More Pertinently, When Will They Love Their Kids More Than They Love Getting Raw-Dogged By A Stranger?

Crisis actors. It’s not a phrase I’d heard prior to this week, but after the school shooting in Parkland, FL it’s become a part of the conversation. Some people say that these tragedies are “false flags”, bolstered by a passage in a rather infamous conspiracy-nut buff book in which the author details methods by which the government encourages school shooters. Others are troubled by the idea of an FBI agent’s son giving talking points to victims as he supposedly interviews them right in the middle of the shooting. There’s also something just a bit squicky about the rapidity with which the media rolls out coordinated talking points on gun control even as people are still dying in their classrooms — to say nothing about the insanity of CNN promoting voting rights for 16-year-olds.

(The conspiracy theorist in me says that this “16-year-olds should vote” crap is part of a general campaign to normalize pedophilia, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

For the moment, however, let’s use Occam’s Razor and let the simplest explanation suffice: these school shootings are real, they are not the product of hypnotism or even violence-inducing anti-depressants, and they are happening in more or less the reported fashion — in other words, there are no mystery shooters or deep-state agents getting involved. The question any sane person would ask is simple: why are they happening?

As it turns out, there are some simple statistical correlations that lead to some extremely unpleasant conclusions.

Let’s start with an often-overlooked fact: school shootings are not necessarily a recent phenomenon. Ninety years ago, a member of a small town school board used explosives to kill forty-four people at the town school. There have been school shootings virtually since the founding of this country, with forty of them during the nineteenth century. I’ve read claims that the ratio of school shootings to population in this country has remained more or less constant; I don’t know if that’s true.

It wasn’t until the advent of the twenty-four-hour news media that we made school shooters into household names: most people can still easily identify “Klebold and Harris” as the Columbine killers. So it’s perhaps a bit too facile if we point the finger of blame at CNN and the rest of the media oligarchy. Still, I can’t help but notice the undeniable fact that if you’re a kid who wants to get his manifesto out there or enjoy the white-hot spotlight of national fame, even if it’s posthumously, a school shooting is definitely the way to go at the moment. (The distant second-place strategy: bringing a hoax bomb to school.) The Parkland shooting has gotten more media coverage than every Olympic gold medal put together. Statistically speaking, you’re better off loading up an AR-15 than you would be attending gymnastics or skating school for ten miserable years.

Not that most school shootings occur with an AR-15. The infamous American “assault weapon” is actually under-represented in pretty much all the crime statistics. HuffPo says they’re about two percent of “gun violence” in America. Not to worry. In the future, most school shootings will feature an AR-15. Two reasons: the media keeps telling the kids how effective it is, and sales of AR-pattern rifles have soared through the roof since Mr. Obama was elected. It is now the most popular rifle in America, largely because everybody thinks it will be the first one to be banned. They reason, and correctly so, that it will take the gun-grabbers a couple of decades to get around to bolt-action hunting rifles.

Don’t worry, they will get around to it. The United Kingdom is about to ban lever-action rifles like the Winchester 94, so named because it debuted in… 1894. But the semi-autos will be first so that’s what people are buying. And since kids don’t buy guns anywhere but inside the hothouse environments of Baltimore and Chicago, it seems safe to guess that tomorrow’s school shooters will increasingly have access to an AR-15 or, as they say in the rental business, similar.

Yet the gun does not create the deed, no matter what the media would have you believe. Civilian sales of AR variants have been going along at a steady clip for 35 years now. We haven’t even discussed the fact that the United States Government distributed hundreds of thousands of M1 Garand rifles to citizens through surplus sales and the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Trust me, the M1 Garand is a deadlier weapon than the AR-15, and at a considerably greater distance. There’s also the little-noticed fact that gun ownership rates in America have dropped precipitously. In 1978, more than half of American households had a gun. Today, just over a third of households have a gun. There has also been a remarkable increase in the percentage of gun owners who use safes and other secure methods to hold their weapons. Statistically speaking, it’s tougher than ever for kids to get the weapons they use for school shootings.

So. Let’s recap. School shootings are up, despite the fact that gun ownership is down. Could there be another factor? There could be, and there is: The vast majority of school shooters have little to no contact with their biological father. It’s a phenomenon that is more widespread than school shootings. Fatherless boys commit more violent acts and have worse outcomes than boys who live with, or have regular contact with, their fathers.

Robert Bly warned us about this more than thirty years ago. He discussed the “shortage of father” in American homes. He predicted that there would be a terrible price to pay. And we are paying it now: in Chicago, in Baltimore, in Parkland.

The scientific evidence linking fatherlessness to violence and criminality is far more “settled” than climate change, gender equality, or any other of the progressive left’s cherished ideals. So why do we continue to pretend that this is a “gun problem” instead of a “father problem”? My most cynical answer is this: because everything is working exactly according to plan. Ninety-two years ago, the Marxists told us in their own words that the State would replace the family as the defining unit of humanity. That the State would raise children, that the State would destroy the ties of marriage and family. The father shortage in America is by design. It is in perfect accordance with Marxist precepts which, like it or not, continue to underpin much of American political thought.

The fact that we have 300 million guns in this country, however, is most emphatically not in accordance with Marxist philosophy, which teaches that only the State has the right to wield deadly force or physical power. So the guns have to go. It doesn’t matter if it happens all at once or in dribs and drabs. The devotees of the State are patient people and they know that their “advances” are rarely reversed. In fact, the State doesn’t even need to outlaw all the guns. It just needs to marginalize gun ownership to the point where the next generation looks at it the way my generation looked at littering or the generation after mine looked at Coca-Cola. Once that happens, the generations that follow will just drop their guns off at the approved recycling center.

But let’s dream for a moment that we could accomplish complete European-style gun control tomorrow, in which ownership of firearms was restricted to the police, career criminals, and members of the Islamic terror community. Would that reduce school shootings? Absolutely. It worked in Australia, although in fairness it should be noted that Australians, as a whole, are not terribly violent. Even before their gun ban, Australia as a whole country rarely matched any of the major American cities for homicides. Still, it is an undeniable fact that you could reduce school shootings by confiscating every privately-owned gun in the country. I don’t even think you would get a civil war if you did it, honestly. Wars tend to be fought over economics, not ideals. If we have two more decades of soaring income inequality and rural unemployment, then we will get a civil war. We won’t get one over the Second Amendment or the First Amendment or any of the Amendments.

If you take every gun out of every American home, however, you will still have fatherless young men who would like to perpetrate some violence. They can do it with homemade explosives. They can do it by driving a car into a crowd. They can do it by stabbing people. And the day is coming when they’ll be able to do it using their university CRISPR machines to biohack as they see fit. Wiping an amped-up variant of influenza or hepatitis on every doorhandle in your school? You could fire an AR-15 into a crowd for ten uninterrupted minutes and not do that kind of damage. Or maybe you think that people like Klebold and Harris wouldn’t be able to figure out a CRISPR process?

What we need is a return of fatherhood. A return of fathers, too. Real, true, biological dads. Loving their sons, disciplining them, educating them, reprimanding them, inspiring them. But we aren’t going to get it. Seventy-seven percent of African-American children are born out of wedlock; nearly half of the children born to Hispanic immigrants are born out of wedlock. That statistic should frighten you. It is an accurate predictor of the future for these kids. They will be fatherless. If the dad doesn’t care enough to marry the mom, he doesn’t care enough to parent the kid. I know, I know — you have friends who are engaged in a non-traditional, patriarchy-destroying unmarried long-term partnership somewhere in Brooklyn. Those people are the exception, not the rule.

