1959 330F Replica $2399

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From my friend and partner Chris O’Dee at Melody Burner/Retro Guitars comes this brilliant-looking and fabulous-sounding replica of the 1959 330 F. Don’t confuse this with the modern 330 reissues; this is a different animal entirely and it would be just about perfect for anyone looking to capture the proper vintage sound of the originals.

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Chris found some really nice pieces of wood for this one; the Mapleglo is fantastic and as is usual it’s assembled with an attention to detail and workmanship that you won’t get from production-line guitars, even American-made ones.

More info on the 330 can be found at the Wikis. Strictly speaking, this isn’t a Melody-Anything, it’s a Retro Guitar directly from Chris, but I’m willing to facilitate trades of certain guitars (PRS, Heritage, G&L) so feel free to reach out to me directly!

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      • Andy White

        Back in the day I used to build and sell a kickass little retrofit for the 4000 series basses that promised to turn your guitar into “Rickenbacker 4000-infinity bass” and I got a “cease and desist” from Mr. Hall’s attorneys…

  1. Tim

    Hi Jack,

    does your custom guitar gig have a website or internet presence (other than here of course) with a model line up/pricing etc?



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