Spotter’s Guide To The October 2017 and November 2017 Issues Of Road&Track

Let’s get meta for a moment: I’ve been so busy writing I haven’t had time to write about the things I’ve written. You will see me behind the wheel of the AMG GT C Cabriolet on the cover of October’s Road&Track. Inside, you’ll find a comprehensive European test of that car and its natural enemy, the Porsche 911 GTS PDK. You will also find what I hope is the most interesting and readable effort I’ve contributed to the magazine since the Malaysia thing four years ago: an exploration of the Nurburgring with help from Ross Bentley, RSR’s Ron Simons, and Danger Girl herself.

November’s issue features a short “Shopping With” guide regarding the C5-generation Corvette. If you’ve ever thought about adding a Z06 or Pace Car convertible to your vehicle fleet, you will want to check it out. The photography is brand-new, by the way; General Motors has a mint-condition C5Z in their Heritage Collection.

That’s all until… well, that’s all for the foreseeable future. Out with a bang! In the meantime, you can still catch me on the R&T webpage, at TTAC, and in the pages of two magazines to be revealed as soon as possible. Have a great weekend, everybody.

14 Replies to “Spotter’s Guide To The October 2017 and November 2017 Issues Of Road&Track”

  1. -nate

    I seem to have missed the links to articles….

    It sounds like you’re having the time of your life Jack ~ I remember your older articles wherin you explained in detail the down side of all the traveling, screwed up taxi/uber/whatever rides, so on and so forth .

    Good to hear you and Danger Girl are doing all this .


  2. CJinSD

    Does Matt Posky’s mother have a controlling interest in Vertical Scope? It’s hard to understand what he’s writing about unless it’s his obsession with Tom Brady. What is he doing on TTAC?

  3. Charlie

    Make sure we know about where you’re writing soon enough that we can subscribe. I wanted the camaro issue of hagerty but the first one I got was the following month. Not sure where I’d even find a news stand these days.

  4. Doug

    The October R&T is actually one of the best issues I have ever purchased. I think all of the articles were well thought out and went well beyond what is typically in the mag, maybe that is because you made two appearances.

  5. Deadweight

    Jack has a real, raging, 24/7 boner for all-things-Chevy since he purchased his Hecho En Mexico Chevrolet Pickup from General Motors (GM: Either stands for Guangzhou Motors or Guadalajara Motors).

    Oh the irony of Jack Baruth worshipping the Trump feet, with groveling brother Mark in tow, chanting MAGA!, while buying Mexican-assembled pickups of largely Mexican-made parts! (and Mark buying Mexican & soon-to-be-Chinese assembled and parts-comprised ‘Murican Fords!!!).

    Wave that American, Gadsen & Trump/Pence MAGA Flag high, Baruth Bros! That 2,200 mile-long, 200 foot high, glorious wall will be here soon, along Sith “beautiful, the most wonderful” TrumpCare and Tax Reform, too!!!

    I have pallets of Trump Steaks (rebranded Kroger meat), Trump Vodka (re-labled Popov) and Trump Water (re-branded Ice Mountain), along with the very best wine in the world from Trump’s *World Class* New Jersey Vineyards/Wineries that Jack Baruth is going to help me sell out of the backlog his made-in-Mexico Chevy Pickup, with Trump/Pence 2016 bumper sticker!

  6. galactagog

    picked up that R&T mag last week……great articles, great pictures, great gobs of fire!!

    best R&T mag I’ve read thru in a LONG time


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