CNN Is Gonna Doxx Ya

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.
CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

It happened, ironically enough, on Independence Day. When President Trump decided to re-Tweet a home-made GIF that modified some old pro wrestling footage to show him “slamming” CNN, the media erupted in collective, coordinated frenzy about the “danger” this would put CNN into. Never mind that, by definition, the original footage was “kayfabe” footage from a pro-wrestling spectacle and therefore no more real than the cause celebre Trump-as-murdered-Caesar Central Park play. And never mind that CNN itself is in no way above criticism, satire, lampooning, or spoofing. We were all solemnly assured that this was “deadly” targeting of private individuals by someone whose power exceeded theirs to a frightening degree.

When the general public response to the manufactured outrage turned out to be indistinguishable from “eh, who gives a shit,” CNN did what anybody in that situation would do: They used the limitless resources of a multi-billion-dollar corporation to target, find, doxx, threaten, and blackmail the creator of the original image. I mean, that is what anybody would do, right?

Samuel Johnson once famously wrote that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Unfortunately for the various illiterate bloggers who have misquoted him in the years following, Johnson had a particular situation in mind: namely, that of somebody who chose military service over imprisonment. Insofar as judges in $THE_CURRENT_YEAR rarely offer a wayward kid the choice between Rikers and Afghanistan, perhaps we could update the saying to “Doxxing is the last refuge of a bully.” It was once the province of individual bullies and occasionally, you will still see it used in a conflict between two people on the Internet. In the days of USENET it was common to snitch on someone to their employer or university if you didn’t like what they had to say; you would also sometimes see the home address, family details, or financial information of a particular individual person posted online in a repugnant attempt to intimidate or silence them.

Nowadays, however, doxxing is used far more often to enforce strict compliance with social norms. When Gawker outed Peter Thiel for being gay, they were doxxing him for their own amusement. Most of the “work” that noted scumbag Sam Biddle did over the years was doxxing-related; Google “Justine Sacco” for an example. Doxxing is popular with the progressive media because very few of them have ever done anything besides parrot goodthink in print. You can’t doxx them for previous statements, memberships, relationships, or jobs, because they don’t have any of that stuff. As an example, the press got a lot of mileage out of “doxxing” Trump for all of his various business choices over the years, but nobody ever stopped to remind the readers that Hillary had been living at public expense for virtually all of the time that Trump was doing ALL THOSE TERRIBLE THINGS. The same is true for Sam Biddle, Max Read, AJ Daulerio, and all of those other sad little people. How can you “dig up dirt” on somebody who has never had a real job or done anything besides snipe at people from behind the safety of a keyboard?

If you’re not part of the media elect, however, you can be doxxed for any reason, or for no reason at all. A few years ago, a fellow helped rescue some women from an underground dungeon and he was promptly doxxed for the amusement of the news media who were tired of saying nice things about the guy and who wanted to “approach the story from another angle”. Back in 2012, the editors of a very popular auto magazine called my day job and tried to have me fired as a “favor” to the Editor-In-Chief of that magazine. My crime: Making fun of an editor’s misspelling of “apropos”. Think about that for a moment: these two fellows though that the best and most proportional response to being criticized on the Internet was to make sure that my son couldn’t afford to eat dinner. Luckily for me, and for them, my employer told them to fuck off, thus sparing me both an awkward conversation with my son about why we were losing our home and/or a busy couple of nights implementing whatever deranged idea of a proportional response to their actions would have popped into my head. (I think it would have involved a belt sander, but there’s no sense in getting all hypothetical.)

Doxxing, by its very nature, is cowardly, and it becomes more cowardly as the privilege and/or power of the doxxer grows in proportion to the privilege and/or power of his victim. That, incidentally, was how Gawker thought they were going to get away with shaming Hulk Hogan; they assumed that a jury of their peers would be more sympathetic to their ramen-noodles New York lifestyle than they would be to Hogan’s Florida white-trash ridiculousness. It was a great plan right up to the point where a jury of Hogan’s peers happened to be selected and they viewed it as a group of would-be child pornographers picking on a guy who does charity work.

Compared to this CNN business, however, Gawker vs. Hulk looks like a light exchange of pleasantries between members at the same country club. Ever since the election, CNN has done quite a bit to portray Trump in a negative light. Some people would say they’ve gone beyond the boundaries of ethics, and others would say they haven’t done enough. This has always worked in the past because people like George W. Bush and John McCain were simply too polite to fight back using the same tactics.

