When Men Were Men And The Mustaches Grew Wild

A few months ago, I spent two days at the Nurburgring with a Lotus Evora Sport 410 and a group of absolutely fascinating students. One of them is the fellow you see in this Mosport formula-car race video from 1973 — Ron Cohn. Now seventy years old, he’s still working on improving his touch behind the wheel. Ron sent me this video last night and I thought some of you would be amused by it. Most likely it was created to attract potential sponsors — there’s something charming about the idea of some executive having this film threaded through his office projector so he can see the adventures of Ron and his teammate at Mosport. If you’re interested in the Cosworth engine that powered these cars, there’s an explanation in somewhat stilted English here.

5 Replies to “When Men Were Men And The Mustaches Grew Wild”

  1. John C.

    Nice to see a sales pitch that is not so modern and professional. Not a single list of bullet points of what their team can do for your business. Just people living the dream and trying to make it look relatable. The banter between the drivers, in the cars before the race, looks the most scripted. Great old time voice over guy, where have they all gone?

  2. Disinterested-Observer

    A promo video where one guy is 3 seconds off the pace and the other guy crashed. Those glorious mustaches. I can’t think of anything to say. I also think it’s funny that the narrator of their own promo vid keeps calling him “Ron Cohen” even after McGinness says it right.

  3. Jeff Calhoun

    OMG, the same day I find out that Skip Barber is closing, I get to see a terrific old clip Bruce MacInnes one of my first and favorite instructors there. I recently ran into him at an SCDA track day at Lime Rock and he can still B.S with the best.


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