The Great Escape

If you’re still waiting for this month’s issue of Road&Track here’s a preview for you. Richard Pardon and Paul Rees used the day after I flew home to make this short and fun video showcasing the Mercedes GT C in the mountain passes between Switzerland and Italy. Look at how handsome Paul is! If you’re already in possession of your magazine, of course, you know that I had the cover story and the long feature as well. Let me know what you think!

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  1. CJinSD

    “Look at how handsome Paul is!” Not you too. Did you get the choice assignments through assimilation? That sounds like something Michael Jordan of Automobile Magazine would write, preferably along with details of fitness and fashion sense contradicted by accompanying photos. Save compliments on the appearance of other men for discussing your son, and precisely nobody else.

    I received R&T yesterday. I enjoyed your articles and Sam Smith’s piece on driving an old NASCAR T-bird with Boris Said. Putting a reference to the two-page article on the Civic Si and GTI on the cover seemed borderline misleading. I remember when coverage of two iconic entry level enthusiasts cars would have required more than a blurb. Speaking of omissions, did I miss Charley’s ring time? I suppose you didn’t really hold up your end of the deal since you accepted coaching, but I was curious how fast she could go with a simulator and the course.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      I think the difference is that Jordan would be sincere — I don’t much rate or respect attractiveness in men. I gave Paul a lot of hassle during our week driving together about the fact that, like Zoolander, he seemed to be continually posing for a photo.

  2. -Nate

    SWEET ! .

    Some guys get to have all the fun ! =8-) . (not like I wouldn’t wad it in 5 minutes) .

    (still banned from TTAC)

        • Ronnie Schreiber

          You’re acting all innocent, while you likely know very well what post got you in trouble since it got deleted and since you obsessively follow the site you know it got deleted.

          I’m not in charge at TTAC so I can’t say for certain exactly which rule got you suspended since you violated so many of them in that one post.

          To begin with, youbroke one of Farago’s original rules: don’t attack the writers. Calling someone a “liar” qualifies. That alone would have gotten you in trouble with every single managing editor the site has ever had.

          It wasn’t bad enough that you attributed bad faith to a staff writer, you also used some rather vile racial terms that you apparently were attributing to those not in your political tribe while virtue signalling that you are down with the cause. The consensus of the managing editor and mods was that your behavior was worthy of at least a time out. I wasn’t involved in the decision so I don’t know if you’ve been banned or just suspended.

          You want to use your biracial children as a trump card in a political argument? That’s up you your conscience, but be careful whom you call a Nazi or Klan sympathizer.

          My grandfather, Henry Smolinsky, and his cousin Sydney Small, were the only survivors of a large, extended family that lived in Bakalorovy, Suvalki Gubernia, Poland. My grandmother’s family emigrated to the United States but my grandfather and his nephew were the only members of his family to come here. My daughter recently found out that Sholom and Chaya Rochel Smolinsky, Henry’s parents, were exterminated at the Madjanek concentration camp. The rest of Henry’s extended family was likely murdered there as well.

          I wonder what was it like for my grandfather to have his entire family wiped out. I figure he last had contact with his parents and siblings sometime in 1939. He had five daughters and seventeen grandchildren that gave him and my grandmother a lot of joy. He never spoke of it to any of us that I know about, but everyone in the family knew why Bubbie lit so many Shabbos candles every Friday night, why there were so many Yahrzeit candles lit on those holidays when memorial prayers were said.

          When my ex and I bought my grandparent’s house, in a drawer with some family photos I found a postcard to my grandmother dated July 1939, two months before the Germans invaded Poland. It was a professional portrait of a very attractive couple, he was handsome and she was very pretty. On the back was a Yiddish salutation to the endearative form of my grandmother’s name, with a note saying “This is my husband.” Neither my mom nor any of her sisters knew who they were when I showed them the photo. I’m guessing the woman was a childhood friend of my grandmother. She kept that post card for 40 years.