Trump, on the other hand, has bypassed the media and gone straight to his constituents. And he’s done it with confidence and humor. The “Trump Wrestling Tweet” is funny. It is the work of somebody who understands PR, somebody who knows how to work a room. Instead of suffering in noble but hapless fashion as a punching bag, Trump has taken the fight right back to them. Trump has internalized the lessons of this TLP article:

An observation about the middle class: they have it deep inside their psyche that though they are taught to make prejudicial judgments based on hearsay, they are not allowed to show that they made them. The middle class think they are lawyers.
That kid was up to no good. You knew it as he walked to Louie’s table, even before he opened his mouth. You knew it. But Louie/we were constructed to act only on what happens, not what you think is happening. Since the kid was polite, Louie had to be polite back, even though the kid was obviously being a bully– you’re not allowed to respond to that. “Hey, I was just being friendly!” And prove he wasn’t. The kid offers to shake Louie’s hand, “Hi, I’m Sean,” and Louie has to shake it because so far the kid is being polite. We relate things to our future cross examination: “isn’t it true, sir, that sticks and stones can break your bones but names can never harm you?”

Bush and McCain and Romney and all the rest sat there and let the media bully them. They acted solely on the most “legal” interpretation of how the media treated them. Trump doesn’t play that game. He calls CNN “Fake News Network”. He calls their bluff and leaves them to clutch their pearls in the typical attitude of a bully who has been found out by a parent. “Gosh, Mrs. Cleaver, we didn’t mean that we were going to ruin his Presidency.” Instead of treating CNN with respect, instead of letting CNN perform asymmetric warfare on him, Trump hits back with a pro-wrestling GIF.

What CNN did next tells you everything you need to know about the character of the people who work there. They decided to doxx and bully a private citizen for the crime of creating the original image. We have been told, by the HuffPo and the other reliable media mouthpieces, that this Reddit user made racist statements. But CNN didn’t come after him because he was a racist; they came after him because he made a non-racist, non-anti-Semitic GIF about Trump and CNN. Note that when the police shoot a man dead in the streets and then “find” a bag of heroin on his person, every right-thinking citizen raises an eyebrow. But that’s what they did in this case.

It gets worse. CNN then announced that they would graciously withhold the identity of the image creator as long as he behaved. I believe this is the first time that a major media corporation has publicly blackmailed a private citizen, although I could be wrong. CNN didn’t say that he had broken any law, because he probably hasn’t. They just said that his “memes” were “ugly”. CNN reserves to itself the right in perpetuity to publicly brand this private citizen as a racist, Nazi, bigot, and/or whatever they want in the future, if his future behavior does not meet with the approval of CNN.

Make no mistake, CNN acted with purpose here. Their purpose was, as the French one said, pour encourager les autres. With their actions, CNN made it absolutely plain that anybody who criticized them in the future could be subject to a billion-dollar investigation and doxxing. Could any of us withstand such a procedure? Do you honestly think that you could keep your job, or your home, if CNN interviewed every single person that you have ever known throughout your life and interpreted the worst thing any of those people had to say about you in the most sensationalized manner possible?

I find CNN’s behavior here horrifying. It is a violation of the essential social contract between media and the public. Worse than that, by “taking off the gloves” CNN is essentially inviting its opponents to do the same. Let’s say that CNN “doxxes” somebody into losing their home, their job, their children, their family — and let’s say that person decides to take direct and violent action against CNN or its people. Would you be surprised? Would you think it was entirely unwarranted? How do you fight back against a bully, other than by using every means at your disposal?

Regardless of how you feel about Trump or Hillary or Bernie, I think we can all agree that CNN should not be permitted to bully, blackmail, doxx, or harass private citizens simply for making funny pictures. And if you despise Trump, you should be particularly angry — because CNN’s actions here make Mr. Trump look downright presidential by contrast. CNN may reserve the right to destroy one person’s life, but they should be aware that July 4, 2017 was probably a day when a lot of people decided to reserve a few rights to themselves regarding CNN. Including the right to ignore.

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  1. AvatarCGHill

    CNN has long been the most reprehensible of the “news” channels. The schmucks responsible for this need not only their addresses revealed, but their intestines removed by the most painful method available. Ideally, this would be done in front of enough cameras to make sure everyone on earth sees at least one copy of it.

    (Oh, kudos for the KLF reference. I think.)

    • AvatarHogie roll

      It’s a 15 year old kid.

      Gen Z is woke AF. The future is bright. Turns out the children that were subjected to this terrible multi cultural obsessed upbringing their entire lives hold no illusions about race and human bio-diversity. And with their precociousness and social media to voice it, they are saying a lot of things older generations don’t have the balls to.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          Again… they found out all this stuff after they started investigating him for the crime of mocking CNN. Nobody had the slightest clue that he had ever made graphics about how many Jewish people hold senior positions in the media.

          • Avatarjz78817

            Immaterial to the comment I was responding to. Besides, I think this is clearly a case where both sides of the conflict are bags of dicks.

            “Nobody had the slightest clue that he had ever made graphics about how many Jewish people hold senior positions in the media.”

            Did you look further down the page? Especially the part where he says he’s found the perfect solution to the refugee crisis and posts a photo of the entrance gate to Auschwitz.

            “Allowing the entry of a food of refugees is going to cause problems for European countries” is a reasonable point of view. “Let’s do the Holocaust again” isn’t.

          • Avatarcarrya1911

            One side of the conflict might be a person you don’t wish to associate with. The other side of the conflict is a multi-billion dollar media company seeking control of information, control of narrative, and through that control of the entire fucking planet.

