The Critics Respond, Part Forty-Eight

Last week, I started a story on a stolen van turned into a homeless shelter by discussing brother Bark and his time as a touring musician. The very first response suggested that I was being a bit “greasy” for even discussing the fact that Bark met a lot of young women on the road. This is the mindset of THE_CURRENT_YEAR in a nutshell, isn’t it? If I announced tomorrow that I was gay you’d all be basically forced to congratulate me on it in about the same fashion as if I announced that I had a season-long ride in Lamborghini Super Trofeo. If I decided tomorrow that I identified as a woman, albeit a six-foot-two, 240-pound woman with dark circles under her eyes and a hairy ass, it would be mandatory for my friends and co-workers to praise my “bravery” and “courage” in doing so. Hell, if I explained to the TTAC staff that I was now a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin they would have to take that absolutely seriously or face an extremely expensive lawsuit from me for denying my completely normal dragonkin sexuality.

If, on the other hand, I write something about the idea that I might be interested in a 19-year-old woman… HOLD THE PRESSES, YOU FUCKIN’ PERVERT! THAT’S NOT NORMAL! Fifty-year-old men are supposed to be interested in fifty-year-old women! It’s disgusting that they aren’t! Oh well. You have to live in reality, which tells us that older men like younger women and sometimes — shudder — they return the favor. I dated a 19-year-old for a bit right before meeting Danger Girl, who is not 19 but is also not close to my age. I dated more than one 25-year-old when I was in my early forties. The world did not end for anyone involved.

In fact, throughout human history it’s been common for successful, powerful, or persuasive men to throw away their wives in favor of younger women. It was Judeo-Christianity that brought a halt to this unsavory practice along with many others: Rejoice in the wife of your youth, says the Proverb. That was a new idea, this concept that you wouldn’t just roll your woman out with the garbage once she hit thirty or so. Oops. It’s no surprise that the collapse of public Christianity has freed-up men to once again pursue, and catch, young women. Fifty years ago, if you dumped your old-ass wife and got some young hottie people at your church would turn away from you like you didn’t exist. It would hurt your social life. It would hurt your employment or your business prospects. Men were expected to stand by their wives to the bitter end. Oh well. We had to tear down that old morality so we could all be free to pursue sexual pleasure as the sole overarching principle of our lives. Any collateral damage from that is just a too-bad-so-sad, isn’t it?

Anyway, commenter gtem is a little bit concerned about the idea that I won’t respect him just because he is parroting the modern Dove Real Beauty theology-in-a-box, so he takes a moment to assure me that he is not a “nu-male”. What’s that, you ask? You’re gonna be sorry you did.

The above image is considered the origin of the “nu-male” expression. This, er, “man” is making an odd half-smile, half-grimace in a manner that (people who play) social scientists (on the Internet) associate with complete and total submission to whoever might be watching. Once you realize this face exists, you can’t stop seeing it.

But what really capped it for me was this comic:

What causes men to make this expression? It’s an odd combination of the desire to be seen by others, which isn’t really a male desire, with the desire to be completely submissive to the viewer. I think it’s safe to say that most normal men don’t want to be photographed doing nothing. Yes, we absolutely want the world to see us hitting a home run or dunking a basketball or winning a race or taking possession of some impossibly expensive new toy. But we have no desire to simply be viewed. That’s a female desire. Women understand that men are visual creatures so they act in such a manner as to obtain the male gaze. That does not mean that they want to just look at men doing nothing, because they don’t. And men don’t want to look at each other doing nothing. Go look at the social media of normal functioning human beings, if there are any left. Women put themselves in the photo. Men don’t, unless they are conveying some kind of message.

So when you see a nu-male making the nu-male face, that’s a strong indicator that he had no male role model growing up. ‘Cause otherwise he’d be making an expression that women want to see. In other words, he would be frowning. At the very least, he wouldn’t be making a face that tells every other man in the same zip code that he’s ready to be dominated and/or pushed around by them.

