Anticipation Of A New Comic Book’s Arrival, The

The author currently known as “Vox Day” has linked to us in the past, so we’re returning the favor. Click the image above to order his new “alt-right” comic book. I will admit that my personal history with comic books began and ended with the Transformers comics thirty-four years ago, but I know that they are important to a lot of people and I think Vox is doing a public service here by offering an alternative to obsese GI Joe. And if you haven’t read SJWs Always Lie, it’s worth a look. Note that both the image and the link above are part of Riverside Green’s Amazon Affiliate program. The purpose of this program is to raise enough money to buy a blimp so I can use one of my domain names to make a very certain type of pornography. Thanks, as always, for reading — and I will award Worthless Internet Points to the first reader who recognizes the allusion being made in the title.

7 Replies to “Anticipation Of A New Comic Book’s Arrival, The”

  1. hank chinaski

    Lol’ed at Rick’s avatar of Vincent VG with Alien facehugger.

    Good luck with the blimp. Rule 43 and all that.

  2. elad sputnik

    Iain M. Banks Culture novels, where life is a kindergarten run by A.I. and death is your most recent save point wondering what you did to get ganked.
    It’s an interesting question to think about being able to swap meat suits (ranging from swapping genders to tentacle monster) and still be the same person if the whole “person” is just downloaded information.
    Hopefully Vox will stop fooling around with comic books long enough to finish A Sea of Skulls this year. I’m halfway sure one of the main characters is going die and halfway sure that it’s not going to be the one I’m thinking of.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      The Culture stuff is fascinating because it really does represent the atheist/liberal Heaven. And the ships are all sorts of fun of course.

      • silentsod

        I thought it was humorous that ships have a crew not because they need them, but because it was fun for the ships and the crew (who sometimes died horrible, horrible deaths).

        Excession’s descriptions of space combat were also a plus.

        I should really reread the ones I have; and the Algebraist, even though that’s not a Culture novel.

        It’ll have to happen after I move though, because we got 40 days notice (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) and I am not a home owner in this insane housing market.


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