            Both sides are not, in fact, “a bag of dicks”

            One side is, at worst, an unpleasant human. The other is a pied piper of fucking evil that unchecked will usher in another holocaust…only a much more “diverse” one.

            Fuck that.

          • Avatarjz78817

            “Both sides are not, in fact, “a bag of dicks””

            yes they are. it’s just a matter of degree.

    • AvatarAaron Gold

      Thank fick, I thought I was the only one. Now I have the song stuck in my head. Oddly enough, it turns out that everything I’ve learned *has* pointed the fact that time is eternal.

    • Avatarhank chinaski

      There’s the rub. The left, in its mockery of ‘freeze peach’ grudgingly admits that even hate speech is protected speech, but protected only from the government, and not from the loss of livelihood and property for anyone without the resources to fight a corporate onslaught.

      I’ve got my popcorn. Lulz to be had

    • Avatarjz78817

      Popehat is absolutely correct. “Teamball” is the game today. It’s “right” when our side does something, but if the other side does the same thing it’s “evil.”

  2. AvatarTomko

    It’s sad what is happening to the United States. I see none of this as making America great again. I see no evidence of draining the swamp.

    But it’s still early days. And everything is relative.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I think you have me confused with Ed and Bertel, who were obsessed with GM PR. What I did was state that I would identify which comments came from a GM gateway.

      • AvatarNailbomb

        Haha. Bertel and Ed. Ffs. My mistake.
        May have been when some flack was fcuking with your Wiki entry. I think you wrote about it here?

  3. Avatarjz78817

    Can I just say how incredibly stupid this whole thing is, and how utterly disillusioned I am with my country, its leaders, and its people?

    • Avatarcarrya1911

      Read Robert Caro’s series on LBJ. If you think this shit is bad you ain’t seen a damn thing yet.

      • AvatarMrGreenMan

        “A Texan Looks at Lyndon” is also good for understanding the grandmaster of manipulation who perfected the American political process. All these children today are just pikers compared to LBJ.

  4. AvatarPaul

    This was going on for 8 years with the email server issue and Benghazi. Only from the other side. Non-stop. No one cared. Now it is from the left, with the Russian issue. No one cares. I immediately go to History channel or Velocity or some sports programming.

    As Bernie said in one debate, who cares about the email server issue. Who cares about the Russian issue. But it is easier for news channels to talk about noise, and twitter as opposed to real issues around health care and taxes and wall street ruining corporate culture. This is why Bernie could never get elected, because he wants to talk about real stuff, while all this other stuff is noise.

    • AvatarSobro

      No one cares that Obama and Hillary held an actual illegal war in Libya unlike Bush in Iraq?

      No one cares that as a consequence of Hillary’s “We came, we saw, he died.” attitude towards Gadaffi an American ambassador was murdered?

      No one cares that Hillary had a mail server in her basement that was against the laws of government employee document retention?

      No one cares that Hillary used that mail server against the laws of handling secret documents?

      No one cares that Obama’s IRS, EPA, OSHA, and ATF, FBI, and Justice Department were used against political rivals?

      Why, it’s as if all of the above stuff is just made up because *racism* and *sexism*. But all of us *woke* people know it’s the Left’s By Any Means Necessary policy for attaining and keeping power. And CNN et al are just the handmaidens in their sordid schemes by telling the useful idiots that it’s the Right who are evil and will, as Joe Biden lied “put y’all back in chains” so you shouldn’t care about their incessent whining about Hillary and Obama.

      Paul, some of us care deeply about what the Left has been doing to our country. And we’re glad that their tactics are now being used against them. As one asshole lefty said about Congressman Steve Scalise, “Karma’s a bitch”.

  5. AvatarKvndoom

    It frustrates me to no end how hard it is to find pure news. No slant, no opinion, just report the damn facts and let me make up my own fucking mind. Cnn is one of the worst “news” outlets in this nation, but somehow they are one of the biggest.

    I am sick to death of the stupid shock headlines. The very last time I ever read CNN was when the headline read, “Trump bans 137 million people from entering US.” I was done. CNN is absolutely on a witch hunt for Trump. I don’t like the guy either, I certainly didn’t want him to be president (I despised both choices we had in 2016), but damn! I’ve never seen a news outlet take personal offense like this before.

    A friend turned me on to The Hill, which is a good place to find political news, as long as you avoid the opinion pieces… and the comments, which are pretty much Jerry Springer material.

    I do like the Real News Network also because they’re not corporate. They do have a progressive leaning agenda, and they’re big on climate change (something I am also concerned about), but they are anything but hypocrites. They called Obama out just as often as they call out Trump. Blacks in positions of power get criticized just as much as whites. They are an independent voice of the little guy… I’d put them in the Sanders camp if I had to approximately associate them with any one politician.

    Any other suggestions are always welcome. I don’t want left news or right news, just news.

