(Last) Weekly Roundup: Amoeba Music Takes A Stand Edition

This past Wednesday I parked my rented Harley Road Glide in a basement beneath Sunset and Caheunga then ran up the stairs to Amoeba Music with just one task in mind: buying as much smooth jazz as I could fit into the Glide’s parsimonious panniers. If you’ve ever been to Amoeba, you know that they keep the jazz and blues in a sort of ghetto backsection behind and to the left of their performance stage. There was a band tuning up on said stage and they were engaging in the not entirely original pastime of soloing over whatever song was playing on the PA.

Above the stage, in large white letters on a black background, was the following statement:


Well, that’s awfully nice, but it’s also awfully fucking stupid.

I’ve taken five trips to California in the past thirty days, with two more to come in the next thirty. I met one of my favorite writers — more on that to come — and I drove some neat cars and I rode a tandem bicycle down Venice Beach with my son. As a vacation destination, the Left Coast is hard to beat, but as a glimpse of the American future it is more than a little frightening. Nowhere else in the country, not even in Manhattan, is the Eloi/Morlock distinction quite so uncomfortably baked into society. The beautiful people scurry around while the workers appear and disappear magically, as if by those fabled Disneyland tunnels. The Eloi are white, the Morlocks are brown. They step out of your way. Saturday night in Venice I blundered into a Mexican fellow because I was trying to keep track of my son as he ran between shops. It was one hundred percent my fault. The man said, “Sorry” and just vanished into the night.

You hear a lot from white California residents about how they support amnesty and they support unlimited citizenship and they passionately believe in a process by which the 127.5 million citizens of Mexico would be grandfathered into the current 40-million-plus population of the Golden State. Yet I suspect very few of them have thought about what would happen on the day that the Mexicans didn’t treat them with perfect deference. Of course, there’s already a place where a white person can get the shit slapped out of him for bumping a Mexican — East Los Angeles. The day is coming where East LA rules will also apply in West LA. At which point all the rich people will pack up and move to NorCal for a while, and from there to Portland, and from there to Seattle.

I didn’t see a single brown face in Amoeba Records. A couple of sweatsuit brothers idly poking through the rap section in lackadaisical defiance of anti-stereotypical stereotypes. But no Mexicans, no Arabs, no Indians, none of the countries and ethnicities with which Amoeba stands. Which was convenient, because if Amoeba stands with gay people and transgender people, and it also stands with the three billion or so people around the globe who are perfectly willing to see the death sentence applied to homosexuals, where and when does it pick a side? Did Amoeba stand with Mohamed Atta as he guided his Boeing 767 into the north tower? Did it stand with the firefighters who died? Did it stand with Mindy Kleinberg when she argued that the $1.6M payoff she received for her husband’s death in that tower should be higher because he was a securities trader and not a janitor? Did Amoeba stand with the wives of the janitors?

“Jack,” I can hear you saying, “you’re reading too much into it.” Yes, I freely admit that I am. It’s my East Coast blood. I’m not satisfied with platitudes. I want to know the endgame. I want to see everything play out. Any true Californian would read the statement and intrinsically understand that it’s meaningless. It’s the equivalent of the ninety-third Hail Mary a child says while he is doing his penance for picking on his sister, it’s the droning recitation of a sura to an empty room, it’s the iteration through an intron during cellular reproduction. It is meaningless. It is just meant to fill up the space. By standing with everyone, Amoeba stands with no one. Which is both convenient and appropriate, since Amoeba is a record store and not an NGO or a paramilitary organization.

Or maybe it’s more than that. Maybe it reflects a childlike faith that America is the source of all the world’s evil — more specifically, that white America is the source of all the world’s evil. That we could have peace on earth if we could just put the brakes on all the Bushes and Cheneys (and Obamas, but let’s gloss over that) out there. That everything would be peaches and cream if Daddy Drumpf would just stop being so mean to everyone. That we truly have the power to change the world by changing ourselves.

Which is naive.

And stupid.

And dangerous.

Still, you should go see Amoeba before they shut it down. I don’t want a 28-story tower built on that already over-traveled street. I stand… with Amoeba Records.

* * *

For R&T I reviewed the Road Glide.

At TTAC I discussed a trackday death, answered a question about trackday insurance, and told some tales of lane-splitting mayhem.

As always, stay tuned, and thanks for, um, standing with Riverside Green!