I think I’m going to try an experiment. The next time I have dinner with my father I’m gonna try the nu-male grimace and see what he says. I doubt it will be positive. He will probably ask if I’m sick, and by sick he will mean “on my way to becoming a wingless dragonkin.” Or maybe he’ll think I’ve finally taken the autojourno thing to heart. I’ve collected a few of the most obvious numales below, but feel free to add your own in the comments. Like I said: once you’ve seen it, you can’t stop seeing it. It also just maybe explains why some of us old tyrannosaurs still occasionally have a chance with a younger woman: don’t you think they get sick of looking at those faces? Maybe anything else is better. Even if it’s attached to someone who is, to be charitable, past his prime. Smile, in an honest and unafraid fashion, and the world smiles with you. Frown, and the ladies might still smile back. But if you make the nu-male face — my friend, you’re on your own.

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  1. AvatarComfortablyNumb

    This looks a lot like the fake excitement expression that people use around babies. Babies seem to be able to identify the nuance in an expression like that pretty early on, specifically the insincerity, which is probably also an element of the nu-male face. I wonder how many of these shots were immediately followed by arguments about the honesty these guys expressed about the particular situation.

  2. AvatarDisinterested-Observer

    If you make that face around your dad I hope he shoots you in the knee. What the crap? Is that a real thing?

  3. AvatarJeff Zekas

    Jack, i seriously started laughing when i read this… perfectly stated… and if i see a dude with that creepy weird face, i will kick him in the balls… (assuming he has any balls)

  4. AvatarRock36

    I wonder if it the nu-male grimace is also a form of misapplied masculine signaling. As in some watered-down misplaced version of a war-face or war-cry. I say that because I notice a lot of nu-males also have beards, which is a uniquely male trait unless you’re a female circus oddity. One might think beards, if anything, would be percieved as traditionally manly perhaps even overtly masculine. Yet, within the nu-male context, or when a stereotypical nu-male has a beard, they suddenly feel douchy and not at all masculine.

    Maybe it is because it is superficial and there isn’t much typically male virtue (virtue in the Socratic sense) to back up the image in anyway.

  5. AvatarFelis Concolor

    So . . . much . . . soy.

    While I still peruse properties far, far away from this more-of-a-city/less-of-a-town and its increasing freak-flag-flying population, I still feel the pull, the call, the battle cry which declares “would you leave the field to these fuckers? Know that when you return to its flaming ruins, you will be held at least partially responsible for allowing them to destroy it.”

    From chimps to these chumps, the nu-male grin looks good on absolutely no one.

    • AvatarGabriel Stippler

      I laughed harder than I have in a while due to your first line. Good ol’ estrogen packed soy branded as “healthy”.

      The rest of your comment is how I feel especially while at work. I work as a police officer and see so many domestic violence situations arise because the male half won’t be responsible, take the lead, or provide. Everytime I leave, I know we will be back because “he” won’t be a man and own his life.

      • Avatar-Nate

        ? What if you’re a man and the woman goes berserk in front of your then 12 year old son ? .

        Should I have just belted her ? .

        I didn’t want to teach that to my son so I told him in Spanish (she didn’t speak it) to go and call the police, they came and dragged her away, it was weird t say the least ~ a 5’3″ woman attacking me and me not fighting back .


          • Avatar-Nate

            I sure as hell don’t want my Son having any sort of crazy life as I’ve had .

            He’s taking me to his Grandfather’s 90th birthday to – night .

            I’m blessed to have such a great Son ~ he got his Mothers good health and killer good looks, my mechanical aptitude, that’s a mixed blessing as I’d hoped he wouldn’t become a Mechanic like me but he seems contented fixing cop cars…..


  6. Avatarstingray65

    I think a lot of the nu-male “smile” is based on the hope of making money by promoting brands/products online – its very similar to the fake smiles of excitement on the faces of the models highlighting the Whirlpool deluxe washer-dryer combo prize on the Price is Right or any other TV game show, which is perhaps who they are emulating.

    As for normal dating ages – the last Civil War widow died in 2008 – she was 19 when she married the 86 year old Civil War veteran in 1934. Former US President John Tyler who was born in 1790 has two living grandchildren – he fathered a son at age 63 and the son fathered two sons when he was in his 70s in the 1920s. They were both widowed and fathered children with their much younger second wives, which was very common because women had significantly shorter average lifespans than men until well into the 20th century when medical advances (invented almost exclusively by men) greatly reduced death during child-birth. Any healthy middle-aged or senior citizen male who doesn’t prefer the appearance of a genetically blessed late teen to late 20s female versus someone his own age is either blind or lying. Female beauty traits are entirely based on signaling fertility and good genes, and males are programmed to be attracted to such signals to encourage the sex that will lead to the continuance of their genes, although it is mainly about sex because even old gay men prefer the looks of young gay men with whom it is impossible for them to conceive biological children. Of course old guys can desire and admire 20 something year old women all they want, but what makes an actual hookup possible is that woman are programmed to desire status and wealth, which is something most often possessed by oldish guys. Given that so many younger men today are carrying big student debts, working in non-status jobs, and following the nu-male/metro-sexual/mgtow movement that make them unattractive/unavailable to women, there has probably never been a better time for older guys to hook younger females during the modern era. Of course older guys mating with young women is also problematic since the ‘me-too’ movement is jeopardizing their status and wealth, so perhaps the future is going to be filled with lots of life-like sex dolls and very lonely people.