    • Avatarjz78817

      “It frustrates me to no end how hard it is to find pure news.”

      well what do you expect? Nobody in this country wants pure news. They don’t read/watch “news” because they want to learn what’s going on in the world. They believe they already know what’s going on in the world, and they pick the “news” they watch by how strongly it reassures them of that.

      Nothing is as dangerous or as difficult to change as an uninformed opinion. it’s rather interesting; we’ll form rigid, hard-line opinions based on very little information, but won’t change those opinions even when presented with mounds and mounds of information to the contrary.

      in short, the average person thinks he’s way, way smarter than he actually is and anything which disagrees with him is “fake news.”

  6. AvatarFrank Galvin

    I find this all fascinating. Talk about living rent free in their heads. He’s purposefully fucking with them -and they keep taking the bait, time after time. And what happens? They’re flipping out over a reddit poster – and he’s taking a sledgehammer to the bureacracy. Anyone catch the news that the Dept. Of Edu has neutered their “civil rights” division?

    • Avatarjz78817

      He’s purposefully fucking with them

      he’s not that smart. he’s the archetype of the spoiled boomer. A petulant, 70 year old child.

      • AvatarFrank Galvin

        “Not that smart” – said about every Republican winner who enjoyed success prior to assuming elected office.

        • Avatarjz78817

          yeah, if we assume history began in the year 2000. Thankfully I’m old enough to remember Reagan easily handing Carter and Mondale their asses in the debates where I can comfortably say you’re full of shit.

          • AvatarFrank Galvin

            Oh really cupcake?

            I’m old enough to remember how Reagan was routinely described as dumb – “an amiable dunce” comes to mind.

    • AvatarVoGo

      Please point to a single piece of meaningful legislation that has passed in the last 6 months by a Republican Senate and House, and was signed by the Republican President and endorsed by a Republican Supreme Court. Healthcare, tax cuts, privatization, Immigration reform, Wall building – you tell me.

      I’ll wait here while you tally the list.

      • Avatarhank chinaski

        Let’s not pretend that Ryan and company are his political allies or friends. At least McConnel was upfront in stating that their goal was to stymie Obama for his entire term.

        • Avatarjz78817

          ” At least McConnel was upfront in stating that their goal was to stymie Obama for his entire term.

          then he immediately turned around and bitched how Democrats were being “obstructionist” against President Trump.

          Hypocrisy so thick you’d need a plasma cutter to get through it, and yet no one said a word.

          Physician, heal thyself indeed.

          • Avatarhank chinaski

            Of course he did. Mitch is a weasel adept at playing both sides, and no more an ally of his President than McCain or Graham.

          • AvatarVoGo

            How many of those are meaningful?

            I mean, S. 1083 – An Act to amend section 1214 of title 5, United States Code, to provide for stays during a period that the Merit Systems Protection Board lacks a quorum – maybe that’s meaningful to you.

            But where is the signature piece of legislation? Name a single legislative achievement.

      • AvatarFrank Galvin

        I’m disinclined to answer your question as so asked, it demonstrates marked civic illiteracy. So enjoy holding up the wall, as the nuns used to put it.

        While you do wait – and at the risk of feeding the sea lions, know this. I pointed to his success as the head of the executive branch. Taking a hacksaw to various executive agencies – that’s not dependent on Congress. There’s a string of success; withdrawing from the Paris accords and the TPP, lifting the roadblock on Keystone, removing violent illegals, using the Congressional Review Act to roll back Obama overreach, etc, etc. etc.

        But you’ve demanded answers for that “single piece of meaningful legislation” passed in the last six months by the GOP House and Senate, signed by the GOP president, and endorsed by a GOP Supreme Court. You really are bereft of understanding our republican form of government. The Supremes don’t endorse jack shit. They review – after the challenge makes its way through district and the circuit courts, and possibly granted cert. Not enough time has passed for this to happen with legislation…..but….. the Supremes did reinstate his executive order re: vetting people from horrible places that have no functioning civil government…..

        In the future – go onto Youtube and find that wonderful Schoolhouse Rock clip on “how a bill becomes law.” You might gain something from it.

  7. AvatarJeffrey Zekas

    Trump says what many middle Americans think, but are not allowed to say: control immigration, bring back jobs, fix health care, support working families. But anyone who says they believe these ideas is attacked, vilified, called a “Nazi” and beaten to the ground by so-called “anarchists”.


      Difference between Trump and the average American is that Trump has so much money behind him that there is absolutely no way to stop him from saying or doing what he wants.

      He is the first amendment incarnate.

      Just having him in the office emboldens anyone who feels the way he proclaims that he feels but have no power to speak up.

      Money does not buy happiness but it does make a person more of the person they truly are.

      All I need is $10 million …

      • AvatarVoGo

        Fascinating that someone actually believes that anyone who favors policies to “control immigration, bring back jobs, fix health care, support working families” is “attacked, vilified, called a “Nazi” and beaten to the ground by so-called “anarchists”.”

        Because every political candidate who has run for president in the last 40 years favors all those policies.