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  1. totitan

    127.5 million citizens of Mexico would be grandfathered into the current 40-million-plus population of the Golden State

    Huh? Citation please

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Here you go:


      Salon speaking the party line here.

      Open borders for the USA. Every single person who wants to immigrate should be allowed to.

      Now here’s the 127 million person question: Is there anybody, and I mean a single fucking person, who is better off in Mexico than they would be in California?

      • Dirty Dingus McGee

        “Is there anybody, and I mean a single fucking person, who is better off in Mexico than they would be in California?”

        I would certainly be, once most of the natives move to Mexifornia. Leave me some senorita’s, a good cook and some gas for my toys, and I would have a major party. Myself and my invited guests would tear up some dunes on buggy’s, drink mucho cervasa’s and I bet I could find some rum stashed somewhere.

        JK, but it does sound like fun.

      • Kevin Jaeger

        I think we have a reasonable experiment on how that would turn out with Puerto Rico. They have open borders and certainly there’s heavy migration, but most do stay even through significant hardship. Some people just stick to the home they know no matter what.

        While that open borders scenario is of significant benefit to individual Puerto Ricans that do migrate, it seems to be bad for Puerto Rico overall.

        • Jack Baruth Post author


          There are 3.4 million people in Puerto Rico.

          There are 5.5 million people in the United States who consider themselves to be Puerto Rican.

          There are 1.4 million Puerto Ricans in New York alone.

          That’s the product of a century’s worth of open immigration. Now do the numbers for Mexico and for South America under those conditions…

          • Kevin Jaeger

            I’m assuming those numbers include descendants of Puerto Rican migrants.

            As I said, the level of migration is certainly significant. And open borders with Mexico would almost certainly be bad for both countries.

          • Disinterested-Observer

            At the risk of pointing out the obvious, Puerto Ricans are US citizens. Mexico is a different country.

          • Jack Baruth Post author

            Absolutely. I’m just discussing the impact of allowing open immigration from other countries.

            The infamous Drama McHourglass is half Puerto Rican. I have noooooo problem with those people 🙂

      • totitan

        You are entitled to you own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts. Anis Shivani does not speak for the democratic party any more than you and your brother speak for the GOP. Please stop spreading blatant lies and propaganda to support your dogma. If you can not support your position by using verifiable documented data then go back to what you are good at which is being an automotive journalist.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Oh boy.

      I think the Harley is easier to manage at low speeds (although that’s relative — compared to my CB1100 they are both nightmares) and the Indian is more comfortable on the freeway by a long shot.

      The fair comparison is between the Street Glide and the Chieftain. The Harley would win on motor and maneuverability, the Indian has it whipped for long rides.

  2. Mike

    I sit, ass in chair, with Riverside Green.
    My dog is fed and snoozing beside me.
    Supper is in the oven.
    It’s a happy time.

  3. -Nate

    Good post jack ;

    I thought the rain was because my crippled old ass spent _four_days_ hand polishing then waxing my old beat to shit Mercedes……

    I hate the rain .

    Too bad about Amoeba Records .

    One by one all the great record stores are folding up their tents .

    The Road Glide sounds nice, I remember “Threading The Needle” for years in all weather/traffic on both my ’65 PanHead and ’37 KnuckleHead, somehow I never crashed and I still do it although slower these days .

    Trackday injuries and deaths will always be with us .

    My Son was a track instructor @ Willow Springs for a while, I have no idea how anyone manages it .

    You’d be _bored_ riding shotgun with me, I’m old and realize my reactions are not great anymore .

    You’re right about stupid (Vs. foolish/careless) Old Men .


  4. Widgetsltd

    Guess where I was this past Saturday night? At the Wiltern in Koreatown watching Dan Auerbach and a cast of characters perform. That’s barely three miles away from Amoeba Music. I’d bet that Koreatown is pretty different, socio-economically, from Hollywood or Venice Beach or the whole of West L.A. In a neighborhood like Hollywood (especially when you’re so close to Hollywood & Vine) where the rent is sky high, how many average working folks should one expect to see as locals? Wayyyyy out in Corona, where I live, there are plenty of Latinos and Latinas of all sorts of income levels and backgrounds. The same goes for various cities and communities in L.A. and Orange Counties. I seriously doubt that there is anything resembling broad support in these communities for policies that would invite the whole of Mexico to move on in. Hell, my neighbors are pissed that a developer got the green light to build a thousand new houses right next to our tract. I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but I think that you’re painting with a broad brush. On the lane-splitting issue: I think that commuters in cars generally understand what’s going on, and we (those driving cars) try to leave room and watch our mirrors for approaching bikes. It all goes much more smoothly that way. On the weekends, tourists and those who don’t often leave their neighborhood probably complicate the situation.

