Housekeeping: Mr. K’s Wild Ride

On January 24 of last year, Riverside Green welcomed Tom Klockau to our short but extremely handsome list of writers. He is a consistent favorite with our reader base thanks to his detailed, forthright, and heartfelt reviews and retrospectives. I appreciate his efforts more than I can easily say and have never read any of his contributions without a settled, comfortable pleasure. Whether he is talking about Brougham-era sedans or his own experiences, Mr. Klockau makes the reader feel like an old friend — and although I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on Seventies cars, I rarely close one of his posts without having learned something.

Tom’s diligent and worthwhile contributions are part of the reason this site is climbing while his former online home sinks slowly towards the proverbial abyss. I should probably send him a sizeable check. Unfortunately, we’re still wading in red ink here at Riverside Green. So if you’ve enjoyed his work, please feel free to tell him in the comments below, and maybe that will distract him from the fact that I probably owe him a mint-condition Designer Edition Town Car for his work!

27 Replies to “Housekeeping: Mr. K’s Wild Ride”

  1. ArBee

    I’ve enjoyed Tom’s work at both sites. I like all cars, whether broughams or Borgwards, and his contributions are always eagerly anticipated. As you wrote, I never leave one of his articles without learning something.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      I’ve been aware of the Samurider stuff for a while, but I hadn’t seen very many pictures of completed bikes.

      All of the the shots on that site started with either a 2013 CB1100 or a 2014 Deluxe — my 2014 Standard has a black-painted engine.

      I have a buyer for my 1975 CB550. When he takes delivery I should find a high-mileage 2013 CB1100 and do the conversion. Thank you for the heads-up!

  2. Disinterested-Observer

    I am sure Tom’s traffic metrics speak for themselves, but I will say it anyway. Tom is one of the reasons why I think this site has the potential to be even better than the original Farago led TTAC.

  3. Ryan C

    I just love Tom’s stuff. I grew up in a pair of late Brougham-era Oldsmobiles, and his articles evoke the tremendous nostalgia I have for that era, and teach me a ton about the details of these great land barges that don’t get a lot of time on most enthusiast websites.

    Good work Tom, and if I have a request: do Oldsmobiles.

  4. Ark-med

    I mentioned this in a comment on one of his previous articles, but it bears repeating: when the fleeting enjoyment from the cultural (non auto) and political posts (as enjoyable as those are) fade away, the articles that will enhance the value of this site’s archives are those by Tom.

  5. Christian Ward

    In contrast to the others commenting, I am not a 70’s car expert or really enthusiast, especially with regard to American makes. But I do truly enjoy Tom’s writing and like the others, I am glad to see it here. Please keep it up.

  6. David Florida

    “…although I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on Seventies cars, I rarely close one of his posts without having learned something.”

    Not accusing you of faint praise, but his knowledge of the Sixties and Eighties appear to be noteworthy as well. I made it through his pieces on the Pagoda Benz and the most recent Peugot models – I couldn’t care less about either automobile, but with Tom the history is always presented in an interesting manner. Thanks!

  7. stingray65

    What I greatly appreciate about Tom is his enthusiasm and knowledge about cars that were once very popular among American car buyers, but often derided by the buff magazines of the time. Those broughams offered acres of space, lots of convenience gadgets, smooth quiet ride, lazy but understressed V-8 power delivery, all at prices that were couldn’t even buy you a 4 cylinder Mercedes or Volvo. There were lots of good reasons for their popularity, and Tom does a great job of explaining and illustrating them.

  8. Eric H

    Love Tom’s writing, hate the cars he chooses to write about.

    Those cars were shitpiles when they were new and deserve nothing but scorn.

  9. Jaime

    As one of your European readers, I must say that I love Mr K’s posts. I only know 90% of the cars he talks about from movies or my short stays abroad but I still enjoy his crafted storytelling and the way he transports me to a different era.

    Buy him the car and stop complaining 😉

  10. Frank Galvin

    Tom – many others have already stated my sentiments. I’m glad you’re here, and enjoy reading your work.

  11. John C.

    Bravo Tom. And also Jack/Mark for opening up the site to this type of content. As others have stated, CC became unwelcoming and TTAC is slowly drifting toward just regurgitating press releases by people who don’t even have drivers licenses. How could that possibly work? Over time, you may want to get Murilee Martin and William Stopford to get to do stuff here as well. That of course might have to wait until the traffic can actually pay them what they are worth. This is the Catch 22, Google pay so little for the banners unless people click on the ads. Hint to fellow readers…

  12. Aoletsgo

    I enjoy Tom’s writings about 70’s cars. While in high school in the mid-70’s I had summer jobs as a valet parking attendant at two high-end Jewish country clubs and sometimes private parties. It was a great gig and we got to drive the best of that era. I even saw Gerald Ford when he came to play golf with Max Fisher.

    A lot of Lincoln’s and Cadillac’s, but Benz and BMW also, the doctors and lawyers would drive those. One member was a crusty old guy who drove a LTD, he would get mad and yell at the drivers of the German cars, I guess he could do that since he was a concentration camp survivor.

  13. Harry

    FWIW I don’t have any particular interest in the types of cars Tom loves, but I enjoy reading about each one of them because of the enthusiasm shown.

  14. Bill

    Tom’s writing is awesome, and little did I know that I’d actually get to meet him and gain a great friend through our common love for these landyachts. Great tribute to him, I’m glad he’s now writing for someone that appreciates it, and also glad he turned me on to this site. Thanks Tom!!!

  15. George Denzinger (geozinger)

    Having met Tom, I find his fascination with the Brougham era, well, amusing. Having lived through that time and those cars, I’m not nearly as fascinated by them. To each his own, however. Tom does a great job with it…

    Keep it up!

  16. One Leg at a Time

    I enjoy Tom’s writing as well.

    It reminds me of being fifteen years old, and riding all over town to find cars (in my price range) with ‘For Sale’ signs in the window. I would head to the library and ‘research’ these cars by looking through the boxes of magazines from the appropriate year, and hope that there was an advertisement.

  17. Glenn Kramer

    I met Tom at an LCOC meet some years ago…he writes like he speaks. What a good guy and a great addition to your team. I missed him when he left the old site and I’m happy to be reading his automotive insights again. Thanks Tom!


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