    • Avatarsafe as milk

      thanks for your comment. i really was scratching my head about what jack wrote but now i get it. i frequently get myself in trouble by saying something i think is perfectly innocuous. i complained to an old friend of mine that if i had to listen to another lecture from my wife about male sexual abusers that my head was going to explode. there was silence on the phone and then he proceeded to lecture me on the wrongs perpetuated on woman in our society. in my minds eye, he is taking a selfie with a nu-male grin.

      • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

        You’r “best friend” and your wife feel the need to set you straight. Have you ever considered that maybe you’re an asshole?

        • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

          Wrote this on my phone, sorry about the nonsensical apostrophe on the lead “your” and I see that it was a good friend rather than your best friend but I think the point stands. You are probably an asshole.

    • Avatarsabotenfighter

      In the instances where Ive had a big stupid goofy grin, its more or less been ironic, over-excitement over the mundane. Mom wants a picture of me with Christmas socks? Better look stupidly excited. Actually get something cool? Im not in the picture, or have a normal face. Though I don’t think said goofy grin, though open mouthed, could be considered this “NuMale” face, as I lack the deadness or pain of their eyes. I also lack the beard.
      I think when I make said face, its more that I have, ever since I was 13 or so, a resting scowl. Brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins used to tease me about it constantly. Asking why I was so pissed off all the time. I still project a look of unfriendliness and general disinterest.

  7. Avatar-Nate

    Wow ~

    ‘nu-male’ ~ yet another wild & crazy thing I never heard of before yet *instantly* under stood when it was revealed to me .


  8. Avatarunknown

    Ha! Why did you leave this post and not the original? Gold lame hood wearing, old and fat.
    Anyway, who cares. Oh, you.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      When you leave multiple comments under different names in the space of 3 minutes the system thinks you’re a robot and not just an over excited fan.

      Hate to tell you but I think Bark is slimming back down.

    • AvatarBark M

      Dude, you don’t have to post from three different user names (unknown, OHC 427, Anthony D). We can see IP addresses. We get it. You think we’re fat.

  9. AvatarScottS

    nu-male? I had no idea! Just one of the many reasons I come here.

    ” . . . we absolutely want the world to see us hitting a home run or dunking a basketball or winning a race or taking possession of some impossibly expensive new toy.”

    You forgot to mention flattening steel plates while spent cases hang airborne! This is an activity that really sorts women out. They are either completely horrified by the sheer barbarity of the spectacle yet are morbidly fascinated by it, or they seem genetically predisposed to embrace it. There is not much middle ground.

    Things don’t look good for the gender divide in Western Culture. The #metoo movement is rapidly enforcing the entrenched separation and polarization of men and women into incompatible groups. The #Johnnylibermanlook may become the all too familiar look of the modern male.

  10. AvatarSobro

    As Jimmy sings, 15 will get you twenty. Some say half your age plus 7. Here in the south it was always whatever Daddy thinks. And Daddy always owns a 12 gauge.

    As for the nu-male… I’m glad I’m old. Or is it “ol”.

  11. Avatarrich

    ” Men were expected to stand by their wives to the bitter end”

    That’s the truth. Take my 84 year old father. He’s been providing 24 hour care for my 81 year old mother for at least the past 15 years. Carrying her up and down stairs. Feeding, bathing her. Day in and day out without a break. Refuses all offers of help. Remains positive, emails me jokes. She has done the aging for both of them, but I still do not know how he does it.

  12. AvatarGuy in a GTI

    Honest question.
    Why would that facial expression be seen as submissive?
    All I see is men making a goofy face for the camera copying either consciously or unconsciously similar photos they have seen.