  5. DeadWeight

    Tick Tock Tick Tock

    The bell tolls for Trump The Fucktard Traitor Caligula as Mueller flips Gates and Manafort soon.

    Jared Kushner is the next to have his slimy shit (financial dealings mingled with promises to Russians , Chinese, Indians and other foreign nationals, including foreign government officials; e.g. “adoptions” of Maginsky’ s kids, e.g. Massive foreign loans for 666 5th Avenue) exposed just as Bannon The Barbarian predicted (Trump is now in truly dangerous territory with respect to Mueller and his highly seasoned white collar criminal attorneys simply because of Kushner and Managing) and it is going to be fun and satisfying to see Kushner (operating without permanent security clearance yet who has seen the deepest intelligence held by the USA) take it in the ass in a federal prison (unless he flips on his father-in-law, which he probably will; Chris Christie will laugh his ass off, too, as he put Jared’s paintball dad in the federal pen).

    Then, it’s time for Trump to face the full scale factual report made public regarding his quid-pro-quo financial and other dealings with bona fide enemies of the US, clearly proving him to be the seditious piece of shit that he is, as compiled methodically by Mueller’s team, in form of factual traces of movement of money, and many witnesses copping plea deals and spill Trump’s festering shit.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when shit for brains Jack, little Mark Baruth and little Ronnie Schreiber see Trump and his dirty deeds exposed in real time, in such a way, that even Trump Penis-fluffer Sean Hannity is relegated to the ash can of history like Glen Beck, Roger Ailes, Rush “pill popper” Limbauglard, Bill “jizz all over Fox Studios” O’Reilly, and the other pieces of shit before him.

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      Deadweight, are you over the age of 12(asking for a friend)? Reason for asking is that your semi coherent rants make one think you are either an early teen, or someone with serious mental illness. To date, the only thing that has been proven is that some Russians bought ad’s on facebook, and organized both pro AND anti Trump rallies. So far the rest is rumor and innuendo. If either of those were indictable, Hill and Billary would both be serving life sentences.

      But please do keep posting. It’s always good to have some humor on this site.

    • Ronnie Schreiber

      DW, calm down man, you’ll pop an artery. Did you forget to take your lithium?

      You do know that Mr. Putin wants us to argue, don’t you?

      A man who is 5’6″ tall is supposed to be hurt by being called “little”? Didn’t you know my blues name is Little Ronnie “Gefilte Fish” Schreiber?

      There is a reason why we have secret ballot box, but yes, I voted for Mr. Trump. I did so reluctantly. People close to me were passionate about the Trump campaign and they’ll tell you that I argued with them in the primaries. I’m not thrilled with his persona nor some of his tweets and public statements but I can’t say that I’m unhappy with how he has governed. He’s appointing constitutionalist judges, reduced regulations significantly, and apparently the new tax code has fostered a business climate where companies want to invest in their employees and facilities. I’m also happy that they’re moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the country’s capital city and that we’ve made it clear to the Palestinians that there are terms to our financial aid. Nikki Haley has been a joy to watch at the UN.

      I’m generally skeptical about a president’s ability to improve the economy. The economy is cyclical. However, you can’t deny the optimism (and $1,000-$2,000 checks companies are dispensing to employees) businesses have.

      Michigan’s economy has been in a deep recession for most of the past 45 years, since the 1973 OPEC oil embargo. For a lot of young adults around here, even middle aged folks, this is the first time they’ve experienced a genuinely growing economy. As long as the national economy continues to improve, the Democrats are going to have a hard time.

      • safe as milk

        The Democrats will have hard time because they bet all their chips on russiagate while refusing to endorse the one thing their voters really want: single payer health insurance.

        • silentsod

          It’s not just their voters. The middleish of the road compromise that is the ACA was the worst of both worlds, just pick one path whole heartedly and be done with it.

  6. Pat

    I believe that citing an article from (I’m trying not to laugh too much here, but it’s difficult) SALON and representing it as a party line is what we call a straw man argument. A particularly flimsy straw man — it might be more of a straw and horse manure golem than an actual straw man.

