The 80/20 Rule And The Civil War To Come

The often-perceptive folks at the Economist have uncovered a link between polygamy and violence. If you read it through, you can learn some stuff that you might now know — I certainly didn’t know it. Turns out that a lot of terrorist/paramilitary organizations recruit members by promising them access to women and/or access to the tools they will need to acquire women in explicitly polygamous societies. It also appears that young men are rendered more susceptible to participation in terrorist organizations if their personal circumstances deny them access to women.

The prime example cited by the Economist is South Sudan, which gained its independence just five years ago and which has been the target of a comprehensive but indifferently successful campaign on the part of China to mold it into a satellite state for purposes of resource exploitation. Some dudes in South Sudan have a hundred wives. Some have two. Some just have one. And the vast majority have no wives at all. As you’d expect, South Sudan’s involuntarily-celibate crew has little to no interest in preserving the current political situation. They’re willing to do anything from cattle poaching to mass murder to outright political revolution if it gives them a chance at getting laid.

In other words, South Sudan is a place where 20% of the guys are getting 80% of the action, leaving 80% of the men disaffected, angry, and ready for trouble. Does this sound familiar? Maybe just a little bit?

Two and a half years ago, I suggested that polygamy in the United States was the natural consequence of relaxed attitudes towards what our profoundly unhip ancestors unironically called “the sanctity of marriage.” I also suggested that it would lead to an even more stark winners-and-losers situation for American men. It’s a trend that has been going on at least since 1965 or thereabouts. Turns out that the “sexual revolution” and “women’s lib” and all three waves of feminism have all combined to produce a very simple result: women have traded having the exclusive attention of an “average” man for the occasional attention of an “alpha” man.

(A brief note: I can’t say I much care for the “alpha/beta” labels that get applied as part of our modern discussion on sex and relationships, and I especially don’t care for the extensions like “gamma male” and “sigma male” and all the other crap. It’s a bad lens through which to view humanity. It also completely obscures the very important fact that women typically have a very different view of “alpha” from men, e.g.: being the biggest and fastest 15 Novice BMX racer in central Ohio seemed pretty alpha at the time, and I certainly had the respect of my peers, but I don’t recall any women ever being impressed by it. Similarly, I can think of at least two short, kinda-slimy fellows in my acquaintance who have managed to pull off a surprisingly large number of panties in their career. One was a salesman and one was a guitarist; I think that they both looked “alpha” to women when they were in their element.)

Just in case you’re too young, or too old, to have noticed, the primary sexual idea behind feminism was female choice. No longer would women have their marriages arranged. No longer would they settle down with the nice boy who asked them to the senior dance just because said boy was going to wind up owning his father’s hardware store. Feminist women were free to pursue their own desires.

One of the oddest side effects of this philosophy has been the female decision that eighty percent of men are below average looking. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest; I’ve long gotten used to the idea of being the ugliest man in any room where nobody was having a seizure at the time. I do, however, feel some sympathy for my perfectly normal male friends who wind up being completely invisible to women.

Another interesting fact: although liberated women tend to be interested in men their own age, the “successful” interactions heavily favor older men.

In other words, what “modern love” has brought us is a world where older men are sleeping with multiple younger women. That sounds suspiciously like nearly every human society prior to the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. It kind of looks like monogamous marriage backed by society might be an aberration. Dennis Prager claims that it was a Jewish invention, and I have troubling refuting that claim with the available evidence.

We will therefore look back at the twentieth-century Western world as a brief time in history where polygamy, legal or de facto, took a short break so a vast army of “beta males” could marry women and have families just because they were willing to work nine to five at the local office or assembly plant. It was Bede’s sparrow, except in this case the “sparrow” was the merely average man. He had one hundred years out of 150,000. Hope it worked out for him.

Never mind that. We are back to the original pattern now, exemplified by at-least-thirteen-kids-by-at-least-four-women Ferdinand Piech on the upper side and “Bring da movies” man on the lower side. Each one of them occupying the attentions of multiple women and therefore by statistical necessity leaving multiple men alone. This was less of a problem when our society periodically threw a half-million bodies into the meat grinders of Gettysburg or the Somme or Stalingrad, but given the remarkably high number of young men today who have never so much as broken a bone it’s going to be a real problem going forward.