    This reminds me of the female duckface trend. People tried to read a lot into it. I always thought its was simply a silly facial expression for the camera that was popular for a while.

    “Monkey see. Monkey do.” Mimicry is a natural human instinct.
    Its interesting to see people project their own agendas and preconceptions on something so innocuous.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      You’ve answered your own question.

      If you are contorting your face trying to be “goofy” for the Internet then you’re being submissive by default. Much of what we think of as “ironic” on the Net is actually submissive. You’re saying “please don’t criticize me, I admit that I’m a joke, I could never be serious.”

      Look at it this way: If you trained your whole life to win a marathon or an Olympic event or a World Series, is THAT the face you would make when they took the photo?

      • Avatarhank chinaski

        See also the same submissive ‘fear grimace’ in primates.

        It’s funny how the old school ‘madonna-whore’ complex morphed into ‘me-too child of no agency against the bad mans’-‘strong independent womyn sexual being’ complex.

  13. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    Not nearly as exciting as Korg’s Nu-Tube low voltage triode, but I digress.

    Apparently, the nu-male is associated with facial hair and glasses, two things I’ve had since before most of these nu-males were conceived. That’s okay. I’m comfortable in my skin. The fact that I like flannel shirts and own a turntable doesn’t make me a hipster as I’ve also owned those things since before most hipsters were conceived.

    Regarding “the young girls” as Mr. Hooker would call them, if it was normal for me to think a 19 year old female was attractive when I was 19, why should my standards change just because I start getting my pension later this month? Not long ago I told a 22 year old that I didn’t want to sound creepy but that if I was younger… She took it as a compliment so maybe there’s hope for humanity. Still, it’s depressing that apparently 25% of college males think that it’s sexual harassment to ask a woman for a date.

    At the Chicago Auto Show there were all these younger males looking very effeminate with their skinny pants, sport jackets cut five sizes too small, and man buns (geez, an actual ponytail is more manly). Is that what young women really want in a man?

    • Avatar-Nate

      “apparently 25% of college males think that it’s sexual harassment to ask a woman for a date.”

      If you’re serious and it’s the Men who think this, it’s beyond sad and goes into pathetic .

      It’s interesting that so many apparently like young Women ~ I learned early on that once they get past 30 or so, most Women get _FAR_ better at sex in every way (including basic hygiene), know what they want and how to make _you_ happier and better at it at the same time…..

      I don’t miss kiddies one bit .

      I tried dating a comely 25 Y.O. lassie when I was 35, she was uber cute yes but couldn’t talk about *anything* after the sex part was finished .

      BO-RING .


  14. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    By the way, what I notice isn’t so much the gaping mouth as the raised eyebrows, the fake excited look. Without the raised eyebrows, some of them would just be broad smiles.

  15. Avatararbuckle

    I’m too young to get a thrill from going out with 19 year old women and I go to (traditional) church regularly so I’ll miss out on the future dating down-age enjoyment when I’m 50.

    Anyway, Doug DeMuro is GROUND ZERO for Nu-Males in the automotive “press”. The guy is not capable of looking like a human being, but for some reason he still puts camera on his face when driving around for his videos.

  16. AvatarShortest Circuit

    Got a temp. suspension from twitter after I commented under one of these soyboys that he obviously inherited his mother’s mouth. 🙂 Glad I’m not alone in noticing it.
    * numale grin
    * antifa fish mouth syndrome

  17. AvatarPaulyG

    Not being on Facebook/Instagram, etc., I have never really seen this expression. The numale grin looks like covered-up fear to me. Smiling like that on any Wall Street junk bond trading desk would mean open season on that guy.

    Is Jonny Lieberman excited to be driving that Lambo? Or is he crapping in his pants as he is about to have an expensive off-road experience? Is it both?

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I don’t think Lieberman has had a genuine human emotion in years. He has about as much connection to reality as Caligula did.

      • AvatarWill

        I should know this, but why does everyone bag on Lieberman again? Is he like an older Doug DeMouro (I don’t care how to spell his name)

          • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

            I’ve been trying to sellout for years but apparently nobody’s interested in buying what I’m selling.

          • AvatarJonathan Edwards

            For Christ’s sake, they made the fucking Giulia the Car of the Year.

            I would be fine selling out my goofy facial expression for seat time in dream machines, but your face in a picture and your opinion on a page are two different things. One has a viewer inferred meaning and value, the other should be an author controlled message with clear purpose.