    But maybe I lost all my “East coast sensibilities” when I got stationed in California all those years ago.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Why don’t you search “immigration is a human right” and see what you get. You will find support for it everywhere. And your comment regarding Salon is a “no true Scotsman” if ever I saw one.

      • Pat

        I did such a search and I suspect we could straw man vs. no true scotsman back and forth all day (the results that Google’s algorithm finds are both numerous AND from sources that represent the fringe). I’m not arguing that there aren’t progressives who feel this way — that’d be as stupid as arguing that there aren’t alt-rights who are white supremacists.

        I AM arguing that vast majority of Americans have far more nuanced views on immigration, as a quick review of any Pew-type study would show. (I mean, look at me — a liberal — agreeing with you 100% about H1Bs even while having worked with good friends who are H1Bs.) And having said that, I can anticipate your reply that fringe views do sometimes get implemented as policy (look at the current Admin’s policies).

        But my main point is that Salon is garbage — as their recent foray into cryptocurrency reinforces. It’s currently even too garbage for Joan Walsh. I blame the baby boomers (the same ones from your recent driving school article maybe).

        • Pat

          Meanwhile I’m going to continue into the rabbit hole of Buick 455 engine builds that today’s article by Tom has sent me down, and eagerly await your Gold Wing review for R/T. Two things I’ll never do are own a Buick 455 or ride a gold wing, but I want some good vicarious living.

  7. stingray65

    Immigration and the welfare state are not compatible, and defacto ‘open borders’ is why California is drowning in red ink, has terrible infrastructure and schools, the highest poverty rate in the US, and is completely run by Democrats. Hard to believe, but in 1960 LA was the whitest major city in America, which was back in the day when California housing costs were well below the US average, when California infrastructure and schools were the best in the country, taxes were low, free-speech was celebrated, and coincidentally California was a Republican state. Even lefty Cesar Chavez was strongly supportive of strict limits on immigration back in the days when the Golden State was still golden. This complete shift in California ‘culture’ during that past 50+ years has been one of the most devastating events in US history, and unregulated immigration is the poison that has killed the state for law abiding middle-class citizens, and offers a Hollywood ‘coming attraction’ preview for the rest of the country if nothing is done.

    All it would take to staunch the bleeding is a few sensible changes: 1) mandate e-verify so that no one without legal residence can get a job, 2) limit welfare eligibility to only legal residents, 3) require repayment of welfare benefits as a condition of citizenship (as is the case in Switzerland), 4) enforce current immigration laws (i.e. export illegals with first priority given to criminals), 5) make temporary legal residence status contingent on demonstrating no prior criminal/terrorist record, good health, and on having a US sponsor (family member or employer) who agrees to buy a bond to indemnify the expenses associated with the immigrant’s costs to US taxpayers for his/her expulsion due to criminal activity, 6) give ‘anchor’ babies US citizenship only if the birth did not utilize taxpayer funding (i.e. the parents actually paid for the medical costs), and 7) build a border wall to guard against a return of the current leaky immigration system. Unfortunately, with a significant portion of Republicans and vast majority of Democrats desiring to continue with current immigration ‘policies’ so as to provide them cheap labor, household help, and votes, I am not optimistic that any of these things will actually happen.

  8. stingray65

    As for record shops – I used to spend a lot of time and money in them, but they have mostly all disappeared. In fact, none of the shops I used to enjoy killing time in while waiting for the wife to finish shopping are around anymore (or at least a shell of what they were). Retail shops for computer games, DVDs, books – all gone or dying. Even sporting goods are struggling. Now I have to bring my Kindle and iPhone to entertain myself when forced to visit the mall.

  9. Paul M.

    Not sure why you think West LA changes as more migrants come in? I live in Atlanta, where majority is black. There are still and have always been great areas in Atlanta, and then some that are crime infested. Money speaks no matter the mix of races. As long as West LA or other areas in California are wealthy, there will be no issues.

    You are too scared of mix of races. I get it. I used to live in Midwest (Indiana). Mostly white with some pockets of blacks. In mid 80s, I moved to Atlanta to breath. With a thriving black population, and since large communities of Asians, Indians, and Hispanics. I love the mix.

    Sometimes, you should take a cruise. Where most clients are white, most crew staff on American cruise ships are from all over the world. People from other countries are attracted to America because of jobs. Wages Americans deem not worthy, are still plenty for other countries. That is the magnet. Do we need border security? Absolutely. That is why Democrats agree to border security. Do we need an idiotic wall that any one with a ladder can climb over? Absolutely not.