And what about the married couples? More than half of them will divorce. Whose idea will that divorce be? Well, when I was a kid I always thought that divorces happened because your dad wanted to kick it with younger broads at the tennis club — but it turns out that somewhere between seventy and eighty percent of divorces are initiated by women. The ever-reliable HuffPo provides six reasons why, and let me spare you the read: four of the six “reasons” are thinly-veiled exhibitions of narcissism, and the fifth is that they aren’t getting fucked enough.

Blame society, I guess. But that’s vague. Let’s put the blame on a modern media culture that tells women they are entitled to “have it all”. It’s no surprise that women are dissatisfied with their marriages; the media tells them that they can Eat/Pray/Love their way through a series of endlessly interesting romantic relationships with exotic, fascinating men.

I’ll give you an example. Fifteen years ago, I ran into a high school classmate. She was working for a customer of mine. This woman had a great figure and her face was holding up. Her life seemed perfect to me: two decent sons, a $750,000 house, a new Lexus every two years. There was just one problem: the husband was a bit of an alcoholic. But wait! Around her 38th birthday, he got sober. And stayed sober. And earned even more money.

Over a long dinner, my old classmate complained to me that her hubby wouldn’t go out to drink with her because of “his stupid 12 steps”. Before I knew it, she’d gotten divorced. So she could have the “excitement” that she “deserved”. I think I was the first person she slept with after her marriage ended. The dude after me was 50 years old. The one after him was 55. She turned forty herself and the middle-aged spread hit. Now, from what I can tell, she spends her evenings drinking at a pathetic strip-mall bar hoping someone will take her home. The alcoholic husband? He waited for her. More than five years. Now he’s got a 30-something girlfriend.

I’ve heard a lot of stories like that. One guy’s wife kicked him out for being boring. Then she moved a tatted-up drug addict into her house to live with her daughters. Well, that’s exciting.

The vast majority of these women would be better off working things out with their husbands. But our media lies to them and tells them that they can have it all. So they give it a shot. And in doing so, they drive off the fathers of their (often teenaged) sons. Or they obtain child-support judgments that the father can’t possibly pay. So he loses his sons that way.

The photograph at the beginning of this story was taken at an activist church in Australia. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Why don’t we love our children more than we love our guns? But it’s not guns that are destroying the majority of our sons’ lives. It’s the lack of a father. And we aren’t letting our children die because we are obsessed with guns. We are letting them fail in tragic fashion because we love Tinder and OKCupid more we love our children. We love the pursuit of one-night stands more than we love our children. We love the morning-after pill more than we love our children. We love fucking, and being fucked, more than we love our children.

In other words, we love ourselves more than we love our children.

The alert reader may point out that I am, myself, the divorced father of a son. He might point out that I engaged in years of absolutely repugnant behavior with any number of women, sometimes in combinations. He might even remember that I’m not allowed to review Toyotas any more because of that. He would be right. But it is no sin to admit that I am wiser today than I was five years ago. It is no sin to admit that I’ve changed my own priorities and that I am better off for having done so. Like the song says, I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, only for the word “clouds” feel free to substitute “binge drinking with promiscuous women whose last name escapes me.”

We can stop school shootings. We can stop school bombings. We can stop all that stuff. We can stop it by being involved with our sons and by supporting the rights and abilities of other fathers to become involved with their sons. There is a growing movement for fathers’ rights both in the USA and around the world. It’s worth supporting that movement. This is more than a problem. It’s a crisis, and it demands action.

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    • Avatareverybodyhatesscott

      A lot of people think this but you’ll get destroyed if you say it in polite company. I would not be surprised if this post shows up at ch or voxday.

      Good stuff Jack.

    • AvatarJustPassinThru

      No…you’re not.

      But it’s becoming hard to hold such views on the Web. I cannot count anymore how many blogs, boards and the like I’ve been banned from. One news-oriented site which welcomes free and open discussion, has suddenly been overrun with web-hosting “technical issues.” This while Google has made it disappear.

      Candid discussion on the Web is going the way of open discussion on college campuses.

      • Avatar-Nate

        All this is very interesting .

        I’m White with blue eyes and once had straw blonde hair .

        My Family was beyond dysfunctional and didn’t care about me the last of many babies so I left home by age eight, I have never since stayed anywhere I wasn’t wanted .

        Anyway, as I passed through Childhood of the damned I noticed the Black and Jewish folks were always more compassionate than the so called ‘Christians’ who never did anything to indicate they understood a word of Christ or The Bible .

        All this _before_ I was jailed and discovered just how bad things can get .

        FWIW, I don’t give _anyone_ a pass for lying, distorting, cheating or stealing .

        No one forces poor people of any color, creed or religion to do drugs live like pigs or shit where they sleep .

        I am honored to be allowed to be here and learn from you alls .

        Still banned @ TTAC, that’s too bad but from what I hear they’re dying anyway .

        It’s tough to be a true Conservative these days .

        TMI I’m sure but this thread has me thinking .


        • Avatar-Nate

          BTW: as mentioned by a wise Man here, ‘poor’ is a state of mind, broke is what most allegedly ‘poor folks’ actually are .

          I know hunger and poverty up close and personal but I didn’t allow it to stop me from being a happy productive Conservative American Citizen .


        • AvatarRick T.

          Thank you for your honesty and candor.

          As far as TTAC goes, I’m a frequent reader but much less frequent commenter. I’m finding myself just skipping over a lot of the posts these days. I don’t think you’re missing a lot.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Sadly, me too .

        However, I used it to decide I’d _NEVER_ go back in .

        I thought it a simple decision, most there didn’t .


    • AvatarDirtRoads

      Spot on, Jack. This is more well-known, at least in my circles, than you might think. But the solution is not as well known, and in fact I fear is slipping away from us more and more.

  1. AvatarMental

    I have been a teacher less than 2 years. And I can tell you with a 95% accuracy rate the students in my classroom who have parents who give a crap.

    I can do that within 2 weeks.

    Within 3 months I can tell you which parent is out of the picture. By Christmas break, I can tell you their home life and what the step parents are like and still keep an 85% accuracy.

    Becoming more common is the married couple and the Dad works out of town. So they see him twice a month, but there isn’t even the chance of a decent step parent in that situation.

    I am getting uncomfortably comfortable with being a father figure for easily a dozen teens. It’s a scary world and it opens wounds I had long since thought healed.

  2. AvatarJustPassinThru


    The debate is being framed as it is, because there are elements, of a loosely-organized movement, that want to not-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste. Kids are shooting up schools because they’re feral; they’re amoral, with no supervision; because they’re filled with omnidirectional rage; and because they don’t understand the difference between fame and infamy.

    And authorities, for no rational reason, are loathe to move on risks, including juvenile risks, who telegraph their intent and/or are turned in.

    The aim here is to disarm the public. Just as a movement is afoot to bring in some flavor of socialism – you know, where everyone shares what’s yours, with you. Property rights abolished.

    Those economic systems, in the end, only work at gunpoint – so, the first order of business, is to get the guns out of the hands of those Bitter Clingers.

    The trouble with such decisions, are, they’re impossible to reverse. Now, if the Congress raises taxes more than is prudent, they can be rolled back – it’s a hard, long, noisy process, but it can be done.

    Once the citizen loses his Constitutional guarantee of his right to weapons of self-defense…loses it with Imperial Court rulings or by an outright rewriting of the Constitution – once it’s done, IT IS DONE. The Sovereign Citizen becomes a serf and a subject. Government has weapons and he has none.