    • AvatarKvndoom

      what he says and what he really intends are two different things. Every politician tells their base what they want to hear. Few actually deliver, and it’s usually because they never meant it in the first place.

      I will say this though… for as much as I’m not thrilled with Trump, I do think he is sincere about securing the borders. I don’t think he’s going to do much to bring jobs back though. That’s going to require a cultural shift in American thinking to be willing to pay exorbitantly more for the goods and services we rely on.

      The problem with utopia-building is this, though: when you get rid of all the “undesirables” but the problems you always blamed on them still remain, whom do you blame?

      • Avatarjz78817

        ” I don’t think he’s going to do much to bring jobs back though. That’s going to require a cultural shift in American thinking to be willing to pay exorbitantly more for the goods and services we rely on.”

        even if we closed the borders and underwent that cultural shift overnight, those jobs wouldn’t come back. at least not in the numbers people wish for. Back in the 1950s when America Was Perfect, each step of building a car was a manual operation. A person had to take each piece of body sheet metal, load it into the assembly jig, then the next station had someone with a spot welder join the two, and so on. Walk into a modern assembly plant, and you’ll find that the body shop (where the car is welded together) pre-treat, and paint shops are practically 100% automated. The only human interaction is the people delivering parts to the proper stations at the body shop, doing spot checks and putting the proper fixtures in place between various stages. Hardly any person have to touch the car before it comes out of paint. and even when you get to trim & chassis assembly, with ergo arms and other job aids one person can install a large assembly (like seats or a dashboard) when it used to need three or four people.

        same with electronics. Even if Apple brought all of its iPhone production here, it’s still not that many jobs. We do manufacture electronics here (a friend of mine works for a large electronics company with plants in Michigan) and unlike back in the ’60s when we were still a leader in electronics, it doesn’t require many people to make this stuff. Back then e.g. a circuit board was done assembly-line style; one person would hand solder on a particular component then it would go down the line for more people to hand solder the rest of the components. Now, with surface-mount components and re-flow, one person can manage an entire automatic pick-and-place machine which can crank out a fully-populated circuit board in less than a minute. all the human has to do is make sure the machines are running and supplied with components.

  8. AvatarWidgetsltd

    And so continues the upside-down world that is politics in the USA today. I didn’t think that it was possible to blackmail someone in public, or to see Trump as anything but the bully that he is, but here we are. Fox News and Ted Cruz are getting a lot of mileage out of this situation, of course.

  9. AvatarNick Gomez

    “Back in 2012, the editors of a very popular auto magazine called my day job and tried to have me fired as a “favor” to the Editor-In-Chief of that magazine. My crime: Making fun of an editor’s misspelling of “apropos”. Think about that for a moment: these two fellows though that the best and most proportional response to being criticized on the Internet was to make sure that my son couldn’t afford to eat dinner.”

    Wow, Jack I thought only folks in Malaysia behave in this way. Been in almost the same situation.


    President Trump has exceeded my wildest expectations.

    What his detractors don’t seem to understand is that trumps supporters voted for him to do exactly what he is doing: taking a wrecking ball to the establishment and to the media.

    The establishment hates Donald Trump because he calls too much attention to them when all they wanted to do was get rich people for money from the system.

    Just take a look at Donald Trumps enemies :

    Illegal aliens


    Special-Interest groups

    North Korea




    Liberal Intelligentsia

    The welfare state

    You can learn a lot about a man by taking a look at his enemies.

    The average Trump supporter wants to see all of these people burned down to the ground.

    I’ll be ready to vote for him again in 2020 if he runs.

    • AvatarVoGo

      I 100% agree that you learn a log about a man from looking at his enemies. But I see President Trump’s enemies a bit differently. Just top of mind, I would list:
      – a free press (first amendment)
      – the US Constitution (i.e., freedom of religion; Fourth Amendment)
      – the truth
      – women (when 11 women accuse you of sexual assault…)
      – minorities (witness his long time refusal to lease to African Americans)
      – US labor (note his consistent use of foreign labor in his businesses)
      – 23 million Americans who will lose health insurance under plans he pushes for
      – anyone who favors integrity in government (witness all the ethical violations by him and his cabinet)
      – anyone who wants to keep the US free from being ruled by Russia. Apparently, that’s not you?

          • Avatarcarrya1911

            You should probably first ask that question of the large number of openly communist college faculty who have spent the last few decades pretending that Stalin wasn’t *real* communism/socialism/whatever.

            Bernie has been to Russia.

          • AvatarVoGo

            Are there any Americans from the right who are patriots and oppose Russia’s attempts to dominate the US?

          • Avatarjz78817

            “You should probably first ask that question of the large number of openly communist college faculty who have spent the last few decades pretending that Stalin wasn’t *real* communism/socialism/whatever.”

            He wasn’t. Neither was Lenin, really. The simple fact is that communism (as Marx envisioned it) just does not work. Human nature precludes it. The notion of “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” can only ever be workable on a very small scale. e.g. a village. People are pretty willing to give and share amongst each other when they all know each other or at least have some connection.