Some time ago, I had a discussion with my son’s mother in which she expressed a sincere desire that he would grow up to have a nice middle-class job and a devoted wife. I had to laugh in response. Neither of those outcomes exists for what we can now call the 80/20 Future. Thirty years from now, my son won’t have the option of being a $100,000-a-year office-bound nonentity. Those jobs are disappearing faster than the passenger pigeon did. The future looks like Brazil. Eighty percent or more in the favelas and twenty percent or less observing them uneasily from the gated communities. It won’t be easy to get into the twenty percent and for most people it won’t be easy to stay there.

The same will be true for dating and sex. The quarterback of his high school football team in the year 2027 will have slept with twenty or more girls by the time he graduates. The vast majority of his classmates will be stuck playing video games and watching pornography. The average man is below average. The average woman would rather “date” the quarterback on alternate Tuesdays than spend every day with the nice boy from her math class who doesn’t make any particular impression on her.

The natural outcome of the 80/20 principle is to become the 81/19 principle, then the 82/18 principle, and so on, and so forth. Until something happens to shake things up. Go back and read your history. Fortunes are made and lost in times of war, firstborn children are slaughtered, outcomes are altered, chaos reigns, things fall apart, the center cannot hold. The so-called beta man knows this in his heart. He knows that his chances at everything from wealth to sex increase dramatically when there is blood in the streets.

And that’s why the terrorist organizations of South Sudan don’t have to promise much to fill their ranks. The mere fact of terrorism is good news for these fellows. You never know — the next victim of a terrorist operation might be the fellow with a hundred and ten wives. His death opens up the playing field. Regardless of what happens, however, any outcome short of death is an improvement for the South Sudanese fellow who knows with ironclad certainty that he will never get laid unless something changes.

Well, at least we don’t have anything like that going on here in the United States. Right?

Ah, but they’re an isolated, minor group with no support.

It’s okay, people are still more concerned with their bread and circuses than they are with participating in culture wars or civil unrest.

But we will be okay as long as people have individual prosperity, even if it’s financed by a bit of borrowing from the future.

It’s at this point that most mainstream media articles show you a survey to reassure you that things aren’t really that bad and that you should continue to behave as before. Well, here’s a survey:

As I stated previously the average female “likes” 12% of men on Tinder. This doesn’t mean though that most males will get “liked” back by 12% of all the women they “like” on Tinder. This would only be the case if “likes” were equally distributed. In reality, the bottom 80% of men are fighting over the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are fighting over the top 20% of men. … Figure 3 compares the income Gini coefficient distribution for 162 nations and adds the Tinder economy to the list. The United States Gini coefficient is higher than 62% of the world’s countries. The Tinder economy has a higher Gini coefficient than 95.1% of the countries in the world.

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen: this bus makes a lot of stops along the way but the destination looks a lot like South Sudan.

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  1. Opaddington

    Nah, sexbots will alleviate the problem. A few years from now sexbots will be virtually indistinguishable from real women. They’ll perform any sex act you choose anytime you want. You can play some Call of Duty, take a 10 minute break to sodomize your sexbot, and then go right back to the video game. No wooing or emotional interaction required. You don’t have to deal with nagging, or her family, or any of the other noise that comes from a relationship. The only reason anyone tolerates that crap is to get laid. It will be paradise for the typical man.

    Now, we’re probably headed for troubled financial waters. The average guy may not be able to afford a sexbot. In that case, the sex armageddon scenario will proceed as you described.

    • Baconator

      There will be “ridesharing” of the sexbots.

      Also, there will be women who graduate from “cam girl” to operating sexbots as remote peripherals. Internet-enabled prostitution, and likely 100% legal and safe.

    • Compaq Deskpro

      I’m interested to see what happens when people with minimum wage jobs are applying for 5 year loans to pay for these things.

      • yamahog

        Put a GPS tracker on the doll to make it easier to repossess and extend the duration of the note until the expected value is good enough.

  2. Cisco LaPerla

    I suppose I am biased by having attended a small conservative Catholic college about ten years before Jack went to a state school but in my experience there are lots of women who wouldn’t ever think of letting any “alpha” douchebag make them into some kind of permatemp sidepiece.

      • Cisco LaPerla

        Well, ’89 but yeah. On the other hand I am aware of a large community of young people — high school, college-age, recent grads — who do not participate in Tinder and somehow manage to find fulfillment. I’d like to imagine that they will end up running the country, and not the Tinder/Incel/Black Bloc/[$_COLOR] Pill crowd

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          The important thing I’m getting out of this convo is that you think I started college in 1999… THANK YOU, my hairdresser thanks you!