    Likewise, the desire to use government force, to, presumably, make things “more fair.” As we’ve seen again and again, once government is given that power, the power is not surrendered until collapse or civil uprising. Free citizens can vote away their freedom. The serfs they become cannot vote it back.

    We have a troubled future ahead of us.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      That video is sad. I can visualize his skinny pants, man bun, and sport jacket three sizes too small. Perhaps a perfectly curated beard. Do women really want to have sex with that kind of a man?

      I’ve blown or siezed three engines and totaled a 5 month old car but I never cried. Pounded the pavement in frustration maybe, but never cried. Dude, you had a brand new Mercedes, but that’s what insurance is for, chill.

      • AvatarJustPassinThru

        That’s what hit me in that vid.

        There are weak, confused drama queens about, in this unfortunate time; and a lot of them are, at least chromosonally, males. Here in my little hipster settlement in the Bitterroots, we have more than the average share – California expats.

        Okay. Weak and stupid people abound.


        How does this HAPPEN? Like you said…it’s insured. He just bought it. Stand back and watch the fireworks; and think about whether you want to use the insurance money to get another…or maybe, not make the same mistake twice.

        But no. There with his woman with him…he’s carrying on like a scared four-year-old. And who comes to help him? An ARMY MAN. Someone who DOES have emotional and mental discipline.

        Portland is a strange place…but this was strange, even for Portland.

        FWIW…I see by the credits, the soy-boi supplied that video HIMSELF to the Oregonian newspaper. My gawd…if it caught me carrying on like that I’d have at LEAST wiped the sound track…

    • Avatarstingray65

      After watching some Olympic coverage, my first thought upon hearing that little queen scream about his Benz is to wonder whether he was on his way to figure skating practice, and that if he ever would win any competitions he would definitely be telling us in his frilly little voice that he would not be shaking hands with VP Pence.

    • AvatarCompaq Deskpro

      Last November, a bus moved over into me on the highway when I was on my Yamaha R3, lots of road rash on arms, broken tibia and fibula on one leg, side of calf was shredded, requiring a skin graft. (I’m learning to run again now.) Even while sitting in the ICU staring at my muscles sticking out the side of my bloated paralyzed leg, I don’t think I shed a tear, let alone bawl like a child being dragged out of Toys R Us. I have a single mother too.

      • Avatarstingray65

        Deskpro – sounds like you have a bad case of toxic masculinity. Get with the program – the real men of today cry and screech like girls, and almost certainly won’t ride anything more masculine than a Vespa.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Jeezo-Peezo ! sorry to hear about this, BT, DT and have the scars etc. to prove it .

        I didn’t even cry when I realized my Motocycle was beyond any possibility of repair .

        Luckily the first time I happened (when I was run over by a taxi) I saved the destroyed Moto and am confident it’s repairable, I’ve begun collecting parts to do so even though I may never be able to ride it again .

        I can’t hear the sound track on the you tube video, I’d be upset if my Classic Mercedes Sports Coupe (or raggedy old piece of junk, you chose) caught fire or was otherwise ruined but unless my Sweet or Son was killed I can’t imagine _crying_ over it F’ Chrissakes .


  3. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    “When will they love their kids more than they love their guns?”

    This is how I figure it: I’m a Jew and I believe that the First Amendment is so important and true that Nazis have the *right to have a parade down my street population mostly by orthodox Jews, despite the fact that it might devolve into a situation that might threaten me and my family. I’m also a parent and grandparent and I believe that the Second Amendment is so important and true that people have the right to arm themselves despite the fact that it might end up threatening me and my family. The 2nd Amendment allows me to protect myself if others go beyond the limits of the 1st Amendment.

    I deeply resent people, particularly those who are childless themselves, lecturing parents that they are terrible parents if they don’t support gun control.

    BTW, this is what happens when you bring up fatherlessness to a lefty:

    Me: “The process by which Israeli civilians can possess firearms is pretty rigorous. That being said, every Israeli school with at least 100 students has at least one armed guard that’s associated with the civilian national police. Teachers and students are trained to fight back, barricade, and run away, not cower.
    Teenage boys brought long guns to school in my lifetime. There were high school gun clubs. There weren’t school shootings like there are today, but then boys had fathers in their lives then and weren’t treated as defective girls.”

    Lefty passive-aggressive friend who has been a guest in my house and eaten my food:
    I don’t wanna sound disrespectful here, but the fact that you brought guns to school as a child is one of the silliest responses I’ve ever seen. Maybe in not leave it to beaver days, it was OK. Unfortunately, we have a population that was raised one gun violence and has diminished life-and-death to orific video games. We kill people in other countries with drones

    Me: “I never brought guns to school but it was not uncommon. Why do you not want to address the issue of devaluing fathers and boys?”

    Lefty passive-aggressive friend:
    You just assume all the mass shooters did not have fathers in their lives. Awful broad assumptions. Second . Sexist if you ask me. There are plenty of single mothers who have raised young men to adulthood without issue.

    Me: “There are plenty of AR-15 owners who have never committed mass murder. You made as politically correct an answer as I expected. Mustn’t upset the sisterhood. Boys need fathers, not lectures on toxic masculinity.”

    Lefty passive-aggressive friend: [silence]

    In a similar vein, I heard something today that makes me just shake my head in dismay, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. The Jewish holiday of Purim falls next week. Lots of levity and kids, and some adults too, wear costumes. My adult daughter collects WWII era propaganda posters and on Facebook mentioned that she wanted to dress as Rosie the Riveter and was hoping someone could loan her a rivet gun. Someone called her out, saying it was inappropriate because of “no guns”. That person must quake in fear at the thought that my tool box, with a solder gun, a staple gun, and a hot glue gun, is not locked.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      * I left out the footnote. Nazis have the right march down my street and I have the right to have 12 Americans judge whether or not I react appropriately to what I perceive as a threat to my life. I’ll use my own 1st Amendment rights to make sure that if they do march, said Nazis will know my position and hopefully they’ll be on their best behavior.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Here in California the American nazis used to come out all dressed up on brown shirts and ride packed in the back of a stake bed truck like cattle, saluting the pissed off (mostly, not all) Citizens as they drove by .

        This was in the 1970’s and I was amazed that anyone would so blatantly mis use their American freedoms .

        Of course, the liars here who claim to be against welfare conveniently ignore the fact that corporate welfare is many times greater than the pennies tossed to our most impoverished Citizens, many of who were denied any sort of chance to advance….

        Lying to buttress your dishonest stance shows your cowardice and true racist alt-right colors .


      • Avatarrambo furum

        This is how the literal Nazis reacted when Judea declared war on Germany. Needless to say, the Jews were not on their best behavior again.

          • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

            It’s quite amusing the way you let Jews live in your brain 24/7/365 rent-free. To be honest, even gratis it’s no bargain. It’s kind of small and smells a bit like mildew.

            My Jewish grandchidren next week will celebrate the downfall of Haman, your Amalekite antecedent, and we will laugh at the likes of you.

            Cut-rate Aryan.

    • AvatarJustPassinThru

      Right on, Ronnie. I’m not Jewish; but my father was German and grew up in Nazi Germany. Born in the States; but the Depression hit and his German parents figured they’d be better off in the Old Country.

      And they were – for a time. And then, as time went on, my father, of grade-school age, was ordered into the Hitler Youth.

      And the vise clamped down on Jews. Now, my grandfather…he was of a long line of blond, blue-eyed Aryans…and to me, even, I’m blond, blue-eyed.