            That falls apart on a national scale, which means it has to be enforced at gunpoint. which means it’s nothing more than a dictatorship with a particular style of pomp and circumstance. Oh sure, they may go through the charade of having “elections,” but

          • Avatarjz78817

            I don’t see it as any attempt at “dominance,” as much as it is that the Cold War was good business for many parties, and there are some who would like to return to those days.

    • Avatarkvndoom

      It’d be nice to see him actually do something besides piss people off. Hell, I do that on a daily basis, but I’m not running a country. I’m happy for you that people you don’t like are pissed off, but what are you gaining from that besides self satisfaction?

      If he truly makes the America I see through my eyes better by November 2020, I will vote for him myself. So far we’re still watching kids on a playground argue.

      • Avatarjz78817

        “I’m happy for you that people you don’t like are pissed off, but what are you gaining from that besides self satisfaction?”

        does anything else matter to this crowd?


    There’s nothing that annoys me more than all of the foreigners and special interest groups who think that the average American gives a damn what foreign countries think of us for having elected this president .

    Every single time I hear it it makes me want to shout at my television .

    This is the same country that dumped the kings TV in the water and then killed every single last soldier that he sent here in order to punish us.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand where the vengeful and rebellious spirit of America comes from doesn’t understand the history.

    The globalists can disarm and destroy Europe and the rest of the world but here in America my AR 15 and my Desert Eagle .50 caliber keep me free …


    The next time a liberal wants to talk about how “unpresidential President Trump is acting” I will direct them to take a look at Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s White House.

    All the stains on the office furniture.

      • AvatarBark M

        How do you rob something from somebody that they didn’t pay for in the first place, Sean, errrr, VoGo?

        • Avatarjz78817

          How do you justify the mindset of “you and your kids deserve to be sick if you can’t afford insurance?”

          Y’know, this is one area where our culture of attaching health insurance to employment has distorted everyone’s perceptions. Like that idiot Jason Chaffetz claiming people could afford insurance if they didn’t have an iPhone.

          Uh, no, jackass. Insurance premiums are a lot more expensive than you see, because most people who get it through their employer only look at the portion of their premium which comes out of their pocket. I myself only pay about 1/5-1/4 of my premium, my employer picks up the bulk of it.

          Think about that. If I had to pay it 100% out of pocket starting tomorrow, my monthly spend on it would quintuple. I’m not buying an iPhone every month, Rep. Chaffetz.

          • Avatarcarrya1911

            Premiums are more expensive than *you* see because even when you factor in the total cost of insurance premiums (mine are now $3,500 more per year after Obamacare) in your paycheck you have to look at the medicare/medicaid taxes you are paying.

            Because it works like this: Medicare/medicaid sets prices they will pay for types of care. These are often below what the types of care actually cost…so where does that extra money come from? Insured people, of course. (This is one of the reasons why doctors are turning away medicaid patients and limiting how many medicare patients they will take)

            So you are paying medicare/medicaid in the form of of taxes, AND you are paying medicare/medicaid as a portion of your insurance coverage.

            Most people could certainly budget better. And we could structure taxes and programs to encourage them…like why in the name of blue fuck are most health savings account “use it or lose it” style accounts that do not permit carrying money from one year to the next? Wouldn’t having people save a cushion for big medical expenses be a GOOD IDEA??

      • AvatarBigtruckseriesreview

        30 million people weren’t paying jack and didn’t have it.

        My taxes shouldn’t go up for them.

        I have too many car mods to spend money on.

          • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

            If I busted my ass to get it, why shouldn’t I be allowed to keep most of it?

            While there are some who DIDN’T bust their hump to achieve a level of comfort (inheritance, lottery, etc) many did. Why is it now the governments function to some take what I earned, at basically gun point, to distribute to those who have NOT put forth the effort I did?
            I have no problem giving someone a hand up, not a hand out tho, (and have many times) but I would prefer to make the choice of who and how.

          • Avatarjz78817

            because you probably didn’t “bust your ass” to get it. we all love to talk about our “hard earned money” as though we’re all scraping our fingers to the bone getting black lung in coal mines, but if you’re typing this shit on the internet, chances are you’re not really busting your ass.

            but I would prefer to make the choice of who and how.

            yes, and if I lived in your neighborhood, I’d prefer to make the choice of whose burning house the fire department responds to. And it wouldn’t be yours.

            see how that works?

            you benefit from government spending whether or not you want to admit it. You just act like you can proclaim others unworthy of benefits just because they’re not available to you.

          • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

            jz78817 sez
            ” but if you’re typing this shit on the internet, chances are you’re not really busting your ass.”

            You are correct, at that moment (10.30 pm) I was NOT busting my ass. And some days I don’t actually start doing something productive until 6-7am. And some weeks I only work 40-50 hours. Guess I’m just a slacker. However in the last 40 years, have you worked full time and went to college at night? Worked a second job to generate extra income? Started a business? Or 2? As I’m now on my 60th trip around the sun, I am slowing down some. I spend a bit more time enjoying the fruits of my labor by indulging my hobbies more.

