful. It is one of Chrysler’s rare strengths. Elio was probably taken more notice of by people because of the ice cream colors.

    • AvatarFelis Concolor

      Indeed: go to any muscle car show or cruise night and it’s the restored Mopars which get all the attention. There were more than a few potent factory performers from GM and Ford, but it was Chrysler’s marketing experts who knew how to catch the customer’s eye with color.

  2. Avatarsmallblock

    I’ll give them credit for this one: “Anodized Black-painted spears and trim rings complete the interior.” That’s right up there with “Authentic Faux wood”. I’m pretty sure they didn’t anodize actual aluminum trim and then paint it. They really need to offer Corinthian leather to complete the package, Ricardo Montalbán would rise from his grave to endorse it.

  3. AvatarRyan

    Of all the cars I had the pleasure of seeing a few weeks ago (between visiting the Roush collection and Saturday morning at Pasteiner’s) the only one that made me jump up and yell was a ratty NYG Coupe rolling through Ferndale.

    Green is one of the few things Chrysler has always done right and I can’t get enough of it.

  4. AvatarDon Curton

    So basically it’s a $30,000 truck with a cosmetic upgrade package. You’d have to really really want that lime green.

  5. AvatarWill

    That Lincoln Navigator looked good. Or not depending on how it looked in public. Ford is doing something with Lincoln and it’s a good thing. Hopefully they bring more independence in design from the Ford cousins.


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