  3. everybodyhatesscott

    Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen: this bus makes a lot of stops along the way but the destination looks a lot like South Sudan

    Real dolls, fleshlights, and porn might alter the destination. I know plenty of guys who’d rather watch porn than have sex with a real woman. And considering some of the women out there, I don’t necessarily blame them. If my choices were Triggly puff or porn (or sex doll) I’d take the latter.

  4. Jeff Zekas

    Interesting. A friend, who formerly was “polyamorous”, told me, “We figured after gay marriage, it was just a matter of time, before they legalized polyamory.” He left the polyamorous lifestyle, when he decided it was bad to expose kids to such an environment. No kidding. Recently, another friend’s wife left him. She found a new boyfriend, who convinced her that “I am really polyamorous” and she no longer wants to be in a stable marriage with two kids and a hard working husband. It truly seems that “the gods must be crazy” and the “center will not hold”.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      From what I’ve seen, most of them are. And when they aren’t, they rarely dip back into the 80% pool.

          • CJinSD

            What does the top 20% mean? I’ve got a couple of guys working for me who have kids by exes, don’t know how many sex partners to tell the VD clinic they’ve had this year, and don’t exactly peg the looks, wealth, or prospects meters. I’ve got a friend who just got engaged for the third time, the second time from computer dating, who is such an alpha-male that his neuro-linguistic-programmer second wife kept him as a prisoner in her condo.

            I can believe that fit tinder skanks are only available to the most attractive guys on the app. That makes sense, because many guys don’t have any standards so women always have available dick. Naturally, attractive sluts are going to be able to take their picks of guys looking for a one night stand where you don’t even have to sleep over. What percentage of women does that describe? Where I’m living now, that pool of women would fit in a Toyota Sienna. Throw in the uggos and you could….fill every public space in this Dickensian nightmare. In Pacific Beach on the other hand, the pool of attractive women trying to find someone who is fit for a reason other than that they’re living off of unemployment while surfing every day is quite a bit larger. The worthwhile ones have to separate themselves from the tattoos-and-Tinder whores. Most women that you want to roll the infection and conception dice on are not a few smart watch touches away from getting naked. Charm, and the appropriately timed lack of it, are still viable ways to find a companion who will take care of your physical needs. The only downside is you’ll have to talk to them far more than you do with the ones that are desperate to fill the holes in their souls temporarily with your shlong.

          • Danio

            CJ’s theories mirror my own. While men are certainly more willing to lower their standards than women, the percentage of women that men consider to be “below average” is likely to still be rather high. The Ditch Pigs and even Plane Janes still have to compete.

          • -Nate

            @Danio ;

            Is it possible they are looking beyond how pretty their chosen looks ? .

            A while back my Sweetie stopped traffic, now we’re just two old folks toddling along….

            I never was any prize I shouldn’t think .

            You said :”The Ditch Pigs and even Plane Janes still have to compete.”

  5. John C.

    I think a lot of this comes down to the delay of marriage and the concomitant decline in the influence of parents on mate selection. I doubt even lousy parents want to see their daughters mistress number three to some ugly oligarch.

  6. hank chinaski

    I think I’d rather get hit by one of those crappy bamboo tiki torches than that 2″ dowel.

    It’s going to fall apart fast.
    “We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us.”

  7. Kevin Jaeger

    Hmm. I’m suddenly getting ads to meet Chinese women on this site. Maybe the internet will provide at least a partial solution to this problem.

  8. Thomas KreutzerThomas Kreutzer

    I think access to women is a symptom of the overall problem, not the cause. The real issue is that so many young men are getting locked out of society.

    Part of it is economic It’s hard to go on dates when you don’t have the money to pay for it. Hard to take women places when you don’t own a car – or own a car so bad that you are ashamed of it – hard to take a woman home when you are living at your parents’ house, and hard to convince a woman that you can build a life together when your future is limited. Guys feel that pressure.

    Anthropologists who study the human propensity for gambling have posited an explanation in which ancient tribal societies cut off by climate change find themselves in an increasingly desperate situation. They can stay by the water hole and live out as much as their lives as possible, with the most likely outcome is that the water hole will eventually dry up and the tribe will die, or they can strike out on their own and look for another place that offers a better chance at survival. The theory is that some people took the second option and survived – which means the genes that encouraged this propensity to take a wild gamble got passed on in a significant portion of our ancestors and are, therefore, still prevalent in human populations today. That’s why so many guys who find themselves under pressure to succeed take a crazy gamble and set out for their personal horizon.

