(Last) Weekly Roundup: We Are The Champions Edition

Sorry this one is late, but for once I have an excuse: Both Bark and I were participating in the 2017 SCCA Targa Southland. Brother Bark and his co-driver Rebecca drove a new Honda Civic Type R, provided by Honda, to the victory in the Stock 2 class. Danger Girl and I drove our 1998 Corvette C5 to the top of the Touring 1 category. Overall I’d say that Bark and Rebecca did a better job than we did, beating us in two of the three timed events and in the road rally. The Vette proved to be a little troublesome at speed thanks to a set of oversized HRE wheels that look absolutely awesome but which make the front-rear balance very malleable depending on ambient temperature and road camber. Luckily for me, however, my Touring-class competition suffered from a variety of mechanical maladies and mistakes. A particularly fearsome-looking BMW M5 made the mistake of cooking its brake rotors early in the weekend, preventing it from getting solid points in the timed track section at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

Click the jump to see a video of me thrashing the old Vette at Memphis International Raceway and to catch up on what I wrote last week.

For R&T, I wrote about right-lane rushers and people who don’t know what their own cars can do.

At TTAC, I answered a question about brakes, considered the idea of the Trackhawk tax, and asked the readers about the opportunities for goodwill in the marketplace.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a well-deserved break from a 2000-mile weekend… oh, who am I kidding, it’s back to work I go!

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  1. Bark M

    I’m super pleased with how we did. Rebecca proved to be a menace on track, translating her 2-wheel motorcycle racing experience to 4-wheel driving pretty quickly. The only thing the Type R will need to be a national title contender in autocross is some better tires. We ended up second overall, with 993.038 out of a possible 1000 points.

  2. viper32cm

    Good to see you guys this weekend! It was definitely a lot of fun, and we’re already planning our return. By this time next year, Dustin and I should have a choice between the Z4 M Coupe, a Focus RS, and, budget willing, some form or fashion of a Miata track/race car. However, next year we are definitely going to run in one of the competitive classes.

    Also, thanks again for the ride along at AMP and the tips at MIR!

  3. -Nate

    “The only thing tougher than a trucker is a trucker’s wife.”

    I think your auto correct changed one word away from “FATTER” .

    As for the Customers not knowing what they have, true, that ~ I grew up hearing the Mechanic’s joke about the Woman who hung her hand bag from the choke knob…..

    Then one drove into my Shop ! .

    The astoundingly stupid / ignorant things Customers have told me over the decades would fill books .

    ? Where are the John stories ? .


      • Scott Seigmund

        May I suggest you give some ink to this organization in R&T? I don’t mind telling you that the amateur racing involvement and coverage of such is why R&T shows up in my mailbox for the first time in over 20 years. The credibility this lends to the publication cannot be overstated. Hell, you guys (and gals) made a yard sale out of McLaren 570s and had the scruples to write about it. With the world heading to full autonomy ( and big brother control ) race tracks may be the only driving outlet we have left.

  4. Athos

    Loved the Mercedes article, but you know, I have found the current E-Class (W213) to look better. However, MB got the W212 right with the MCA. The angular look and the clamshell bonnets didn’t do it for me. Regardless, the proportions since the W211 are spot on.

    And with the current design language, from the rear 3/4 view, it is hard to tell the S, E and C class on the traffic.

    Also read your review on the Alfa. That’s a car I’d like to take for a spin. It doesn’t need to be a Q4. Same goes for the 159.

  5. Felis Concolor

    I caught your R&T writeup on the demise of Ford’s B-Max after your right-lane rushing article, and I am still sorely disappointed I never had the chance to add one to my stable. While the turbo 3-pot would have been the no-brainer out here (supercharged engines are de rigueur once you climb above the 5K mark), my engine of choice would have been the ST’s turbomotor, which would have broken more than a few hearts around this town while giving it enough tractability to drag one of those spiffy Beauer 3X trailers behind it.

    As a city car to complement the Flex’s outstanding long range touring abilities, I would have cheerfully ponied up for a “one with everything” model, and enjoyed paying every penny of it.

    I figured with its commonality of chassis, the B-Max would have been open to all sorts of go-fast goodies you see on many recent Fiesta STs. It’s a shame Mulally left shortly after mentioning his desire to see Ford’s supermini on dealer lots here; I knew in my heart no one else would consider such a niche vehicle for North America.

    And to think I missed getting up close and personal with them during their Pike’s Peak altitude testing run, right in my backyard.

  6. rwb

    Congrats on tearing it up, to all y’all.

    Wrong week, but I’m very curious about LevelUp. I’m going to be building a car for ice racing over the next few months but am hoping next year to get licensed and make myself available for AER/WRL, if I can find a seat (and I’m saying this publicly in large part to hold myself to this.) Any hints on how the pricing of their schools might end up? In line with SBRS?

  7. MrFixit1599

    I drive all over the midwest, 50k miles a year or so, and I can’t wait for autonomous driving. Granted in town, it won’t work but going from Minneapolis to Detroit? Sign me up immediately. I drive a work Transit Connect, so boring to drive. The time saved filling out reports, researching parts, emailing, making phone calls etc. would be extraordinary. In a typical week I spend as much, if not more, time driving than I do working. If I could actually do some work while driving? My 60 hour work weeks could maybe actually be the 40 they are supposed to be,

  8. Patrick Smith

    Hi Jack:
    Great article on the right lane rushers. In Ontario the problem of trucks in the left lane has been solved by prohibiting trucks from driving in the left lane on roads with 3 or more lanes. Now if we could only solve the problem of cars that are left lane and middle lane bandits. Exercising their God given right to drive slowly in the left lane!!


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