Just Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This

For all I know, I’m the last person in the Western world to have seen this. But it’s…


There’s an Eldorado jumping out of a concrete pipe. A guy riding the top of a Sky Blue LTD wagon. A MAN KARATE FIGHTING A LEOPARD.

If only one movie survives the post-Affordable-Care-Act apocalypse, THIS MUST BE IT.

4 Replies to “Just Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This”

  1. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    At 0:52 they used a clip from H.B. Haliki’s original Gone In 60 Seconds (which I saw when it was first released), with Haliki hitting a light pole with the original Eleanor and then going for a jump.

    Here’s Halicki’s original. You can see that it’s from the same footage:

    My favorite part in the Stunt Rock trailer is the flaming Checker Marathon jumping and crashing. What can you say? Cocaine was big in 1980. Yeah, let’s make a movie about a stunt man who starts a rock band.

  2. AvatarWiredChuck

    I must see this. And you must write a song titled “Death Wish at 120 Decibels.” Because who, really, hasn’t had one of those?


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