          I hate Illinois (and other) Nazis as much as anyone with Jewish grandchildren (see what I did there?) and I still believe in free speech and freedom of assembly. I know a lot of Jews and blacks and none that I have spoken to think 400 morons in sheets are nearly the threat to American civil society that Antifa is. Antifa is cheek by jowl with the BDS Jew haters and they both are welcome on campus and in many leftist controled cities.

          You got suspended or banned because you acted badly, What’s that you incipient authoritarians keep telling us? Oh, right, speech has consequences.

          • -Nate

            It’s B.S. ~ I didn’t call anyone a liar and Ronnie here virtue signals endlessly, I don’t think I do .

            What I did was make a true comment about Ronnie and he’s not admitting it, that speaks for itself .

            Be honest like i always am .

            I have no virtue to signal , them’s the facts jack .


          • Ronnie Schreiber

            August 5th, 2017 at 12:29 pm

            Wrong ronnie ;

            You’re always uncivil in your attacks on others .

            Lying is a fact ~ I don’t do it, you choose to .

            Poor White trash who seeps with niggers, has mud babies and the rest of the tripe so fire away, I have broad shoulders and thick skin unlike you and the other alt-right people .

          • -Nate

            O.K., guilty as charged i guess ..

            Of course you don’t have tyo worry about saying anything ronnie .

            I stand by anything I said including my opinion you have a very tenuous connenction with basic honesty .

            Who’s ‘obsessed’ now ? you ran crying to have me balled only after I said ‘ronnie shows his true colors again’, _not_ for what you just cherry picked .

            I waited to see if you’d tell the truth or not and guess what ? .

            Continue being boorish and rude, me I’ll whistle .

            FWIW, I do hope the harmonica project comes to fruition because it’ll be a game changer ~ I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but I like music that contains harmonica .


          • Jack Baruth Post author

            Nate… I can tell you that Ronnie has no interest in banning anybody’s speech. You used a word that they won’t accept. It’s no more complicated than that.

  3. -Nate

    Agreed it’s B.S. ~ I have contacted them directly and asked why, no response .

    I can subscribe to threads so I still get comments but am not allowed to post any .


  4. Joe

    Congrats on the cover story, great writing and gorgeous photography. Very much enjoyed the article on the Nurburgring! Would love to drive it someday, nothing like it in Michigan.

  5. ComfortablyNumb

    Really enjoyed the ‘Ring article. Also the 7th and 12th pages of the WeatherTech ad.
    I’ll also bet you a ribeye that you’ll be back within 2 years to find that sub-8 minute lap.

  6. Rod Jones

    Your ring article was fantastic. Your description of how your wife intensely studied and prepared for driving the ring compared to your confidence that you could handle it could have easily been about me and my wife. Her German heritage shows itself with her obsessive preparation and organization on just about everything while I am much more relaxed and confident in my ability to learn on the fly. Somehow its a combination that has worked well for 37 years.

    • Unknown

      What a stupid comment, Rod.
      JB constantly refers to his German forebears. So where’s his “obsessive preparation and organization”?

      @Ronnie, want some cheese with that whine?
      Good luck with your ugly harmonica

      • Jack Baruth Post author

        Eh, I think Rod was saying that Danger Girl was playing the German role here.

        Ronnie’s harmonica is not visually stunning but it really works and it was very popular at NAMM.

        • Unknown

          Eh, I think I was providing you as an example to contradict his assertion concerning “obsessive preparation”.

          Electric Harmonica is damn ugly. Doesn’t mean I don’t want RS to succeed.
          The rant was funny, though. Ticked all the boxes

          • Ronnie Schreiber

            Yeah, it looks like a Viewmaster.

            Form follows function, there are two inductive pickups inside that take up a certain amount of space and the outer envelope is about as small as it can be. I’m sure that a talented designer could make it look better but I’m not sure they could do so and keep it as compact.

            I could stretch the front out and make it look more symmetrical and less dorky but then harp players would complain about how big and bulky it would be. They already do, even though it’s actually smaller to grip than a traditional bullet mic, and takes up a footprint very close to a conventional mic/harp combination.

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