    As for Puerto Rico you need to make a trip on a cruise ship to San Juan. You will be amazed what America has in the tropics and so many people ignore or don’t know. That is no Mexico. That is a beautiful Latin Spanish inspired New Orleans. Gorgeous people. Food. Drinks. Beaches. Sure people come to America from Puerto Rico because of jobs, but I am considering buying a condo there. Good prices after Hurricane. And they love Americans. It is safe. And while you are at it, go visit the Bacardi factory. You will enjoy this heaven in the Caribbean.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Okay… two things.

      I was born in Brooklyn and I have lived in majority black cities including Baltimore. I’m perfectly acquainted with the reality of diverse communities. But even if I wasn’t, what does the black community in Atlanta have to do with unlimited Mexican immigration to California?

      Your point regarding Puerto Rico just proves what I’m saying. It’s far better than Mexico… yet DESPITE that the majority of the worlds Puerto Ricans now live in the United States. So what would the situation be if anybody and everybody in Mexico could have free citizenship on demand?

      • Paul M.

        The example of Atlanta is a community that in many ways resembled LA many years ago but with a different ethnic group. The point being, you may be comfortable now with blacks because they speak English and go to same schools. Over time, you will be comfortable with Mexicans that have lived in America for some years.

        As for your second question, not all Mexicans would come to America. Some more will certainly do. As will central Americans. Which is why we need border security.

        • Jack Baruth Post author

          African-Americans, as a group, predate my family’s 1910 arrival by quite a bit. Compared to them, I’m the immigrant.

          It has been shown that immigration has to stay beneath a certain level in order for assimilation to happen. Above that, as the Germans are discovering, it’s an invasion.

          Salon is not the Washington Post but it’s a legitimate bellwether for what the far left wants. Salon was pushing for gay marriage and transgender bathroom access back when Mr. Clinton was staunchly against all of that. Now those are planks of the platform.

          • Paul M.

            I also believe in checks and balances. Hence why I ask for border security.

            Here is the thing, Trump can compromise on a wall with double fencing like in many European countries. More border patrol agents. Faster authority by judges to ship people out. And electronics. That will slow the flow. You don’t have the word “wal”l associated with a fence. Better fencing does the job of the wall for so much less.

            As for the far left, to me they are a symptom of the times. Just as are the far right are.

            Standard of living is going down. Wealth is managed by fewer people. So far left and far right speak up. The cause of all evil is economic disparity. When you have kids that have to live with their parents, when you have kids with student loans, and they can’t buy a house, they get angry. They join the extreme groups and want to protest violently.

            While the far right like to blame the migrants for cause of their economic problems. All the while forgetting it is the ruling Republican class that wants to maxiize profits and ships jobs overseas. No different than how KKK blames blacks for their plight. No one on the far right seems to wonder why it is that the highest tax bracket has to get some of the highest tax breaks under the new tax law. Or why it is that while tourism on Atlantic states like Florida, Carolina, Georgia, Maryland and fishing makes for so much more business than drilling, we have to give big oil permission to drill in some of the most pristine lands ever. Not to mention the Pacific coast.

            Or the far right complain about mainstream media (CNN and ABC and NBC and CBS) and how extreme they are against Trump and Republicans. All the while, forgetting that Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs and Hannity and their like dominated airwaves and AM radio for years, while there no moderate voice. See action got reaction.

            Again compromise and middle of the road is the only path forward. Trump and his reactionaries with an administration that has ONE black cabinet member (Ben Carson) and no Hispanics are not representative of the America we live in today.

          • silentsod

            Congress and the House of Representatives also are not 1:1 in terms of ratio matching the general populace of the US (it’s not even a 50-50 split between men and women). Is that also problematic? What is inherently wrong with not matching the general population ratios?

            I just find this a very strange thing that people pursue/claim to be interested about in certain areas and not in others (unless there’s tons of people clamoring for more Hispanics in the NBA that I’m unaware of, for instance).