    Women, meanwhile, are acting on their own natural impulse to pass on their genes – and one critical factor they are seeking out is successful partners who can support them and their progeny in the future. If more young men were more successful (or at least able to give the impression that they are successful), women would be more comfortable picking people further down the societal ladder. When men’s opportunities are limited, the women get choosier.

    You are spot on when you say that one solution to a large number of young risk-taking men is to grind them up in battle. Another is to send them off over the horizon to settle and explore new lands – hence the massive waves of human migration that have taken place over the years. Desperate young men take chances, go to other countries, find women and start families – yours truly among them – and that works pretty well unless it’s “your women” the interlopers are taking.

    • John C.

      Mr. Kreutzer makes a great point about sending young men abroad. Think about what that is doing to the countries that they are leaving. A bad situation can be felt by most, but only the most industrious will take the wild chance to change the situation.

      • Dean

        And in the case of the young males “migrating” from the Middle East, they are going abroad AND fomenting war. A Twofer!

    • hank chinaski

      Any thoughts on the opposite side of this spectrum, the Japanese ‘herbivores’, given your recent travels?
      Less bloody than the Sudan path but ultimately leading to the same ends.

      • Thomas KreutzerThomas Kreutzer

        That’s the opposite effect that happens when men are put under stress. To continue the example from above, they are the guys who don’t take the gamble. Instead fighting back against the stress, they get so into wood carving or flint knapping that they shut out the fact that he water hole is drying up. They live in the now, doing what makes them happy and, if they even notice them at all, ignore the signs that say “dead end.”

        The truth is that not all those guys are unhappy. They are just interested in what it is they are interested in and women aint it. They can slip into a fantasy world or get so focused on distractions that they feel entirely happy and fulfilled. We have the same thing in the USA, of course, but I think we see it more often in Japan because Japan has been under real economic stress a lot longer and because Japanese family structure enables this sort of lifestyle. No Japanese mom is going to get in her 35 year old son’s face about getting the hell out and getting their own life.

        What is odder to me are those men who are in between. Men who distract themselves with hobbies and who still pine after women while doing almost nothing to up their game. The problem there is that those guys are in denial. They are convinced that they are a real catch and, as a result, tend to be very passive aggressive.

        It’s what I like to think of as the “nerd trap.” They are people who lack the social skills and the ability to fit into the general population who feel that they are actually above the said population. They back up this assertion by citing their IQ scores or their ability with math or computers or whatever and feel that their social isolation is really the fault of others. Those people are the saddest I think, because they want to engage, but they just can’t figure out how to do it.

        All of these guys have been harmed by increased option for women and the increased mobility of other men. The solitary, quiet farmer guy isn’t going to marry the woman from the farm across the road because she is self sufficient and doesn’t need to put up with his bullshit – or because she has more choices thanks to planes, trains and automobiles and can find a better match elsewhere. These guys all have to adjust if they want to stay in the gene pool.

        • -Nate

          Thanx Thom ;

          As it turns out I’m broke, ugly, bad tempered, poorly educated, funny looking, crippled, on and on and yet I don’t have any troubles getting laid ~ I have a far harder time finding a mate I want to talk to and wake up next to after the horizontal bop is done .

          I greatly thank the man here who said “I’ve been broke but never poor” ~ that fits me to the ground ~ I’ve never had much $ but I want for very little .

          Oh, yeah : I also drive old beat to shit vehicles no one else likes yet I still have Female passengers most any time I want so IMO, loners are not trying very hard .

          Once you’re past 18YO or so, quality not quantity becomes the primary issue .


  9. Harry

    I think the biggest difference between an example that is western and the sort of polygamous societies that are written about in the Economist article is that these high percentage of women who are with a low percentage of men are still available in a sexual economics sense. One does not need to cuck a warlord to partner with one a woman who is sometimes seeing another man in a non legally binding relationship. There is no risk of physical or financial well being unless you make a habit of stealing the girlfriends of someone who has direct power over you, and even then HR mitigates it. The market is fluid and a woman does not lose value just because she has been few a through transactions. I won’t torture the metaphor further by comparing virgins to IPOs or espousing the virtues of a partner who has a well-established trading record. Past performance is not an indicator of future success and all.

    Furthermore, entry into the 20% can be fluid. You don’t need to be rich, handsome, charming, smart, or any other particular thing. You just can’t be too target fixated. Once a young man realizes that pining for girls that don’t like you is a frustrating waste of time, it frees up a great deal of energy to be successful with a girl that doesn’t dismiss you outright.