      He was a genetic throwback. Black eyed and swarthy. A German Lutheran, but olive-skinned.

      One day, the local Gestapo commandant invited him to come down to his office and explain why he was not in the Jewish area and not wearing a Star of David.

      That was the last anyone saw of him.

      My father, a minor child, could use his American citizenship to obtain an entry visa to the United States. But he couldn’t get papers out, not legally. My grandmother had no such claim.

      I am not sure, and probably my father never knew, how they got the forged documents that enabled an exit and boarding a British liner to the United States.

      But they were FUGITIVES. On the RUN…because neither they nor any other Germans were allowed self-defense weapons or firearms. They were likely to be arrested soon. Those who would help them were nearly as powerless in the face of armed government guards and soldiers, as they themselves.

      History, critical history, is no longer being taught in the schools in America, either – and I don’t think it’s accidental.

      • Avatarrambo furum

        I’m highly skeptical of this anecdote of a person getting disappeared for looking Jewish. This was an orderly society fond fond of rules and documentation. Unless this was an “undocumented” citizen, there is something missing from this story.

        • AvatarJustPassinThru


          Must be, he was trying to pass.

          What do you know about Nazi Germany, and where did you learn it? I learned what I learned, from two people who lived through it.

          Moreover. My father, being a dual national who did manage to get to Cleveland…got drafted three years later. Once the Army found out he spoke perfect German, knew the landscape and the culture (just as important) he was of course made a scout for Infantry. It was his amazing luck that by the time he got over there (again) the Germans were pulling back faster than the Allies were advancing.

          Then. While all his platoon-mates were being discharged and sent back to the Big PX…they kept my father as a clerk-translator. All those documents, from Auschwitz and Dachau…had to be translated; the photographs taken, reproduced, documented, and released to the press. By General Eisenhower’s direct orders.

          No, you’re very, very wrong here.

    • Avatarstingray65

      The problem for leftists in debating your points Ronnie is that to admit you have a point would force them to acknowledge the role of the welfare state in destroying the traditional family. The only way mass single motherhood can exist is because the welfare state is replacing the income that traditionally has been provided by the male breadwinner. Such dependency on the State is the entire basis for the Democrat party’s existence, and Obama promoted such dependency in the “life of Julia” video in the 2012 campaign. Gun control is much more attractive to the left because it extends their desire to expand government control and dependency, while acknowledging the destructive influence of the welfare state would mean rolling it and all they believe in back.

  4. Avataryamahog


    It’s a sign of the times that avoiding recreational drugs (including alcohol), honoring your parents, working hard, and setting alarms on the weekend is counter culture but here we are.

    I’m reminded of the controversy stewed up when a law school professor talked about the value of hard work, marrying someone and then having kids, and going the extra mile because it’s the right thing to do.

    Many of the critics complained that exhibiting that degree of gratification delay shouldn’t be a precondition for success. Maybe they’re right. But that’s not the argument, the argument is roughly that sacrifices today for a better future is one of the most concrete ways to make the future better. The equality of outcome crowd has all but called for the eradication of investment. God forbid someone decide they’ll make a trade-off for the future.

    For all the harping about inequality, I’m impressed it’s not worse. My ex was a 4th grade teacher and the contrast between kids who came from two parent homes and kids with lackadaisical single parents is astonishing. I really feel bad for these kids who frankly don’t have much of a chance. And even if the blank slate-ists are right, it’s apparent that blank slates need good cultural values. The real tragedy of the “there are no good or bad cultures” is that it seems to discourage goal formation or at least confuses the process.

    But not all hope is lost. A school in Dallas (with 77% of the kids identified as ‘at risk’) organized a breakfast with dad program and solicited volunteers for kids who don’t have fathers. They needed ~50 and 500 men answered the call.

    Between us all, we can talk through these things. But lets leave the lecturing for leftists.
    Ever since the fall of man, the only thing that’s made a difference is hard work.

    • Avataryamahog

      Forgot to add / couldn’t find a coherent place for it.

      But my biological grandpa ran out on my grandma / uncle / dad. My uncle and dad got into some trouble for a few years. Eventually my grandma made a really smart decision and married the man who is now my grandpa – one of the coolest dudes you could have the privilege of knowing.

      He put the house in order and got Honda Cub 70s for my uncle and dad and to hear them tell it, it changed their lives. My dad quit screwing around and started busting his hump to get the money together to race motocross and my uncle went on adventures.

      I sometimes wonder if life will pass me by and I’ll celebrate my 40th birthday and realize that I never got around to starting a family. But I take solace in the fact that there’s always going to be desperate single moms with sons – how great for me, I could find a woman who appreciates stability and buy some punks some motorcycles and change their lives for the better. Heck, if I get real desperate I might go to Baltimore and find the 12 o’clock boys and ask if any of them have moms who weigh less than 140 lbs.

      • Avatarnightfly

        You gotta bloom where you’re planted, yamahog. For reasons not germane to the topic, my wife and I have no children “of our own” but we do have one adopted son. I don’t think I could love him any more if he was my flesh and blood, and we’ll do all in our power to raise him to be a good and faithful man.

        The power to change a life for the better is always in front of each of us, minute by minute. Maybe you will “inherit” your family in the manner you describe, or (as more often happens) it will be unexpected and unforeseen… and of course you wouldn’t dream of changing a thing. In the meantime there’s just the people you move past each day, perhaps without even noticing, who notice you giving a crap and rising to whatever small occasions present themselves.

  5. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    The majority of single mothers have ZERO desire to have a father figure in their sons life. They recall all the perceived “bad times” with the childs father and assume you are a rat bastard like the father now is. I have been down that road several times over the last 37 years. If you take the son fishing, have him join you working on an old car or bike, or tear into some plumbing, that’s marginally acceptable. If at any time you attempt to correct a behavioral issue, boy howdy mama bear comes out. “Don’t you dare try to impose YOUR views on my child, I’M raising him to MY views”. Well, 3 of those past women with sons, 2 of them have sons in jail, and one who is now dead. Yet this “toxic man” is still out here earning a good living, and living life on my terms.

    Who won? Nobody. These mothers no longer have the company of their sons and society has more young males that if/when they get out will be unemployable.

    Back when I was in junior high/high school (just before dinosaurs became extinct), we settled our differences with a fist fight. Even tho EVERY boy carried a pocket knife, and a majority in high school had some type of gun in their car/truck, it never crossed our mind to use them. MEN settled their difference’s with a fist fight, and most knew it was done and over with at the end of the fight. There wasn’t often a winner or a loser, you just fought because that was the way it was done from the beginning of time. And it worked. One of the toughest fights I had was with a big Irish kid who decided to torment me one day. He was easily 8″ taller and 50 pounds heavier, but I hit him with a haymaker from my beltline. He staggered, looked at me like “where the hell did that come from”. Afterwards, we became best friends and stayed that way until his death 8 years ago from cancer. These days, if 2 boys fight, DFACS, the local police, and all form of government agencies get involved.

    The pussification of males is almost complete, RIP.

  6. AvatarSpud Boy

    l couldn’t agree more with the points made in the post.

    There’s no lower life form than a man who abandons his children. Having said that, it’s the behavior of women that have allowed men to behave as as they do. Back in the day, most women stayed chaste until after marriage, divorce brought real stigma, and children born out of wedlock were called bastards.

    The advent of birth control, abortion and the free love of the 60s and 70s changed the dynamic between men and women. If even 20% of women decide to give it up with no commitment, the other 80% must follow along or they will have no chance at a relationship, as the 20% of sluts can satisfy the 90% of men looking for sex.