  18. AvatarArBee

    My God, the things I learn on this site. I’d never heard of any of this, but it’s fascinating in a dystopian sort of way. I remember reading “Brave New World” in high school and thinking, “Well, it’s fiction, of course”. Apparently no longer. Boy, I’m glad I’m old.

    • AvatarGeorge Booth

      The emerging dichotomy in contemporary society is between those who think Huxley’s novel is a cautionary tale about a dystopian future society and those who view it as a how-to manual.

      Appropriate to Jack’s description of numales, quoth Miranda:
      O wonder!
      How many goodly creatures are there here!
      How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world
      That has such people in’t!

      Old Prospero, however, knew better.

  19. AvatarTime Flies

    Gtem might be projecting. ie He is struggling with how great 19yr olds look all of a sudden. Probably he is mid 40’s and the number of hotties his age is rapidly declining. that is when I started noticing 19 yr olds again/more.

    • Avatar-Nate

      Classy hear wear _never_ goes out of style .

      Hats however, _do_ cause baldness so I stopped wearing them .

      Bummer, that .


      • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

        Hmmmm. I’ve been wearing baseball/trucker hats since I was a teen and still have a full mop. Maybe I just have tough hair?

        • Avatar-Nate

          Male pattern baldness is mostly hereditary but some get a pass ~ I did, I got Mom’s blond hair, Pops was brown and bald by 21 years old .

          You too appear to have dodged the bullet -maybe-, you’re still young yet .

          I stopped wearing hates in the 1980’s because even though Telly Savalas got plenty of Women, I’m simply vain and don’t want to risk baldness .


          • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

            “you’re still young yet”

            At the age of 60, perhaps young isn’t the correct term. Sometimes I like to THINK I’m still young, but then a mirror gives me a reality check. 🙂

          • Avatar-Nate

            Oops, sorry Sir .

            I expect most here are younger than you and I .

            Certainly the responses tend to indicate that.

            @ 60YO, you’re one of the lucky ones IMO, keep taking good care of it .


          • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

            I’ve been lucky, hair wise. My dad was gray before he was 20, per conversations with him and others, and he has little of it left now at age 81. My younger brother went from a forehead to a five head, before he was 25. Now, he has a “friar fringe”. Me, full head with very little gray, beard however is mostly gray. Genetics can be strange.

  20. AvatarDanio

    Finally, a theory that I can use to explain to my wife why I am, in fact, actually smiling in the pictures she takes of me. That *is* my smile. If I forced it any more I’d look like one of these jackwagons.

  21. AvatarVTNoah

    Whelp… you learn something new everyday. Gotta admit, there’s definitely a pic of me holding an ice cream cone with Nu-Male face floating around the internet. Is there a 12 step program for helpless soy boys such as myself? At least I didn’t have a beard at the time.

  22. AvatarJustPassinThru

    I’m actually finding this discussion fascinating.

    I fully, totally agree with the original premises. Of the subjugation of the nu-males. Of the lickspittle nature of how we’re training our gelded nu-males, to accept Groupthink and reject obvious reality which is being denied by our Opinion Managers.

    Meantime, I’m shadow-banned on a site most of us are familiar with, for challenging a premise someone close to Jack offered – of how we need our liberal keepers in government, to keep car-lending straight.

    Irony abounds.

    I, apparently, will not abound.

    • Avatartresmonos

      eh join the ban club. Evidently all my email accounts are banned from that POS. I trolled the new ownership hard. Not a big loss. the content hasn’t inspired me to make a new account.

  23. AvatarJustPassinThru

    What’s happening?

    First, four days ago, an interchange with non-obscene but controversial remarks, was wiped. My post as well as those interacting.

    Then, today, I made a light-humored remark in the “gremlin” thread. Short, non-snark.

    Logged in, I can see it.

    Most of the time, because of the heavy back-site data coding, I view that site on a “private window” page. Opening the non-private page to view.

    The Private Window page did not, and does not, show my comment.

    Ergo, I have been shadow-banned.

    Management of that site is above your paygrade – I get it. But, what chaps my nethers, is, that if writers want DISCUSSION, and introduce controversial elements…they, and editors, have to be ready for views they don’t ascribe to.

    If the purpose is to HERD opinions…then, of course, shadow-banning, along with mockery and abuse and deletions, is the way to go.

