(Last) Weekly Roundup: C-130 On The Taxiway Edition

I haven’t discussed it yet on this site, but my son has joined — and I have returned to — USABMX racing. So far, he’s doing very well. As for me… well, out of six total motos I’ve only finished DFL in three of them. I also find it to be exquisitely painful in all sorts of ways that weren’t apparent to me at fourteen or even thirty-two, which is how old I was when I retired from BMX.

In truth, the only reason I’m racing is to avoid the dreaded “BMX DAD” syndrome where grown men obsess over the accomplishments of their children and live pathetically through them. If it was just John racing, then this whole thing would be a lot of pressure and hassle for him. The way he sees it is that his Dad is racing and he just happens to be coming along. The fact that he’s winning races and I’m losing them has yet to change his perspective on it, and I hope that change, in the words of Sam Cooke, is not gonna come.

While I’m busy bringing in my 280-pound bike-and-rider combination in for a short-runway landing, we can round up last week’s contributions.

At R&T, I explained how to avoid taking a resale bath on your next car.

For TTAC, I named a column after Digital Underground’s Jerkit Circus and another one after a Naughty by Nature song. Finally, I asked the B&B what you do with a problem like Wahid.

I’m pleased to announce that in the near future I’ll be appearing in three — count ’em, three! — additional outlets. And they are not all automotive-related. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.

20 Replies to “(Last) Weekly Roundup: C-130 On The Taxiway Edition”

  1. -Nate

    Wait ;

    You mean that buying the clapped out POC _I_ prefer and then dumping more $ and blood (literally, every time) sweat and tears into it before selling at a dead loss isn’t how it should be done ? .

    Surely you jest Jack .

    (who’d like a 911 coupe with Saxomat, with out sun roof)

  2. John C.

    I hope you are right that the V90 buyer won’t take a bath at trade time. I earlier had a second gen Fjord Blue 9-5 full of Trolllhatten goodness. When I was trying to trade it later, half the dealer would gather around it clearly having never seen one in real life. But then the trade offer came and it was low. $15250 was the best I could do on a $40700 list car after 3 years and 39k. Maybe if I had gotten the turbo 6 in one of the two dozen wagons though….

    Congratulations on getting the ads going. I recognized that ad title you put before Google approves you from my stamp collecting site. I was worrying about getting approval for being too political and I don’t have nearly the guts you do on telling it as you see it.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Yeah, it’s a concern for sure because Google has no interest in diversity of opinion. We’ll have to cross our fingers.

  3. acesfull

    Racing with your son for the reasons you mentioned is a great idea. I’d like to do the same when my kids are old enough to compete themselves, if I can. I’m an older, and currently healthy dad. The former is a done deal, but I’m hoping to keep the later as long as possible.

  4. yamahog

    A penny for your thoughts –

    Do you think the current gen Civic Type R is going to hold its value as well as the Integra Type R (or at least near enough)?

    Do you think the Civic Type R is going to hold its value so much better than the Civic Si that the CTR will suffer less depreciation?

  5. Hogie roll

    Jaguar and Land Rover have bulletproof luxury cred. They just suffer the same resale issues due to the reliability reputation.

    But maybe we’ll both be proven wrong!


    I think the faux luxury fad is dying with the dupable baby boomer middle class. New rich people are remarkably uniform in their thinking and habits, like Chinese, which lots of them actually are.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I have the longest torso you can imagine… six-two with a 31.5-inch effective inseam. I also have a massive, oddly-shaped ribcage that is literally almost circular in overhead plan.

      These things, like my bizarrely long ring fingers, are signs of strong sexual dimorphism and strong testosterone load — but I’ve never really been able to build bulk in my arms. Always been a leg dude. If I had to lift the stuff you’re squatting I’d break my back…

      • Hogie roll

        Long torso and short legs allows relatively more upright torso while squatting which reduces the load on your back. It’s good for cleans and especially snatches. That being said, back injuries are somewhat common at advanced and elite levels. It’s what has halted my progress. I was layed up for a few days earlier this week due to a muscle I frequently strain.


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