    At 55, I don’t expect any of this to improve in my lifetime. The only thing I can do is live in the safest neighborhood I can afford, and hope that my loved ones don’t become victims of some dead-beat dad’s bastard child.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      Guys will do just about anything for that sweet, sweet jellyroll. Societies get the men that woman will screw. All women have terms. Some insist on a ring, a steady job, and a house in the suburbs. Some will have an hourly rate. Some will let you raw dog them on the back deck because her sister is visiting and they had an argument. In general, as a society we’re better off with the ones who want a ring, an employed husband, and a house.

      • AvatarDaniel J

        Marriage is just a piece of paper. Not all men can afford a house in the suburbs. Does that mean they can’t have a woman to love?

    • Avatarstingray65

      Great post and comments, but the one aspect that is not mentioned is that missing fathers is also devastating to girls. Promiscuity, single motherhood, preferences for “bad boy” “relationship” partners, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness are all associated with not having a relationship with a father or father figure. Since women choose the men they wish to mate with (men ask, women choose), and still have dominant responsibility for raising children, having a lot of screwed up women is very bad for society.

      But I believe a very good argument can be made that the feminist movement is totally responsible for all of societies ills. Feminists have gotten virtually everything they ever desired: They have the right to vote (and tend to vote leftist especially when single – governments almost never ran deficits except in war-time when only men voted), they have access to cheap and effective birth control and safe child-birth to give them total control over the number and timing of children (yet the rate of illegitimacy has gone up while fertility rates has gone down), they have been freed from the drudgery of housework (women used to spend 30+ hours per week just preparing food, now less than 6 hours), they have virtually unlimited educational and vocational possibilities (60% of undergraduate degrees, more than 50% of medical and law degrees, female quotas at the “best” schools and companies), and they have total protection in the law (no-fault divorce, almost “automatic” child custody and child support, sexual harassment protection, equal pay laws, less likely to be sentenced for crimes and receive shorter sentences than men, etc.). Yet most indicators find women as whole less happy than ever, and as the old saying goes, “if momma ain’t happy, nobody happy”. Men have given women all these things they wanted and the end result is that traditional gender roles, which were built on thousands of years of trial and error have been turned upside down in the last 50-75 years. Yet with women increasingly in charge, school shootings and all other societal problems are attributed to toxic masculinity and paternalism, because most women refuse to admit that they suck at being men, and that it sucks to be a man.

  7. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    We shouldn’t forget the fact that girls need fathers too. Think how the problem gets compounded by women who don’t know how adult men should act having to raise boys.

    Someone who had volunteered as a freedom rider in the early 1960s and then stayed in the south working on welfare reform reflected how welfare helped destroy poor black families. In prior times it was not unusual in rural black communities for young women to have one or two children out of wedlock and then eventually settle down with one man who would raise her kids with her. Welfare removed the need for the man and the fact that payments were tied to the number of children exacerbated the situation.

    • AvatarAoLetsGo

      My neighbor seemed to have it all (great house, nice cars, lovely wife, adorable kids) and then suddenly he moved out the house and in with a young sweetie. He has had almost no contact with his two teenage girls since then. It is sad to see how these girls have taken a 180 degree turn for the worse. Some of us neighborhood dads have tried to take up the slack but it is not the same.

  8. Avatarstingray65

    In an earlier post I commented about the 20 ways that leftists/Democrats are hypocrites, but their response to the tragedy in Florida points to another:

    21. Private gun ownership should be banned, so that only the police (who indiscriminately shoot unarmed black men) and military (who shoot babies and children and are at the beck and call of ‘not my president’ Trump) will have guns.

  9. AvatarKvndoom

    What a bunch of fucking hypocrisy.

    What you don’t see is that a world shaped to what you think it should be is no better than the world those dreaded liberals want to create. It’s still all about control. You just think your version of control is better than theirs. You are no different from them. They are what you see in the mirror. Opposite but equal.

    So any of you righteous high and mighty Christian men… those of you who never had sex before marriage, raise your hand. I don’t expect more than one or two at the most (I can’t make that claim).

    And any of you righteous high and mighty Christian men… those of you who wore a condom 100% of the time when you had sex with a woman who wasn’t your wife at the time, raise your hand. I’m expecting crickets on this one.

    So… who the fuck are you to tell the world how it needs to live? If you didn’t do it right, what suddenly makes you the authority that others should listen to? We all make the same mistakes when we’re young, but some of us grow up and some of us don’t. That’s the way of the world.

    Don’t preach values to me when you did the same shit I did. That’s why the far left hates you just as much as you hate them. Nobody practices what they preach, but they never stop preaching.

    Birth control is part of the cause of the plague of fatherless children? Let me unscramble my brain and try to make some sense of that. Seems to me that since people are going to fuck (and they are going to fuck… they have always been fucking and always will be, but just as Jack said, we see it more now because of the evolution of media and the Internet) we need to be encouraging them to fuck responsibly. Blaming birth control for promiscuous behavior is like blaming Pepsi for drunk driving.

    Truly Jack, when John hits puberty and the hormones take total control, when “pussy” is the prevailing thought in his brain 95% of the time, do you risk rebellion by forcing him to be isolated from all things sexual, or do you make sure that whatever he does, he does so responsibly? It’s a point in life that every parent must face, and it plays a big part in shaping the adult that child will become. Serious question, how did your own father deal with it for his sons? And how did his sons behave as a consequence of his approach? I’d be interested to know.

    It’s bad. I remember how bad it was. Masturbating sometimes 4 times a day. Good grief! (im not even going ask for a show of hands for anyone who never beat their dick as a teenager because you’re a fucking liar if you say otherwise). Yeah we can pretend it doesn’t happen. We can pretend our kids aren’t doing it. But we went though the same shit and it would behoove us all to remember it and accept the fact that our children will have to deal with it as well. It’s what our bodies do, and if you don’t like it, then ask your inert god to delay your child’s puberty until they’re out of college.

    • AvatarScottS

      ” It’s still all about control. You just think your version of control is better than theirs.”

      I know this was pointed at Jack, but I am confident that my, we, our, whatever you want to call “us” beliefs (or what you call control) is superior. The farther I travel down the road of life the more I am given cause to critically examine what I believe vs. the Alt-Left progressive agenda we are force-fed every day, and I have little doubt about who is right and who is wrong.

    • Avatarstingray65

      Kvndoom: As the old saying goes: “The church is a hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints.” You are absolutely correct in pointing out that sex as much and with as many as possible is pretty much programmed into the male brain, but the “rules of living” regarding sex and other aspects of life that are part of all major religions, and which so many of us violate, are there to curb our ‘enthusiasms’ for the good of society and the individual. In the name of feminism and ‘inclusion’ we have been replacing such rules with the post-modern edict of “if it feels good, do it” , and finding out that such changes are not leading us to a better place. In other words, some rules and cultures are better than others, and deviating from the rules that made western civilization the ‘leading light’ of the world is resulting in breakdowns in family that are the backbone of a well functioning society.

    • AvatarMrGreenMan

      I am sorry you’re so angry. One of the great things about being a moral actor is that we can recognize we’re pigs wallowing in filth, and then stand up and get out of it. Your argument that anyone who makes a mistake can’t repent of their past and then tell others not to follow them means that you’re locked into a fatalistic worldview that time is a circle, everything happens and happens again, and there is no point – and all the way back to Babylon, that polytheistic worldview has been the destroyer of people and of nations because it makes life futile and pointless.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I think you’re reading something in this post that isn’t there.

