Weekly Roundup: The Chicken Edition

Brother Bark and I have our birthdays just a couple of weeks apart. I don’t know what to say other than the known fact that our father is a fellow who sticks to a routine.

Happy forty-sixth to me. Here’s Jaco on his 30th birthday, playing a concert for his friends and family. It seems unfair that I’ve outlived Jaco by a decade. The less you accomplish in life, the longer it takes for you to do it.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

For R&T, I discussed the PDK laptime advantage and celebrated the Street Survival program for teen drivers.

At TTAC, I prognosticated regarding the lonely future of autonomous vehicles and answered a question about young drivers and snow tires.

Have a great weekend everybody! Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!

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  1. AvatarZZRer

    Happy Birthday Mr Baruth!

    Now that you might own only the second-most ferocious sport-touring motorcycle on the market, will you be tempted by the new Kawasaki H2 SX supercharged sport-tourer?

  2. AvatarRick T.

    Happy birthday to you both!

    I once had a client who had three daughters, all with birthdays in the same week in April. They had a lucky cabin up north they rented every summer. Three summers they did a lot more than just fish.

  3. AvatarPatrick Smith

    Great timing on the Street Survival article. Last Sunday I went and checked out the program. I only found out about it a week before. I was impressed with the course and I have instructed on a similar 2 day course run by one of the car clubs I belong to. I told the local BMW club president to count me in for instructing in the future.

    I also sit on the Board of Directors of mutual insurance company. I have reported my experience at the event to them and and to the provincial association and recommended that we get involved as sponsors of the school. The aim would be to be able to have more of these schools (only 2 right now per year). It would be a great way for the mutuals to reach out to potential customers while getting better trained drivers out on the roads. I will forward the article to them and hope that it will encourage them to get involved.

  4. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    Congrats on surviving another trip around the sun. If I had a choice on a time to go back to, it would either be my late 20’s or mid 40’s. Both were berry berry good to me. Late 20’s because I was making money like I was printing it, mid 40’s because that was when I started my current (and last) business, and started taking a bit of time here and there to enjoy that money.

    • AvatarDeadweight

      Do you a person, to serve as a lifetime federal judge, more than 3 years out of law school, who has seen the inside of an actual court room, and actually tried cases in state and federal courts, who doesn’t blog about Sandyhook and other things in their pajamas?

      Did you hear about Trump in China?

      Despite his Bullshit campaign rhetoric (is raging bullshit + Trump redundant; yes, yes it is), Trump went down on Xi Jinping like a hobo on a hot dog!

        • AvatarKevin Jaeger

          The most entertaining part of the Trump presidency is how he has driven his opponents nuts. Of course with Deadweight that was a short trip indeed.

          But for the rest of us it is a very entertaining spectacle. And I wasn’t even a Trump supporter. Or American.

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