(Last) Weekly Roundup: Chinese Discount Democracy Edition

Today on TTAC a reader responded to my “hit piece” on the Chinese-made Volvo S90 by saying that I had “solidified his decision” to take advantage of a lease offer on the Chinese-made Volvo S90, thus enjoying his Chinese-made S90 for at least three years to come. When I heard that there was a great lease offer on the Chinese-made Volvo S90, I decided to go see if there was also a great lease offer on the Swedish-built Volvo V90.

Turns out that the Chinese metal is already being discounted. We’re about 60 days into the 2018 model year, mind you. If you want a real deal on a Chinese-made Volvo S90, you should wait until later in the year. The market will continue to adjust. Trust me on this.

Alright, let’s get the wheels of the time machine spinning and see what I wrote last week.

Speaking of Chinese cars, last week I told TTAC readers about a Romanian off-roader with a history that might prove instructive for Chinese manufacturers looking to make brand-name debuts in the United States. I also considered the strange creatures known as “wackers”.

At R&T I reviewed the 2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T and shared the results of an all-Accord dyno test.

As always, thanks for reading, even if you’re just reading about the Chinese-made Volvo S90!

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  1. Sightline

    I’m sure the dyno article was great but I closed the tab with extreme prejudice as soon as the autoplay video started. Nothing like blasting everyone at work with a dyno run coming from the laptop

    Autoplay videos should die a cold, cruel death.

  2. John C.

    The V90 is special order only and not discounted. You do it through the online concierge service and only go to the dealer to take delivery. We ordered our denim blue 2018 Swedish built T5 in March and took delivery in July. A C/D article on wagons claimed only 14 were sold in the first half of the year. I assume mine was one as it was ordered in the first half.

    Volvo sent me something last week offering to have Polestar chip the engine without affecting warranty. The T5 is already rarer than the T6 so I doubt many T5s will get Polestared. If you thought it was too slow, you would have bought the T6. The best argument for Polestar though is to make 1 of 14 become 1 of 1. They do give you emblems for the shifter and the back of the car.

    • Mark D. Stroyer

      I for one applaud you on your Correct choices. Having a completely unique vehicle has some perks!

      The Psuedbaru Cross Country is the dealer-stocked version of the V90 that’s the one advertised with discount here. Either way, isn’t part of the story that wagons – both true and high – are so limited that it’s a “if you want one you know it” situation where discounts don’t really matter?

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      The R-Design V90 was the second-place finisher in the internal car-choice sweepstakes that led to the Silverado. Tiebreaker was towing.

  3. tresmonos

    The world is burning. I hate how ‘normal’ this economy has become. The economy that put all my neighbors in the textile belt on the government draw.

  4. Texn

    I like the reference to the Fosbury flop in R&T PCOTY. Not sure if that was you, but I’ll be sure to share it with Dick when I meet with him next week.

  5. Tom Klockau

    I wonder how this will play out over the next 5-10 years? I’m not crazy about the only S90 you can get here now is the Chinese one. Maybe some people would prefer the short wheelbase, actually made in Sweden variant. I know I would. But as it is, I am not even terribly interested in a CPO version 3-5 years from now because I don’t want a complicated turbocharged, supercharged, pepper mill of a 2-liter engine. No V6 in a car of this size is just stupid. I liked the one that I test drove last summer, but just can’t see myself actually buying one, not even used and 50% depreciated.

    • John C.

      I would be curious if resale on the short Swedish 2017 holds up better than the long Chinese 2018. The fact is though that to make a Volvo work you should plan on long term ownership. I know you did that on your V50, we hope to but my eye usually starts wondering after 3-4 years.
      Agree that they should have kept at least the option of the transverse inline 6. Even the just turbo 250hp T5 is fast, but there is that initial lag from rest while the tiny engine puts the pieces together. I suspect that is even worse on the T6 as it weighs 300 pounds extra with mandatory AWD.

      • JF710

        I drive a 2012 S60 T5 and my parent’s went with a 2016 V60 Cross Country T5 just to avoid the 2.0 as the older 2.5l 5 cyc is a much torquier and satisfying drive. While the numbers may be the same, the 5 cyl just pulled harder at lower revs.

        I’d love to replace my S60 with a new Volvo when the time comes, but I’m not in love with the whole 2.0T engines

      • Tom Klockau

        I bought the V50 specifically because it didn’t have a turbo. It was just a standard 2.4i. And was a very good car. Never any trouble with the engine or transmission the seven years I owned it. I liked their five cylinder engines, my S70 had one too. So of course they killed it off, along with the 3.2 six. Boo!

    • DirtRoads

      First world troubles Nate. Who wants a damn Volvo anyway? Good grief. I druther have a Peugeot or an old Fiat. Maybe even an older BMW.

      Ha ha ha just kidding, I want the Fiat.

    • Disinterested-Observer

      While I can’t fathom having enough disposable income to rent a LeMons seat for more than a race or two, let alone buying and fielding a spec Miata like the owner of this website, anyone who works for a living is not really rich. Or as Chris Rock put it more accurately and eloquently, Shaq is rich, the guy who writes his checks is wealthy. I am, according to the Democrats and really most reasonable standards, fairly well off (as are Jack and Mark). Unless I want to live in a hovel in eastern Wyoming I will have to work until the day I die, and my children will too.

      • -Nate

        @ D.R. & D.O. ;

        You’re both right, it’s a matter of degrees and semantics ~

        As long as I don’t wind up back in a rusty trailer next to a swamp (or over the hill and in the Desert !) I’ll be just fine .

        As it turns out, I know plenty of seriously rich people, they’re fine folks but few are anywhere near content .

        ‘First World Issues’ was more correct than my ‘Rich folks’ comment .

        I remember when being rich meant indoor flush toilets ~ that’s semantics, having to poop behind a tree is poor .


        • -Nate

          BTW: I had a Volvo, it was very nice and handled like it had asphalt magnets in the tires, my occasional passengers didn’t like how fast I drove it in the twisty bits, only going _downhill_ as it wasn’t very speedy going upin spite of two carbies .


  6. zzrer

    Hey Jack,

    Thanks for that piece on the G20. It’s scary reading something related to living memory and thinking to oneself, “that’s not how it was at all!

    I’d take a fleet of trashed G20’s over just about any current tiny-windowed monstrosity.

    • Athos

      Many modern “reviews” would put the Isuzu Impulse/Geo Storm twins in the POS category right out the bat.

      None of those “reviewers” have probably driven one, much less made the little 1.6 DOHC 16V sing all the way to the redline… @ 7800 RPM.

      I miss that little bastard.


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