            Then sez
            “yes, and if I lived in your neighborhood, I’d prefer to make the choice of whose burning house the fire department responds to. And it wouldn’t be yours.”

            That’s quite a stretch, be careful you don’t pull a muscle. Not sure how a hand out program equates to fire services, but then perhaps things are different in Detroit. And it’s a moot point anyway as out here in the rural area that I call home (part of the “basket of deplorables” belt) the fire fighters are volunteer. They seem to be well trained, and look to be well equipped. By the way, have you ever been a volunteer fire fighter? I was for a total of approx 11 years. Not one I ever associated with had an attitude even remotely similar to what you put forth. Hell, they would even put out the fire at your house, or any other sniveling weenie.

            Then concludes, “you benefit from government spending whether or not you want to admit it. You just act like you can proclaim others unworthy of benefits just because they’re not available to you.”

            Those programs are available to me also. All I would have to do is decide to become a moocher instead of a producer. Then you could sit around your home and grumble about your money having to go to my upkeep. Perhaps I’ll go that route, just for the satisfaction of knowing that it would chap YOUR ass.


            I worked hard for mine.

            And you aren’t gonna take it from me.

            Not for yourself.

            Not for your illegal aliens.

            Not for your refugees.

            MY AR-15 KEEPS ME FREE.

            That is the Republican mindset.

            Anyone who doesn’t like it should PACK THEIR BAGS AND MOVE.


          • AvatarRock36

            “Because you probably didn’t “bust your ass” to get it”

            And you know that how? You dont, it’s just an opinion that conforms to your worldview. Are you merely projecting your own lack of effort to your place economically in society? That’s actually a rhetorical question come to think of it, as I wouldn’t expect, or have faith, in an honest response here. I suppose your response to Dirty Dingus is a pretty banal one that I suspect is likely based on restated platitudes anyway.

  13. AvatarVoGo

    Some things you chose not to mention.
    1. At a time when journalists are at risk more than ever, often murdered for publicizing the truth, our own President publicizes a video showing him violently attacking the media. Talk about “pour encourager les autres.” I would have thought someone often labeled an auto journalist would have a semblance of empathy for people who put their lives at stake for their craft.

    2. In the very same week, it was revealed that this same president had threatened to “doxx” the hosts of the Morning Joe TV show, encouraging his friends at the National Lampoon to attack them if they didn’t tow the line. You chose not to include this data in your analysis.

    3. I use the term “VoGo” here and (formerly) at TTAC because in the past I used my first name and town, but came to realize it was a mistake. There are some of your acolytes who have taken things too far and threatened to kill me for disagreeing with them. I often travel, and it seriously creeps me out that some whack job would show up at my house with a gun while I’m away. So it was particularly galling when your brother starting threatening me with publishing my name here a month ago.

    I guess doxxing is only bad when its not done by the (alt?) right.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I assume you’re making some kind of joke about journalists being in danger. There have been 17 journalists killed in 2017… not a single one in the USA. Compare that to American fast-food workers who are killed at an average rate of four to six per month with three in a single day just last week.

      It would be impossible to “doxx” the hosts of Morning Joe. They are political figures and actors. You might as well claim that you are doxxing Trump by publishing his home address of 1600 Pennsylvania.

      With regards to my brother, I should point out that nothing has ever happened and you are at even less risk than our perfectly safe CNN political actor “journalists.”

      • AvatarVoGo

        1. I take the lives of journalists seriously. They are often the only means we have of understanding the world and what is really happening. There is direct correlation between those who threaten the press/transparency and true evil.

        2. Yes, Morning Joe hosts are political figures. But then why was Trump trying to blackmail them? Your editorial is silent on the topic.

        3. I am glad to hear your reassurance that I am no longer at risk of being doxxed by your brother.

        • Avatarcarrya1911

          I take the lives of *everybody* seriously. Which is why it’s fucking absurd for the press in the US, who almost without exception enjoy lives of greater material wealth and privilege than the rest of the population, to act as if they are somehow under some unique level of threat. They usually live cloistered lives in the parts of cities where the police they continually malign do a great deal to keep the riff-raff away from, enabling their pleasant urban oasis filled with just enough “ethnic” food places to give them the taste of “Diversity!” while the police and their private schools keep their own families from experiencing any of the less pleasant side effects of same.

          If you go to any truly repressive nation and you look there will be “journalists” who are mouthpieces for the dominant powers in that society, and you will see that they also seem to enjoy the perks and privileges of the better set. Then there are the actual journalists often working entirely on their own, and usually under serious persecution. This is often a clue as to who is really doing actual journalism work.

          Not mean tweets, death. I wonder what Yameen Rasheed would think of the tweet flap.

          It’s patently absurd to compare the status of the American press with the plight of someone like Rasheed.

        • AvatarVoGo

          Looking at Bark’s comment above, it appears your attempts to limit his doxxing threats are ineffective.