      Young men need fathers. I don’t know where the speech about my kid wanting to tap some broads ass comes in. Set me straight on this. Seriously.

      • AvatarKvndoom

        I lost a paragraph in there somewhere and I apologize.

        Where I was coming from was the penchant of men to “knock up and run” was not only a product of being fatherless, but of having fathers who are unwilling to give good talks about sex, its consequences, etc.

        Typing hurriedly on a damn phone before work also has its consequences.

        • Avatar-Nate

          Interesting that the so called ‘Conservatives’ ( they’re not) basically want to do whatever they want without ever accepting the consequences .

          This is why “gun control” is a real thing and properly implemented (see Israel ) means taking the time to BE RESPONSIBLE with firearms, not willy nilly allowing anyone to handle and play with them .

          Same with condoms etc. ~ as mentioned , Males are hard wired by Nature to look for breeders relentlessly when they’re young .

          Don’t be stupid and “just say no !” ’cause it ain’t going to happen and never has in the world’s history .

          The alt rights hypocrisy is staggering, all the while lying and blaming the left for WHAT THEY’RE DOING .


          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            Okay, let’s say all of that is right.

            Why does my hometown have literally zero gun violence despite being chock-full of guns, while Chicago has 63 murders so far this year despite having a total handgun ban?

          • Avatar-Nate

            My rather simplistic answer ? .

            Because Fathers and Community morals and standards of behaviours and self respect are still in place there, unlike wild free for all California where I live and have to avoid getting into fights with idiots who do ignorant and stupid things then get all pissy when they’re called out almost every day .

            As you said : Fathers are a good way (? the best way ?) to teach young ‘uns to follow the rules of society so we don’t wind up like White enclaves like Russia, Croatia and Poland….


        • Avatarcarrya1911

          There was a time where a man who got a girl pregnant was expected to actually raise the child and support his soon-to-be wife. Not just by that man’s father, but by every other person in society. His family. His extended family. Any potential employer.

          This was control. It was control because the urge in his pants comes along with a responsibility and everyone knew that everybody is better off if he fulfills that responsibility…even though he likely doesn’t want to because he just wanted to get his dick wet.

          Parents told kids not to have sex because sex has a hell of a lot in common with a firearm: A mistake that takes seconds can lead to a lifetime of consequences.

          Young men did not abandon their responsibilities as father because their dad didn’t give them a “good talk” about sex or its consequences. When you impregnate a woman you know what the fuck you are supposed to do. You know what the honorable thing to do is. But it was made really fucking easy for them to not do any of that.

    • Avatarsilentsod

      I wish I had my copy of Coming Apart on hand because there are actual statistical correlations between absentee fathers and later outcomes in life that should not be hand waved or ignored. If only half of fathers who are currently missing are engaged with their families and productive we would be seeing large scale changes in crime rates, delinquency, etc. Society at large, though, doesn’t value family and doesn’t value fathers nearly so much as mothers these days except among the affluent who very much do not practice what they preach (ie they have stuck to more traditional values and they are presenting an extremely different statistical picture for long term success in life).

      No joke, you can see two different versions of cultures playing out in America right now and one of them is being fucked and the media is telling them that what they’re doing is supposed to be good and right.

  10. AvatarBigtruckseriesreview

    Your mistake is that you believe that you can use terror against these people in order to get them to comply.

    Terror against them does not work.

    They are not afraid to die and as far as they’re concerned – their life has no meaning.

    The vast majority of the school shootings have ended in the shooter committing suicide before the police even got there. Examples include Columbine and Sandyhook.

    The problem is that you are dealing with people who are suicidal that have decided that they are going to spread their misery by committing homicide.

    They will then escape the clutches of the justice system by killing themselves or by having a long and drawn-out shootout with first responders which they already know that they can’t win.

    These people’s lives mean absolutely nothing to them selves and usually they are loaners whose lives mean nothing to anyone else around them.

    The only way to deal with them is to kill them before they are able to kill everyone else

    These people are not mentally insane.

    If they were insane they would try to commit mass murder using a fish sandwich or a slice of pizza.

    They specifically picked powerful weapons and they specifically pick on poorly armed targets. They also plan out their attack so that the response to their attack will be slow or inefficient.

    What you are witnessing is the rise of the SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIOPATH.

    Terrorists thrive on the media in order to get their message heard because simply killing in a vacuum does not change their situation at all. Social media sociopaths rely on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as the medias first for new stories. They could simply kill themselves but they already know what our response is going to be. It’s the same logic that goes into a “suicide by cop“. They know exactly how to elicit A lethal response from the police.

    Vast majority of this country has no idea what it is dealing with but I understand completely.

    We remember the names of the school shooters but we do not remember the names of the victims because there are so many and because the media focuses on the shooters.

    But in order to get your name remembered you have to commit an atrocity that far outweighs the last.

    Ironically: encyclopedia dramatica’s “high score“ page is more logical than what the mass media has been doing.

    • AvatarGeorge Denzinger (geozinger)

      I think you’re on to something, Bigtruck. Several years ago, one of my favorite come home after the bar TV shows used to be the ones that featured all of the police chases taken from the vantage point of the news helicopter. Suddenly, these shows stopped. The explanation I heard was that too many people were trying to get “in the show”. I don’t know if that’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me. It seems everyone has to get their 15 minutes of fame somehow.

      I think there’s a correlation to many of the other things mentioned earlier, but it’s not like these are new problems. It doesn’t matter to these sociopaths. If we manage to debase or discredit their ultimate goal, the notoriety, maybe, just maybe we’ll see less of this sh!t.

  11. AvatarJohn C.

    I am not sure the sperm donors to these out of control boys would really be providing much positive guidance. The apple probably looks a lot like the tree. I too used to think more in wedlock births would reduce these problem children. As I get older and more pessimistic, I think that being married to the no prospects, irresponsible loser would have been no panacea. Look at those married, but left high and dry women that the welfare system was originally designed to deal with in the 30s.

    • AvatarCompaq Deskpro

      The people who do get married and have kids do it much later than they used to, and they seem to be producing autistic kids that they freely admit they make no attempt at disciplining. They post on Facebook pictures of their kids doing stupid stuff like standing on tables in restaurants and bringing different food with them because they refuse to eat, well, anything. Are these people grown up the soy boys? They probably would refuse weird tofu stuff though.

    • AvatarCJinSD

      Look at the crime, education and employment statistics for people raised in a home with a mother and father compared to those who went without. We’ve established that pretty much everyone sucks. Perhaps people who pick themselves over their children are inherently so inferior to those who don’t, but chances are children would still be better off with both parents in house.

  12. AvatarDisinterested-Observer

    Tried to post a link but I guess they are not allowed anymore, or maybe it just disappeared into the tubes.

    At any rate, google The Delinquents In Pilanesberg

    Also that stat about fewer households owning guns is almost certainly bullshit. There are 300m guns in the US, and ~100m households for a population of ~320m including illegals. Even if every gun owner has an average of three guns, then the average household has a gun.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      We are not blocking links. Not that I know of.

      The statistics show an ever increasing number of guns concentrated in fewer households. In that respect, guns are like guitars!

      • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

        Statistics show that fewer people are willing to answer in the affirmative when a stranger calls them on phone and asks if there is a gun in the house.

      • Avatarstingray65

        One point about your post Jack that is inaccurate is the success of confiscating guns in Australia. I’ve seen recent credible evidence that the confiscation efforts in the late 90s took only about 20 to 30% of known guns out of the hands of Ozzie private citizens. It is also interesting to note that several countries with much more restrictive gun laws are ahead of the US in per capita mass shootings. As the link shows, Norway is number one due to the “productivity” of a single fatherless man-child.