          • stingray65

            Paul – The cause of economic disparity is primarily disparity in ability, skills, and value to society. By and large, we are living in the closest thing to a meritocracy that the world has ever seen. People from modest backgrounds such as Steve Jobs, Ben Carson, Magic Johnson, Elvis Presley, and Nikki Haley rose to the top of their fields because they worked hard, had talent, and some luck, and in so doing they created a lot of value to society by creating entertaining products and jobs, paying taxes, etc. Sure some ‘successful’ people are born on 3rd base (Bill Gates, the Bushes, and Trump for example), while others cheat and fix the rules in their favor (Bill and Hillary Clinton for example), but they seldom stay on top for long unless they have talent and create value (Bill G. and Bill C. do, Hillary doesn’t). Meanwhile, the poor are poor most often because they are born and raised to have deficits in abilities, skills, and value to society. At the same time, the poor in America have never had it so good, they almost all have cars, air-conditioning, big screen TVs, smart phones, “free” health care, designer clothing, and far more suffer from obesity than calorie deprivation – largely financed by wealthy taxpayers. No wonder the world’s poor want to come here. The US has the most progressive income tax system of any developed economy in the world. The rich typically get the biggest tax breaks in any tax reform because the rich in the US pay almost all the taxes. I do find it hilarious that Andy Cuomo and Moonbeam Brown are complaining about the tax reform that limits the deductability of State and local taxes, when the only people that will pay more tax will be the millionaires they always say should pay more taxes.

            As for oil drilling. If you want to help the poor the best way to do it is to make sure energy is cheap and reliable, and the best way to do that is drill baby drill. The oil and gas industry provides lots of good paying jobs, pays tremendous amounts of taxes, and has a few smaller footprint than the renewables that Democrats always want to subsidize. Oil wells cause far less damage to the environment and the scenery than massive windmills and solar farms, but hey lets double or triple the price of electricity and kill a whole bunch of birds so we can feel more virtuous.

            But then again, I expect you get all your news from Fake News CNN and MSNBC, so not surprising that you have such a distorted and inaccurate viewpoint about nearly every major issue.

    • stingray65

      Paul – “Democrats agree on border security”???

      You mean the “clean amnesty bill” promise that in exchange for amnesty to everyone here now (plus anyone that can get over the border in the next few months), we can talk about border security at some time and place to be determined later? We tried that in 1986, and guess what? We are still waiting for the time and place to be determined.

      • Paul M.

        Stingray65, are you simply trolling?

        Where in my comment did I mention anything about Amnesty?

        Still i entertain your trolling. You are one of those people who speak with no basis on reality. Do you think America will send the close to 2M DACA kids back to Mexico (or wherever they came from)? If you answer that truthfully, you know that will never happen. So, take the deal and agree to better border security.

        What is funny is that majority of Americans agree that those DACA kids should be allowed to stay, live, and become eventual citizens. Yet people like you, keep talking some nonsense as though the country will deploy Gestapo tactics and find Mexicans and kick them out of the country. It will never happen in America.

        It is a pipe-dream what you say. You and your kind are smoking and high. Here in Atlanta, in front of many many Home Depots, as we speak, there are Mexicans that look for jobs every morning. There is no ICE. No police that picks them up. Yet you talk this jibberish about sending kids that speak English and are culturally American back to Mexico. It will never happen. Mark my words. Take the border security deal and go live in your little corner of the world. You are sad angry little man.

        • Dirty Dingus McGee

          ” So, take the deal and agree to better border security. ”

          Border security FIRST then amnesty, or it will never be done, per past experience.

          I also call metro Atlanta home. In the last 40 years, there have been major changes in the demographics, including areas where it’s safe to be after dark (some areas even in daylight). I remember the old Underground Atlanta, when Buckhead used to be neat little neighborhood type bars, when Buford highway north of Atlanta was called “Ho Chi Min Trail” where it went thru Chambodia (Chamblee). These days, Underground is a good place to get mugged, Buckhead is full of high rolling “gangstas”, Buford highway is a barrio from Brookhaven to Duluth. Is it better? DAMFINO. I don’t fit in, so have moved further out. If I’m not comfortable with the surroundings, I will move. I recently moved further out, due to increasing development where I moved to 15 years ago.

          • Paul M.

            Well if we want border security, we need to work it along with allowing DACA kids staying. Otherwise no law will be passed. Trump vetos everything, and the 60 vote Senate thing stops Republicans from passing a law. Politics is the art of compromise.

            Good to know someone else is here from ATL.
            Underground was always bad. I never cared for it. Not in mid 80s, nor till before it died (I think it is dead now). I never felt safe.