    There are plenty of ugly poor losers who get laid a lot. They won’t do well at a club in south beach so the look for a target rich environment that suits them. If they keep trying to get in and hook up with a girl who wants an Aventador driver as her sugar daddy, they will be violently frustrated by the end of the evening.

    I truly believe that one man who makes the effort to be a best version of themselves and is self-critical about unsuccessful mating tactics can enter that 20%.

    More importantly, I think enough of the frustrated males out there think that is true too, regardless of if I am right. That gives them a hope and a way to channel energy outside of violent overthrow of the current system.

  10. Bigtruckseriesreview

    #1 In AMERICA – unlike Sudan and plenty of other 3rd world countries – women actually have rights.
    Women in America have the right to be adulterous wherein that same behavior anywhere else would get their head lopped off.

    #2 What is the logical consequence of a society that makes it illegal to marry more than one woman – but legal to have multiple children with multiple women without being in a marriage?

    #3 Men aren’t trying to date or marry the “wives” of another man. They are considered spoiled goods. Men want fresh women, but eventually have to accept the fact that unless they live in a society that punished premarital sex with honor killing – that they will definitely end up with a woman who’s been with other men.

    And that’s where hymen-repair surgery comes in…

    • Danio

      “#3 Men aren’t trying to date or marry the “wives” of another man.”

      As time marches on in a man’s life, if he isn’t the proverbial 20%, options for baggage-less mates dwindle. Sometimes the only way to be with a semi-attractive woman is step-dadhood.

      My wife runs the office of an orthodontic practice and is involved with getting consent from guardians and setting up payment contracts. She notes the extremely high percentage of blended families with very convoluted insurance payment schemes. When families split, it opens an opportunity.

  11. manfromlox

    I was waiting for your take on Charlottesville/ angry young white dudes.

    Angry young dudes in general are a societal ill unto themselves.

    The shot of the Coliseum is disingenuous though. LA has long been indifferent to football. Adding another crap team isn’t going to help.

  12. hp12c

    If Jack’s theory is true, why is it then that modern women feel entitled to date the top 20% of males rather than those closer to their own “rank” in the sexual marketplace? Could excessive positive reinforcement via social media (i.e. “you go girl” female empowerment) have something to do with it?

    • Zykotec

      lol. I don’t know where you are from that makes you think women can possibly rank as low as men in the sexual marketplace.
      We have spent decades teaching women that their sexuality is a ‘treasure’ that can be sold or given as a gift to someone ‘worthy’ . If anything the sexual revolution since ww2 (or arguably since the industrial revolution) has made it possible for them to choose according to their own feelings over what they’ve been taught, and thereby given a lot of previously ‘unworthy’ men a chance , but they still rank a lot higher than men everywhere.
      By ‘men’ I mean all testosterone dominated people, and by ‘women’ I mean all estrogen dominated people, as the differences between individuals seem to exceed the difference between genders specifically.

  13. Cole Trickle

    I keep hearing this, but I am just not buying it. You’ve got a couple of points, which I’ll try to tackle one at a time. I am however hungover and at work in one of those office jobs that your son won’t have access to in a few years, but to be clear, I’m not saying I’m right about any of this, just presenting another viewpoint for discussion.

    Warlord sex-hogs
    There’s no way there will be a shift in wealth so vast that it will create a legion of men who can afford 200 wives, or even 2 or 3 of them. Even at 100k/year in a flyover state supporting even 2 wives and 4 kids would be a painful stretch. There just aren’t enough men with enough resources to take up ALL the women in a free market economy. Say what you want about politics and lack of american manufacturing, but there are still plenty of fields where if you try a little you can make a living. We aren’t becoming the sudan, no matter how many r/incel subscribers click on your banner ads.

    They took our jobs!
    All the betas that don’t make 100k a year…the ones who didn’t study, are too good for the military or trade school, who bounce around delivering pizza/driving uber/working retail or whatever…those guys ALL have cell phones, wifi, buy weed every week, eat out for lunch every day, etc.