      • Avatar-Nate

        “In that respect, guns are like guitars!”

        Or cars be they old or new, music boxes and many other ‘collectable’ things except you’d have to really work at it to kill someone with your Les Paul .

        I made damn sure no one had easy access to my firearms and taught my Son at an early age they’re just tools and like many power tools, can be fun and rewarding to use and care for plus work on and modify but are still just tools .

        The fact remains that few American firearm owners are serious about the safety aspect and this has to change before we loose this important right .

        There are no ‘gun grabbers’ just stupids who are in many senses, shooting themselves in the foot .


        • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

          Guns are pretty safe as long as you don’t point it at yourself, your spouse, or a rival drug dealer and pull the trigger.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Thanx for the link ! .

        Having grown up mostly with out my (useless) Father in the picture, I heartily agree that Fathers need to be there to guide their Children .


    • Avatarmopar4wd

      Almost all the gun owners I know here in CT own 7-8 guns each. Back in the day people like my parents had one to two guns (in their case a shotgun and a 22 for target shooting) Now most seem to own huge collection with less an less having just one. At least a couple of my friends own what I would consider a small armory.

      • Avatarstingray65

        Its a case of affluenza – most of us have more of everything that we like – in part because most stuff has gotten relatively cheaper and on average we make more money. The key unanswered question I have about the Florida shooting is how an mentally unstable orphaned 19 year old high school dropout with no visible means of support was able to afford 5+ guns and the ammunition needed to do his shooting spree.

          • Avatar-Nate

            Oh, crap ~

            I’m trying to set up a trust fund for my 3.6 YO Grand Daughter, does this mean I have to worry She’ll go bonkers ? .


          • AvatarDisinterested-Observer


            Not sure how much money you are talking about but make sure she doesn’t know about it until she is old enough to handle it, and realistically asses how much info to give your son/daughter about it.

            My parents spent a couple grand on a lawyer setting up a trust that basically bypassed my sibling and I so that our respective kids would get a windfall at ~30. I didn’t mind figuring I will have to work until I am dead anyway. My folks’ lawyer eventually convinced them to rewrite the will* so that my sibling and I could just get the cash and decide how to spend it for the grandkids (i.e. on school). I haven’t touched it, my idiot sibling has taken several trips to Europe and basically treats it as a second income.

            *In retrospect this may have been an unethical ploy on his part to generate billable churn.

          • Avatar-Nate

            Thanx for the thoughts .

            I’m not rich so I’m setting it up to be diversified with the current largest part indexed because I know bupkis about investing….


  13. AvatarDougD

    Culture is like glasses, if you want to have a good look at your own you have to take them off for a while and look through someone else’s.

    • AvatarGabriel S.


      At 19, I was inundated with credit card offers while attending college. I had no established credit and received a plethora of offers with fairly generous credit limits. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Citibank, Discover,
      Capital One, or any of the other myriad credit card providers inadvertently financed a mass shooting.


  14. AvatarDaniel J

    I believe overall that the lack of discipline, unreal expectations, and cyber bullying is much of the cause of this.

    The first one is self explanatory, and I think Jack touches on this with fatherless children.

    On the second point, it’s simply a matter of everyone is a winner. Little Johnny is the smartest and bestest at everything. Until he’s not and becomes depressed or angry. The media props up all expectations for all genders and races. Teenage girls reading Cosmo or watching reality TV. Sometimes it’s the parents with the unrealistic expectations.

    And of course my second point leads me to my third. Young boys and teenage boys can be shamed if they don’t meet expectations. Girls shame because it was a bad date. Because they aren’t cool enough, aren’t athletic enough or aren’t rich enough.

  15. AvatarKevin Jaeger

    Charles Murray has documented much of this social decline in his book Coming Apart. I don’t recall if it specifically addresses these mass shootings but I consider them one ugly part of the general social decay we’ve experienced. When I was young I knew a guy who sounded very much like this Florida shooter. He ended up first in reform school and then jail. Who knows what might have happened if the schools and police had ignored as many glaring incidents as they seem to have done in Florida?

    • Avatar-Nate

      @Kevin ;

      As mentioned unless you’re a worthless sod, all it takes is one (or in my very lucky case) a whole bunch of good people, mostly Men to take an interest in you and tell/show you there’s a better way/life to be had .

      I was way down the rabbit hole with guns and crime, incarcerated at a very young age and in due time I noticed that quite a few people took the time to tell and show me, I was on the wrong path and not likely to survive much longer……

      I’m *very* lucky to be alive at this point much less living a nice comfortable life in a nice place although it’s not rich or even upper Middle Class by any means .

      The Individual needs to be shown the right way and also needs to be willing to try something new and different, this is _really_ scary when you’re 14 with a gun in your pocket doing everything possible the wrong way .

      Fathers are vital , make no mistake .

      In 2016 all six of our teenaged Foster boys graduated high school in South Central Los Angeles .

      In 2017, three crashed and burned badly, I have no idea if they’ll make Adulthood alive, the two remaining are doing O.K., one is wobbling badly, he’s 11YO going on 30 and isn’t stupid bu has known only extreme violence, poverty, drugs and so on since birth ~ he’s cheerful and helpful right until his mother shows up or calls, then he goes off the deep end like in a bad Ghetto movie .

      I take him with me as much as I can to show him life out side the Ghetto, he loves taking care of my animals and never gets bored when I’m working on vehicles so I’m hoping we’ll get him turned ’round before it’s too late .

      He’s deathly afraid of anything new due to h mother’s proclivities .


  16. Avatarvaujot

    So are you suggesting that crime by boys who grew up without a father is to blame on their mothers who either got knocked up before marriage or divorced the father before the boys were mature? Should women not have sex before marriage and not divorce when they have kids? Is that a policy suggestion to reduce crime while letting anyone who wants to have semiautomatic firearms? I am unconvinced.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I’m saying that young men need fathers.

      It’s not about the semiautomatic firearms. Chicago bans semiautos entirely. Yet they have 400 murders a year in an area the size of Frankfurt.

      • Avatarvaujot

        I agree with your main point.
        But your article makes it sound like the mothers are to blame when boys grow up without fathers. What’s the point of the statistic that most divorces are initiated by the wifes or the anecdote about the woman you knew who left her boring husband. I strongly disagree with the notion that in general, the mothers are to blame. I’d say in most cases, its the fathers.
        And if its not about semiautomatics, then the section about the AR-15 is also pointless.

          • Avatarvaujot

            It’s the fathers’ responsibility to raise their sons regardless of whether they’re still living with the mother. There are of course cases where the mothers prevent that. I don’t have statistics but I would say that they are way more cases of fathers not living up to this responsibility than there are mothers preventing it. Fathers’ rights organisation may disagree.
            BTW, the high level of incarceration of males in certain US demographics also contributes to sons growing up without their fathers.

        • Avatareverybodyhatesscott

          The women who boot their husbands out of their house for cash and prizes are one subset to blame.
          Deadbeat dads are another subset to blame.

          Everybody agrees on deadbeat dads getting blame but if you point out stay at home Suzie gets 20% of Johnny Just got kicked out of his house under threat of jail’s post tax income you’re being mean to women. Women who pick perfectly good men out of the house because they’re not getting the tingles anymore should be publicly shamed as much as dead beat dads.