            As for other changes, it is all relative. If you are not comfortable being around different mixes of people, then you move out. I live near Duluth (Berkeley Lake). I love going to Starbucks with Asians, Hispanics, Indians, whites and blacks. Or the options we have for eating. Thai, Brazilian, Food from Peru, Fusion, Persian. Like I said, that mix is what attracted me to Atlanta in the first place. I feel comfortable (even being mid 50s). I call Georgia home, because of Atlanta and the Savannah areas. Otherwise I stay in Indian where I still have family and eat meat loaf and be as sad as Stingray65.

            And now I see the younger generations are moving into Atlanta. Atlanta Station. They are not scared of different ethnics groups. The old Buckhead bar area (which BTW was always sleazy) has changed into corporate and residential.

          • Dirty Dingus McGee

            Paul M

            Small world. Early thru late 80’s, Peachtree Corners was home (Spaulding Dr area). These days, out in the Jasper/Newton county area.

            My problem has never been the people, it’s the attitude that some carry. They want me to adopt to their culture or beliefs, but not adopt to mine. When I first left Peachtree Corners I moved out to a rural part of Walton county. Across the road from the sub division was a farm that had been there for as long as anyone could remember. There were some that moved in that started a petition to try to get the farm shut down, due to the occasional whiff of cow shit. I laughed them back down my driveway. These days, even out here in the sticks, If I call any govt office or utility provider, I have to press 1 for English. I have traveled overseas numerous times, albeit not in the last 5 years, but I don’t recall anywhere I had the opportunity to ask for English. If there happened to be someone there that spoke English, it was your lucky day. If not, tough titty.
            There are times when I “go into town”, that certain groups of folks will look at me one way, as I’m a 60 year old, slightly overweight male that doesn’t look very intimidating. However if I’m wearing my MC club clothing, those same groups will suddenly decide they have business elsewhere. I agree 100% with Nate’s observation; “assimilate or perish”. At one time, it was a badge of honor for immigrants to become citizens(it still is in some cases). Now, it doesn’t seem that way. Now it seems a lot of immigrants, legal or not, think we should adopt their culture and customs. My opinion; If it’s that good, go back to it.

        • stingray65

          I never said anything about shipping DACA “kids” out, but Reagan agreed to amnesty for existing illegals in 1986 with the promise of border security later, and 11+ million illegals later we still don’t have border security in 2018. Obama and Hillary and Schumer voted for wall funding in 2007, but somehow only a tiny portion of the wall was ever built. Democratic governors and mayors and DAs fight like hell (using taxpayer money) the deportation of illegals with serious criminal records, and constantly state that being in the country illegally, stealing identities, and drunk driving are not crimes. The US does not need more loser immigrants without skills and without compatible values for a modern economy, who disrupt our schools, steal healthcare and other welfare benefits, burden our prison system, create fear and mayhem in many communities, and don’t pay taxes – and the polls agree with me. I have no problem with letting in immigrants who have the resources, skills, and compatible values that will make them valuable contributors to the US economy and government, and who I’m guessing are the type of people you enjoy having Starbucks with – and the polls agree with me on this also. The problem is the the Democrats are never serious about border security because they depend too much on new illegals for cheap nannies, pool cleaning and lawn work, and votes.

          • Paul M.

            My parents both passed away. I had the means to want to care for them at their homes in their last few years instead of sending them to some sad old nursing home.

            When I looked for nursing aids at home, the best company that I found (and the not so good ones) staff 90% of their help with migrant nursing aids to help in care of my parents. Women. Christian. From Jamaica, Africa, Haiti. Caribbean. You know the s*** hole countries according to our president. Think about that before parroting some BS about skilled workers from other countries. People from Norway are not going to do that work.

            So when its time to care for you and me, at nursing home and home, remember, those migrants you so easily put down, are the ones that will take care of you. Nothing like aging in a country where white people are not having enough kids an you have to augment the population.

            But hey, its much easier to say the same old lines mentioned by the president who marries a young beautiful Eastern European, than share the plight of most of us that don’t have access to those resources.

          • stingray65

            Japan, which has a far older population than the US, is somehow taking care of their elderly without importing lots of unskilled immigrants – and don’t even try to sneak into Japan illegally because you definitely won’t be welcomed by some soft brained sanctuary city mayor. Furthermore, nursing homes like to hire immigrants because they work for less money than Americans, which is why wages for low end work stays low in the US. No wonder the working class voted for Trump, the Democrats don’t care about the people unless they are illegal or a billionaire campaign donors. But if you insist that we need to import people from shithole countries, as long as they have skills to get and keep jobs (in nursing homes or otherwise) and don’t commit crimes, they should be considered for LEGAL entry. The US does not owe the world a US passport – especially people that enter or stay here illegally.

