(Last) Weekly Roundup: 911 Is A Joke Edition

At first you’re like, “Holy shit, this guy was a doctor who helped out on September 11th!” Then you think about it some more and you’re like, “Emergency room doctor! That’s cool. I owe my life to those guys.” Then you see the sticker and you’re like, “Oh. He’s a doctor who owns a 911.” Sad trombone.

I hope last week’s contributions don’t disappoint you in the same fashion.

For R&T, I discussed the Hayabusa Effect and reviewed the 2018 Acura TLX.

At TTAC, I considered the story of a man who wants a German hot hatch and bemoaned the lack of a suitable Subaru alternative. Finally, I offered a TLX review.

Incidentally, when I was younger I would read Georg Kacher’s multiple reviews of the same car for the British and US press, a tradition which is carried on today by Chris Chilton, and I would feel simultaneously envious of his ability to get paid twice and sympathetic to the misery that attends having to say the same thing two entirely different, but equally valid, ways. Well, I don’t get paid like Georg did (and does) but I do have the luxury of dealing with two very different groups of readers in a situation like this. Your average TTAC reader simply doesn’t care about the things that animate Road&Track fans. Maybe that explains why Camry tests do five times the traffic that McLaren tests do over there. Or maybe the Camry is just a better car.

Oh, and before I forget to explain the title:

24 Replies to “(Last) Weekly Roundup: 911 Is A Joke Edition”

  1. AvatarJoe

    Congrats on a successful week end, the doctor maybe earned his toys, kudos to him, if it was a blue Porsche you showed on instagram, I would take that one any day!

    • AvatarRick T.

      I saw a “sky blue(?)” one yesterday tooling around west of Franklin, TN yesterday afternoon. I’m not a Porsche guy but it looked like a modern 911 of some kind. Eyecatching. Never have seen a car color like that before.

  2. AvatarRob

    Thanks for the roundup, Jack. I rely on these to see your TTAC pieces. I’d been reading that site for years, back before Farago started the GM death watch, and even through the German fetish porn years. But now, it’s just boring. I can read the same re-hashed press releases at 100 (or 100,000) different sites. Why bother with TTAC?


  3. AvatarVincent

    Hey Jack, saw your comment on USA made clothing in the comments of the TLX review. For jeans, check out Brave Star or Luther’s. Just keep in mind that Luther’s is shrink-to-fit.

      • Avatarpatrick

        MD is often not used just an abbreviation for medical doctor but as an expert in diagnosing problems in many different fields. For example computer doctors, car doctors etc.

        • AvatarWill

          Only MD’s I’ve ever heard of are guys or girls with those initials or doctors. Never heard of a computer doctor or a car doctor.

          • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

            In the early 1980s, my older brother did lawn sprinkler installation and maintainence. The name of his business was “The Rain Doctor”. In a suburban Jewish neighborhood you can bet that there were more than a couple of real MDs who were his customers. They never complained, but then true experts respect other experts, not initials after a name.

            I spent a summer working for him back then. I would tell people, “He’s The Rain Doctor, I’m the wet nurse.” How many people today would get the joke? Hell more folks hate Nestle for making baby formula than know about wet nurses.

  4. AvatarWulfar

    Absolutely nothing to do with any of this but just pointing out that 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden passed away today. Along with being an AMA Superbike Champion Nicky was al all-around good guy and a joy to talk to. I followed he and his brothers since they were kids and just beat up about the whole thing.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I don’t know what’s sadder: that or Chris Cornell deciding he’s had enough.

      • AvatarDavid Florida

        I’m sorry to be using ‘and’ in place of ‘or’ in that sense. I’ll always remember Nicky’s anecdote about his practice crash after setting pole at Daytona in 2002… I’ll always remember Cornell’s song for “Casino Royale” (You Know My Name) being an absolute rush, the best thing I’d heard since John Barry retired. RIP.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          I liked “You Know My Name” so much I covered it myself. That’s one recording I won’t be sharing with anyone now…

      • AvatarHogie roll

        Road rash for Panasonic 3do turned me on to soundgarden, bigly. I still frequently call them my favorite band, well they were my first favorite.

      • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

        Jack, you do a lot of cycling. I’m sure that you know that Hayden isn’t the first athlete killed while training on a bicycle, including some prominent cyclists.

        I once read that bicycling is the most dangerous sporting activity in the U.S., based on the number of injuries.

  5. AvatarCJinSD

    “Your average TTAC reader simply doesn’t care about the things that animate Road&Track fans.”

    Are you sure? It’s been a long, long time since I talked to an adult auto enthusiast who wasn’t bored shitless with the buff books constantly reviewing the same cars. I get Road & Track to read Sam Smith’s and your contributions. This month there is a cross-promotion glued to the cover offering Car and Driver for fifty cents an issue. Adjusted for inflation, it must be a quarter what it cost when I started subscribing almost forty years ago. Surely I’m not the only one that doesn’t want it in my house for free anymore. Speaking of free, I’ve received Autoweek for free for months while they’ve tried to find a price low enough for me to accept. I guess they like listing me as a subscriber. Does it count when I don’t pay for it and ask them to stop sending it to me?

    When I started reading Car and Driver, reviews of exotic cars appeared occasionally. Most of the time they were exploring volume-selling cars from an enthusiast’s perspective. What would make your Corolla handle? How do you get decent seats for your Escort? Will a Pinto or a Vega make a better racing car? How do you order your Malibu with the 9C1 package? These days it’s all about how Porsche can pass off option packages as new models two or three times a month. I don’t want to talk to anyone who cares without getting a free vacation and an accommodating cash woman as compensation for their feigned interest. SJWs are probably better balanced human beings than the people who occupy the comments section at CarandDriver.com.

  6. AvatarJames

    I have to say that my AWD 230 (purchased based on Jack’s review) is faster–at least in every day driving–than my wife’s Accord V6 sedan (purchased based on Alex Dykes’s review). The 230 just has a lot more traction, although the Accord’s engine is better.


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