(Last) Weekly Roundup: Misapplied Chicken Edition

I saw this extremely ersatz Trans Am in Atlanta last week, sitting in the parking lot of the “Bandit Run” event. Here’s the disturbing part: It was one of THREE recent Chrysler products that had received an inappropriate Firebird bonnet logo. One of those three was a white Chrysler 300. With a V-6.

It’s best that we don’t think too much more about this. Instead, why don’t we catch up on what I (and Bark!) wrote for publication last week.

At TTAC, I advised one of our readers regarding the perfect San Francisco treat and expressed some Ring-related skepticism.

For R&T, I reviewed the Lotus Elise Cup 250 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450.

Finally, brother Bark makes a welcome return to this roundup with a review of the Acura NSX GT3 for Jalopnik.

I’m finally home after three weeks after nearly constant travel, so look for a few updates on this site and elsewhere over the course of the week to come. As always, thank you for reading!

25 Replies to “(Last) Weekly Roundup: Misapplied Chicken Edition”

  1. AvatarWill

    The only movie Burt Lancaster was halfway decent in was Deliverance (Story) and Boogie Nights because he’s type casted. Otherwise, I don’t get the appeal.

  2. AvatarCJinSD

    There actually was a Challenger T/A back in the day. Unlike the Pontiac Trans Am, it was a homologation special built to compete in Trans Am racing.

  3. AvatarKevin Jaeger

    Speaking of inapropriate, last week in Ottawa I saw a Smart car with a full General Lee paint job.

    I didn’t manage to get a picture but I did do a double-take.

  4. AvatarNick D

    How does the GL450 tow compared to the Durango? If I end up needing a tow pig, the Durango’s combo of high depreciation, 8-Speed Hemi, and decent driving dynamics seem hard to pass up.

  5. Avatarwlitten

    Hey, I made it in to Ask Jack!
    I do have an irrational hatred of GM products but I have heard good things about the Cruze. The comments section was actually singing the praises of the Sonic with the same engine. The honest truth is that the only safe vehicle to get is one that has no value beyond basic transportation. Thankfully at some point I get a work van and gas card.

  6. Avatarltrftc

    I read the Ring piece, and my conclusion is that the B&B have really dropped. I don’t get to TTAC much these days, but the commentary reminded me of one the reasons I stopped going to jalopnik.

    • AvatarRob

      “I don’t get to TTAC much these days, but the commentary reminded me of one the reasons I stopped going to jalopnik.”

      Yes, yes, yes. Sad to see the decline over there, but at least TTAC doesn’t encourage you to click on horrendous Gawker media bullshit.

      Also, Burt Reynolds is a gdamn American treasure. Every time he slaps Dom DeLuise, a Firebird gets its wings.

  7. AvatarAthos

    Oh dear, my eyes… pass the bleach please.

    Your SF article reminded me a 2-chapter story about a plumber I read in a different corner of the interwebZ.

    The CUV as muscle car is a good piece. The answer to your question is called Ford Escape, with the 2.0 EB engine. Or the old Rav4 with the Camry V6. A Volvo XC60 with either a T6 or T5 engine should also fit the definition. Or you could go diesel… in which case you could potentially get V8 torque in your little cute ute.

  8. AvatarHogie roll

    Bark, does Jalopnik require you put “haters” in the title of your piece or were you just dumbing down for your audience?

  9. Avatar-nate

    it seems i might now have more reading time so you and mark keep those articles and reviews coming please .



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