  10. silentsod

    If they don’t keep bringing immigrants in how will they be able to afford all of the services they want at low, low rates?

  11. Jeff Zekas

    New Zealand is a nice place. It is nice because they regulate immigration. No one calls NZ racist because they have sensible border policies. But you can’t move to NZ unless you have skills. You cannot have skills that displace native workers. This is in contrast to Cali (where I lived the first forty years of my life): my buddy closed his electrical business, cos illegals did electrical cheaper than he could. My other buddy lost his job at the meat packing plant, cos non union illegals would worker cheaper. My daughter is married to a “dreamer” who has no education and works under the table, paying no taxes. His parents are on welfare and are illegals. These are, of course, merely individual cases, and may not apply to all illegals. But certainly, not all “dreamers” are college grads or wonderful folks. And having personally met members of the Mexican Mafia and Border Brothers, I would say that quite a few illegals have the “skill” of being professional gang members. I am not against immigration. But I support limited immigration, allowing those with skills that are NEEDED, and not replacing U.S. born workers with cheap, outside labor (as has been done in Silicon Valley).

    • stingray65

      Its worse than you describe, because if your electrician business owning friend somehow managed to break any environmental, safety, traffic, or tax laws in the course of doing his business, the authorities would throw the book at him and suck every last penny out of his pocket in fines and penalties. Meanwhile, if unlicensed and illegal Juan wires a house incorrectly for a low “tax-free” price, and it later burns down and kills the occupants, he probably faces a deportation to Mexico (at taxpayer expense), and he will be back within a few days wiring house illegally again.

      As for the Dreamer’s – contrary to most media reports and TV scripts, the vast majority are not children and are not doing college level work, a large portion are on welfare, but only .9% are in the military. They also commit twice the crime of similar age natives, but by all means lets keep them all here – keep those prisoner guard unions happy.

  12. yamahog

    Forgive me for poisoning your blog, but there was a political philosopher by the name of Carl Schmitt who was railing against liberalism as early as the 1920s. His work was suppressed

    His indictment of (parliamentary/capitalist) liberalism is best summarized as this:
    First, it is a system which rests on compromise; hence all of its solutions are in the end temporary, occasional, never decisive. Second, such arrangements can never resolve the claims of equality inherent in democracy. By the universalism implicit in its claims for equality, democracy challenges the legitimacy of the political order, as liberal legitimacy rests on discussion and the compromise of shifting majority rules. Third, liberalism will tend to undermine the possibility of The Political in that it wishes to substitute procedure for struggle. Thus, last, legitimacy and legality cannot be the same; indeed, they stand in contradiction to each other.

    For Schmitt, fundamentally The Political question is ‘what is the distinction between friend and enemy”. This supports a view that organizations are defined negatively – organizations are defined by who is excluded rather than who is included. It follows that

    Not just foe as-in the neighbor who shovels leaves into your yard, but the enemy who will fight you to the death. Many liberals are cognizant that there are people who want them dead (though usually they think The Great Other is a person from deliverance) but refuse to identify what’s on the table to resist their Enemy. Ask them if they’re fine with mass graves and you’ll get accused of some -ism.

    But the crux is this – they refuse to make final decisions if any group involved is in the progressive stack order. Ask them if honor killings should be treated differently from any other violence against women and they’ll say you’re islamaphobic. Ask them if a woman or a black man is a more diverse hire and they’ll only try to make sure the hiring decision means a white man isn’t getting the job.

    But they refuse to make a final, definitive decision in front of their peers.

    For this reason, I’m not too concerned about bourgeoisie liberals making things too bad – they won’t be able to commit to something grievous. Now the illiberal left, that’s something but most of them seem unable to stomach serious violence and they’re too disorganized to really achieve continuity. Sure, they can toss stuff at ‘nazis’ and scuffle in the streets, but a squad of pencilneck, vegan, full luxury communist ANTIFA aren’t taking over my house any time soon. These people need a trigger warning for hamburgers, the moment they see their friends holding entrails, it’s over for them.

  13. -Nate

    Back when I was footloose and fancy free I got *so* much strange by dating what are now called ‘MILF’s, back then they were Women with Children and most of the so called men I knew were deathly afraid of them fearing they’d get sucked into some sort of Family situation when the Women involved knew what they wanted and how to make sure you left happy ~ few had the time to want a full time Man underfoot .

    So simple .



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