    And you wind up with grimace-smirking nu-males.

    Thanks for the serious response.

  24. AvatarTess Tosteroni

    Nu-Male = Mentally retarded r-Selected cunts. Why do you even still bother with the stupid runts at TTAC?

    Only nu-cunts want women over 35.

  25. AvatarDuong Ngyuen

    I’m going to listen to some “knuckle dragging/ /mouth breathing” Nu-Metal to cleanse my brain of this effeminate idiocy.

  26. AvatarMrFixit1599

    I have given this much thought. Granted there was some beer involved in the thinking, but i digress.
    I think you have a different take than a dad with a daughter. You are giving your son great opportunities, which typically a daughter does not get. I did not have the option of providing my 1 son and 2 daughters the lifestyle your son has.
    When my son was born, I was still all into yes, keep the bloodline going on. Then I had a daughter. Then I thought about how terrible I was as a teenage male, and scoring every chance I could find.
    I hope none of my daughters ever find a man like me when I was that age.

  27. AvatarTangledUpInBlue

    I bet those nu male little girls voted for Fidel Castro’s idiot son Justin Trudeau. I bet most of the little girls at TTAC did as well. I bet all those nu male girls would violently turn down a shot of testosterone, if offered.

  28. AvatarDirtRoads

    Women I know are tired of the nu-males, which is why I had 20 year old groupies as lead singer for a local band, when I was 50.

  29. Avatartresmonos

    I made these faces when my ex fiance would snap selfies with me in them. Now I can connect in non-snowflake terms why I left that relationsh*t. Baruth bro’s are the masculine version of my psychologist.

    Incarceration / emasculation by a fine as hell half jewish half puerto rican ass.

  30. AvatarDeporable1

    At 46 years old, 20-something women come on to me.
    Thank you Nu-males for being useless pathetic parasitic cunts!

    Check out this freaky numale auto twit:

  31. AvatarL.Spooner

    Most women want to live parasitically off of men in order to raise children. Women realize that Numales won’t make for a very, um, nutritious host and are basically effeminate parasites themselves. Lefty males are repulsive childish parasites and that’s what TTAC has become. Both writers (sans Jack) and commentators at TTAC are a effeminate/Canadian joke. Justin Trudeau is really the bastard son of Fidel Castro and has the character of a 14 year old girl…and it is reflected at TTAC.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      I think you’re being unduly harsh.Things have improved over the previous management. I can only speak for myself, but Tim’s approved just about every story I’ve pitched to him.

  32. AvatarHarry

    I have a different take on that face. Its social media, and in all the examples they people are trying to show they are having an exaggerated amount of fun during a mundane act. Because of their apparent enjoyment, it gives the act more meaning in a feedback loop of horsehit.

    The was a great article from the theater section of the old pink lady back in 2003, I think of it often.

    The relevant paragraph is this

    John Lahr, the theater critic for The New Yorker magazine, sees a complex psychological dynamic at work. ”I think it’s generally an attempt by the audience at self-hypnosis,” he said. ”They think if they go to a show and stand at the end they’ve had a good time. They’re trying to give themselves the experience they thought they should have.”

    By showing they are having a good time, they are having a good time.

    I don’t disagree with the remainder of the analysis in Jack’s article, but I think this is a key additional element.

  33. AvatarJoe

    Most all of the pictures taken of me (damn few) show me with either no expression or a frown, the one recent exception of my arm draped around my step grand daughter at her wedding in the Dominican Republic, after many beers!

  34. AvatarMartin

    Since I am from Europe and not on any social something, I really wonder what happened to the US. When I was a bachelor a long time ago the “mating process” in the US was much much more direct and agressive than over here. Males overdid it in many ways being overly manly and women, even women with postgraduate degrees duefully fulfilled the role model of a romatic woman, even moving their voice up a little bit and showing artificial excitement for men that surely did not deserve any attention, just to be part of society. And now this turns around 180 degrees. Amazing. This “Nu male ” thing is just part of that game.
    PS: Do women read your interisting columns…I mean …at all?

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      We have *some* female readership, but not much.

      In all seriousness, I’d say that the most common demographic description of our female readers is “ex-girlfriend”.

    • Avatar-Nate

      Martin ;

      Sadly your view is accurate .

      Some Women come here to read but no matter what they they say or do, they’re attacked and driven away by the ‘men’ here who are afraid of them .



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