          • Avatarhank chinaski

            Again, do women have agency or not? Currently, more than ever, they choose who will potentially impregnate them and if and when to give birth. So yeah, ultimately mom’s fault in most cases. Choose a lousy dad or kick a good one out, same result.

            Notice the disproportionate media outrage v. the Vegas shooting given the respective body counts and targets. I can’t imagine more ways to pin this on school district and law enforcement failure…39 reported encounters at the home (some of which would have inevitably been a red flag for gun purchase if reported), Feds tipped off and ignoring warnings of threats, armed school guard refusing to engage.

          • Avatareverybodyhatesscott

            Again, do women have agency or not? Currently, more than ever, they choose who will potentially impregnate them and if and when to give birth. So yeah, ultimately mom’s fault in most cases. Choose a lousy dad or kick a good one out, same result.

            I actually mostly agree with you regarding getting knocked up by randoms. It’s really not that hard to avoid getting pregnant. The state will even let you murder your unborn child (which I am against) but the guy who runs off on his wife and kids is just as much of a shit head as the woman who kicks her decent Husband out of the house. Based on the divorce statistics, I’m inclined to believe the woman is kicking the man out more than the man just abandoning his kids.

            The current thought is “It’s the mans fault no matter what” Dalrock has a pretty good series on this.

  17. AvatarToddy Cat

    I ran some numbers on school shootings, and it’s not true that school shootings have remained constant relative to population, although at all times they are very rare events, almost always lower than the number of Americans killed by lightening each year. If we look at the 20th Century, we see rates increase and average from .00047 per 100,000 in the 1920’s to .00245/100,000 in the 1960’s to about .00380/100,000 for the ‘Oughts. The big jumps came in the 1960’s, when the number more than tripled over that for the 1950’s, and in the 1990’s, when the numbers reached their present levels.

    Some other things that I found;
    -Due to the fact that school shootings are such rare events, one large incident like Columbine or Virginia Tech can really kick up the average for a year/decade.
    -School shootings do not track the overall murder rate, at all. The 1920’s were a fairly high-murder decade, but school shootings fell to a 20th Century low.
    -The first school shooting that had over ten deaths was not registered until 1966, despite the availability of semiautomatic long rifles since 1906, and rapid-firing rifles for forty years before that.
    -Prior to the 1960’s, the median death toll in school shootings was one.
    -The total death toll for school shootings in the fifty years prior to the twentieth century was 31.

    So, yeah, the U.S. has always had a few school shootings, and they are still very rare events – students are far more at risk from automobiles, or ordinary street crime, that from lunatic shooters. But the number has gone up relative to the population, and it does not seem to be obviously connected to firearm availability or the overall murder rate. Those who say that something has changed since the 1950’s are wholly justified in this conclusion.

  18. AvatarAoletsgo

    A friend of my cousin runs a hobby farm near my home. She posted the note below, basically saying something similar to Jack but in a totally different way.
    I think it comes down to three basic things: a nuclear family, love and discipline.

    “I’ve never been good at the whole ‘crying it out’ thing. When my children were babies, I breast fed them, and I think that enhances the maternal bonding instincts that are already there. I don’t know… just a theory.
    When they were several months old, and it was time to start teaching them to sleep through the night, it was torture for me. I would hear them cry, and every cell in my body screamed for me to run to them. I think that was one of the hardest things, for me, about being a parent-those first lessons in teaching them that they are going to be ok for a bit of time without my presence.
    Now my human babies are grown and gone, except for 15 year old Amon (who has no need for my constant presence anymore).
    I have this little lamb in my house right now, because his mom rejected him. Since pulling him into the house, I’ve tried to boost his confidence by letting him know that I will be there when he cries. I tell him how big, strong and handsome he is when I give him his bottles.
    His umbilical cord is staying wet because he’s a dude, and… well… his little wanker is located in close proximity to the umbilical area. He’s in my house, so he’s in diapers. Keeps things damp.
    After a couple of days of physical and psychological therapy with the little guy, he is doing really well. He’s eating like a champ. That means he’s also peeing/pooping like a champ. Seriously… I bought a super sized box of diapers at Sam’s Club for a freaking lamb.
    So tonight, I decided to have him sleep in the basement. We have laminate flooring down there. My plan was to remove the diapers and let his baby man parts and umbilical area air out….hopefully resulting in his umbilical cord drying out somewhat.
    Even though I was ready for bed at 10:00, I resolved myself to stay up another hour (because that’s when little Rambo would be due for a feeding). I gave him his bottle, and waited to see if he would feel the need for a sugar rush marathon (i.e. laps around the house). He did not. He walked up to me with the ‘thanks for the bottle, now let’s snuggle’ look on his face.
    I picked him up and snugged for a bit, then went downstairs to the basement. I took his diapers off, then switched out the laundry (you do a lot of laundry when you have baby farm animals living in your house).
    Then… I went through the intense pain of walking back up those stairs without him.
    I closed the door and walked to the living room, where Tom Kelly was sitting in his chair. I told him how much it hurt that I could hear little Rambo crying. Instead of running down to him, I chose to write about what I was experiencing.
    Now that I am done, he is, too. Little guy has stopped bawling. He is curled up, soundly sleeping on the blankets that I left down there (yes, I peeked).
    As much as it hurt for me, he will come through the experience feeling like a more independent, stronger ram lamb. He will be ready to stand up and do his job when I need him to, and he will still know that he is loved.
    This brings to my mind some troublesome things that are happening with our young ones these days. I think it’s important to remember that it’s more than ok to say ‘no’ and to set boundaries for our babies, in addition to having expectations of them.
    Yes, it hurts to hear them cry, and it hurts to see them struggle. But what service are we doing if we prevent them from having those life experiences? Those are the experiences that make them strong.
    I have taught my children, above everything else, to be respectful, compassionate, hard working, and loving. They struggle in life, like many of their peers. When they cry, it’s so very hard to say no. But it’s what they need. I know they have it in themselves to figure things out and survive, because I taught them those lessons.
    Farm life has many lessons to teach, and it’s wonderful to reflect on the fact that many of those lessons are relevant to what’s going on in our society.
    My current farm lesson is a reminder of what I’ve had to learn over and over again:
    No matter how much it hurts, let your babies grow. Step back and trust them to act on the lessons you have taught. Be strict, be firm, say no, but let go. Don’t overindulge. Have expectations. Follow through with those expectations. And always be aware of where your babies are, and what they are doing.
    My little Rambo experience has reminded me, once again, of where I came from, what I was taught, and what I taught my babies. I am thankful for the strict farm family I grew up with. Guarantee you, I never thought of shooting anyone, although guns were always around me (kind of necessary on a farm).
    So very sad for the babies who are not loved in the right way, who grow up to malfunction, and who hurt others. Let’s be tough on our babies, while also being loving. This will teach them to feel confident in themselves while also being appreciative of the time that others are willing to spend with them.”

  19. AvatarRod Panhard

    Jack: You’re correct. That’s what’s different.

    My dad fought in World War II. Many soldiers brought home rifles, some even brought sub-machine guns. I know lots of guys in Central Ohio and Arkansas who took shotguns to school in their trucks and cars so they could hunt after school. This was in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. It was not to shoot up school.

    Fast forward to the 2000s. I was a middle school PTA president in a very liberal town in New Jersey. For three years, I was at the school more than part-time employees. I knew the kids in the dean’s office who acted up. I knew the kids on the honor roll, and I knew their parents too.

    The only common denominator for the kids on the honor roll was two involved parents. The common denominator for the kids in the deans office was they had one parent. Sometimes, that parent was involved, but usually not.


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