          My need to protect my family is more important to me than my desire to express my views on your site. Good bye.

          • AvatarWill


            “My need to protect my family is more important to me than my desire to express my views on your site. Good bye.”

            Calm down. No one here is out to get you. So irrational and delusional, geeze. This is why we allow citizens to have guns, that whole self protection thing. It has served me well in your liberal paradise that is Chicago.

        • AvatarWill


          “I take the lives of journalists seriously. ” Oh get over yourself. Matt Drudge is the most influential “journalist”, anyone can be one with the keyboard and a computer.

        • AvatarDavid

          journalists understanding the world? are you a paid troll? is there ever a single article exposing the Federal Reserve Bank or the City of London Corporation? this Repub vs. Dem crap is tiring, there both 2 sides of the same globalist coin. C’mon man!

  14. AvatarArbuckle

    The Trump tweet is obviously a metaphor. The NY Caesar play is also obviously a metaphor.

    Neither of them are a direct call to violence and I find the amount of escalating faux outrage from both sides over jokes and political snark to be ridiculous.

    In general I don’t think people should censor themselves because of what a crazy might maybe do.

  15. AvatarVoGo

    At what point can we expect an editorial reviewing the formerly “fair and balanced” channel and it’s treatment of women? Or do we not call out the League of Sexual Predators and its brethren in the UK who admitted to covering up their corporate policies of phone hacking, police bribery, and exercising improper influence in the pursuit of stories.

  16. AvatarZykotec

    To use ‘Team America’ as a metaphor (one of very few movies that affectionately parodied the USofAs attitude towards the world. )Trump is a dick.
    I think he is funny. I think he is sometimes right in his ramblings. I think he controls your media completely by making everything about him. The same way he won the election. (and that is one reason I think Bernie could have had a chance, because he would not have played Trumps game like everyone else chose to do)

    Obama did a lot of the same things Trump does on the internet and social media. Although he catered to a different audience, and used apropriate referencesand language, it’s the same thing. Trump trashing CNN in a wrestling match is totally the same as Obama saying you won’t build the Death Star , or using the frase ‘Thanks Obama’ . He is making fun of and trivializing his enemies opinions, and bonding with his followers.

    Compared to our left-wing biased media in Norway, your media outlets are pretty f’ing useless though (on both sides). At least over here , while letting their opinion show through, they still report stuff that happens in a way that lets intelligent people make up their own opinion.

    Also,we don’t really have a powerful conspiracy-theory media, since that is beyond stupid…

    • AvatarRick T.

      Hey, I saw the media power in the Scandinavian countries on the series Borgen. All TV1 had to do was make a phone call in the afternoon and they’d have the Statesminister on their evening show that day!

      • AvatarZykotec

        Well, tiny countries where everyone knows each other has certain sideeffects like that.
        Governing any Scandinavian country is certainly a lot easier than managing a single state in the US. But it’s much harder to get away with being a total asshole when there is no place to hide.
        I don’t think most Europeans grasp the sheer size of the US, and much less understand the diversity of its people.
        The US may choose to mainly speak English, and think of itself as mostly Christian, but there are still samples of (almost?) all kinds of humans ever made living in the US. And to be fair, most of them are free to believe and say whatever they will.

  17. AvatarWill

    I just can’t believe that gif is a story and the reaction to it is astonishing. It’s a damn cartoon.

    • AvatarTyler

      I am reminded of another TLP article, the one about Ed Harris’s unsuccessful attempt to out Alec Baldwin as a hypocrite in Glengarry Glenross. When the narcissist’s self-conception is threatened, he defends it by attacking the messenger.

      Or, possibly, I’m thinking of the Robert Sapolsky commentary on male ape social dynamics, in which the traditional response to being denied status is to go beat up a lesser male. (Which, come to think of it, is what Ed Harris’s character does next, sort of.)

      You can agree with CNN or disagree with CNN but the whole shebang requires that CNN be taken seriously, on its own terms. Basically, they’re the happy guy at the bar who is very charming right up until you tell him to step his drunk ass away from your wife.

  18. AvatarCrancast

    First, well done. Great read.

    The comments are so funny. I am struck with an analogy – ‘I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out.’

    Trump. Love him. Hate him. Middle class savior. Destroyer of America. Genius and a fighter. Buffoon and bully. On and on and on. He is ALL of those things no matter where you sit. And really, in the context of this piece, it matters not a single bit.

    If anyone thinks CNN acted responsibly, I would suggest a recalibration of your Trump hate to be more constructive is in order. No amount of questionable / maddening / entertaining / riot-inciting / shit-your-dad-says / you-tell’em-old-man tweets can possibly make what CNN has done OK — going after a random internet user, who made a damn funny gif, and ONLY went after him because Trump retweeted it. And the kicker, forced him to take everything down and beg for mercy or suffer the consequences.

    This would be a golden long-form expose’ by the Washington Post investigating what exactly is going on at CNN …. oh wait, a hockey game is breaking out ….


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