    Sure, 50 years ago those guys made enough money at a union manufacturing job to buy a house and support a family, but 50 years ago, not nearly as many lower and lower middle class people were actually able to feed their entitlement like they can now. People saved, cooked, did their own laundry, made do with less, etc back then. A plumber’s assistant didn’t expect to live as well as the plumber he worked for or the doctor who’s pipes they were fixing, but it encouraged him to become a plumber and send his kid to med school. Now the plumber’s assistant wants the latest iPhone and he’s willing to go in to crippling debt to get it. Nobody is willing to try as hard as our parents did to crawl up to the next class, or to build a cushion when bad things happen, or to help our kids start one base closer to home than they did. It is easy credit’s fault, coupled with the fact that even a poor person can see exactly how much better a rich person lives at the click of a button. People didn’t used to know what they were missing. Now they can swipe a credit card to get a taste of it. Brings me to my next point, though you didn’t rant as much about this one:

    Lower middle class has it worse than before?
    I submit that part of the lower classes poverty problem has to do with the easy credit and entitlement to luxuries that they can’t afford. The girls are spending all their money getting their nails/hair/tanning/waxing done instead of saving up money for a better car or paying their credit card bills. Yes, some things are harder than they used to be. It costs more to go to the doctor, it is harder to get a job if you aren’t very smart, especially if you can’t figure out how to not get pregnant, and student loan debt is crippling a lot of kids. It is partially the government’s fault for loaning them money to get a degree in something that no employer cares about, but it is partially the kid’s fault for fucking around for 4 years and then holding out their hand for a job when they are no more employable than they were 4 years prior.

    Poor betas can’t get laid 🙁
    I don’t think that dating is that much harder for the bottom 80% than it used to be. I see bottom 80% guys out with girls all the time. So do you. You see women you would never sleep with on dates. Ugly people are still boning and marrying ugly people. I think tinder and porn have made the bottom 80 more aware of how much hotter some girls are than what they can get. 10 years ago you didn’t have to see every single girl in town on your app and feel the pain of no matches; those girls didn’t talk to you but it was a more passive rejection. Now anyone who wants to can “ask out” every single girl on Tinder in 30 minutes, and be rejected, can do so. They then go back to the basement and rant to the internet. The rest of us either box our weight class or improve ourselves to improve our weight class. I admit, if my choices were porn or the bottom 20%, I’d probably save the date money up for better porn most of the time, but if you take care of yourself and put some effort in to life, someone who is not obese will sleep with you.

    Open to counterpoints of course…just the opinions of a hung over office drone.

    • Danio

      Reasonable points. Even my youngest brother who I am sure is some sort of severe Aspergers case managed to attract the attention of some strange young woman.

  14. stingray65

    Why do most men want to have anything to do with women? Answer: Sex.
    Why do most women want to have anything to do with men? Answer: Economic and Physical support for themselves and their children.

    Men still want sex, but women now have more choices in getting what they want so they can be picky. Choice number 1 for most is the welfare state, which is overwhelmingly designed to support women and their children. Choice number 2 is a “career” and for women with ambition the higher end careers are increasingly designed to support women with female quotas (to increase diversity) and the power to threaten any man in her way by charging them with sexual harassment. Choice number 3 is to mate up with the successful Alpha Male, but this choice is again only available for the minority of women with the looks and personality to be attractive, and again divorce laws give all the benefit to the woman if Alpha isn’t supportive or faithful enough. All of these choices are more attractive to most women than marrying some 60% percentile (or lower) male with limited career prospects and/or modest physical attributes.

    The male “equalizer” is that men are inventors, and necessity is the mother of invention. If society had to rely on women to invent things, we would all still be living in caves with perhaps some cute curtains in cave opening to keep the draft out. As several commenters have mentioned, male inventive activity is likely to be directed at perfecting VR enhanced sexbots for sex, and artificial vaginas and “man-made” eggs for those that wish to carry-on their gene pool without the hassle of a human woman.

  15. Panzer

    I’m not sure if I have any answers to this, but I’ll share some of my own experiences. Back in school, I had an undiagnosed Autism which made me somewhat of a Beta, but as I’ve grown older and wiser and learned how to manage my Autism, I’ve become much happier and more confident in life.

    What this has meant is that I’ve been able to think about my future and work towards it. IMO women can sense it when you have purpose and confidence in life – my experience is that attracting women is a sort of ‘build it and they will come’ (no pun intended of course) sort of a thing. Or in other words, getting your own house in order goes very far with the opposite sex.

    In saying that I think another thing we should be doing as a society is reminding the young girls that actually ‘perfect Men’ don’t exist. The Feminists point out that there is no such thing as ‘The Perfect Woman’ and that it’s unfair to expect any Woman to live up to that impossible standard. That has to go both ways, but unfortunately as some here have pointed out, the ‘Mr Right’ myth is still alive and well and propagated by two generations of women who have been raised under ‘second wave’ feminism that has taught them never to settle. If we do this it will work out for everyone, Women won’t be burnt by unrealistic expectations and ordinary Men will realize they have a shot and will work for the affections of Women instead of not even bothering and jacking off to Porn.


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