Weekly Roundup: Here Are The Snowflakes Of Yesteryear Edition

All the guys
Who really have the money
Are too old
To have a good time with it

My local shop has two ZX-10RR Winter Livery Editions in stock. I’m now of an age where I could easily finance it — three hundred bucks a month would take it home. Another 125 a month to insure it on the months where it actually leaves the house. You could barely buy a Camry SE for that kind of money.

Alas, it’s painful for me to just sit on the bike in the dealership. The idea of a hundred-mile ride, or even a ten-mile commute? It doesn’t bear thinking about. The ZX-10RR is more uncomfortable than my BMX bikes, and by a long shot. Plus I have my ZX-14R which is faster, at least in a straight line.

Still. These things are cool. Or maybe they’re not cool to anybody who can actually ride one. Maybe those kids would rather take an Uber to a Tinder date than ride a ZX-10RR up a canyon road. Best not to think too much about it.

At TTAC, Brother Bark gives you the scoop on miserable FIAT dealers while I talk about automated ways to beat a ticket or get a divorce.

At R&T, I give you the scoop on the 2019 Miata and show you the future of motorcycle infotainment.

As you can see from the last of these articles, my ZX-14R is now out of winter hibernation and ready to roll. Yesterday I put fifty miles on it without any joint pain. So much for the snowflake double-R. I’d better stay in my lane, huh?

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  1. AvatarJames

    And the comments at TTAC on Bark’s article were all about how one commenter was rude to another commenter, and that wasn’t very nice of him is it?

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Yeah there was the whole drama about whether something is a “chick car”.

      Since we live in a genderless universe, nothing is allowed to be a “chick car”. If you see a woman driving her Fiat 500 between her woman-only gym and her position as Chief of Diversity Issues at a company that advertises itself as being woman-owned and selling products made exclusively for women, calling that Fiat 500 a “chick car” makes you a racist.

      • AvatarAcd

        What would the current batch of TTAC commenters do if they ever read Robert Farago’s Subaru B9 Tribeca review?

        • Avatarhank chinaski

          The only 500 I’ve seen in a year is driven by a portly middle aged woman, who uses it to take her purse-dogs to the park nearby. It’s an Abarth.

          Now Fortnite, *that’s* for chicks.

          So Jack, ND2 for your growing Miata stable?

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          Are you saying there’s a better motorcycle helmet than an Arai Quantum? Cause that’s just plain wrong. Now on the other hand if you want to disrespect my choice of graphics… fire when ready

          • AvatarEric H

            The helmet quality is fine.
            Is the flower scratch-n-sniff? 🙂

            Of the women I’ve seen riding, ALL of them have unadorned helmets, must be a guy thing.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            You’re right. I have five helmets to match various bikes… all of them with heavy graphics. My wife uses a plain silver Arai.

    • Avatarsilentsod

      I just about died reading the “chick car” exchange; I suppose any excuse to get upset is a good one these days.

    • AvatarFelis Concolor

      Bark just needs to preface his articles with the following disclaimer:

      “WARNING: Contents may offend the easily offended.”

  2. AvatarBill

    I see your on the masthead of the revamped Cycle World. Guess I’ll stick around as long as Eagan and Cameron do.

  3. AvatarWulfar

    Several of the older guys I knew in the ’80s had the original ZX900R Ninjas. I lusted over that bike and always envisioned as I got older the dedicated sport bike would remain my mount. Somewhere around 2000 I realized I had a lot more enjoyment when I could go fast and still take a trip somewhere. I’d ride a ZX10 if someone let me but my money would rather be spent on a pristine 1984 900 Ninja.

  4. Avatarst1100boy

    Naked sportbikes are the answer for anyone over 27. All the real world performance, most of the track performance, livable comfort, and even a good bit cheaper to insure ($300/year for a Tuono or a Super Duke for a 40+ rider in my neighborhood).

    • Avatarjz78817

      still probably need to budget for a new seat. the stock seat on my FZ-09 is grippy but angled so I slide forward, causing my jeans to compress the T&B. got one from Saddlemen which is a massive improvement. but either I have to adjust my grip or put on some foam grip covers.

      • Avatarst110boy

        I bought the KTM Powerparts seat for my Super Duke, mostly for the extra inch or two of legroom it provides. Not sure the seat itself is any more comfortable, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s not, but the legroom is nice when one has a 36 inch inseam.

        The -09 is a bike I still haven’t ridden. Gotta work on that. I did get a short hop on an XSR900 and thought it was very interesting and a sweet engine. Too bad the XSR is downright ugly in any color scheme other than the yellow and black.

  5. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    I had to get off of sport type bikes a number of years ago. The many broken bones over the years, and the resultant arthritis, made it no longer comfortable to ride in the same position as a dog hunched up to take a dump. Now into my sixties, I prefer comfort for a long haul. My FXR or GSPD are great for a couple hundred miles, more than that I want my “road couch” (RoadGlide or K model BMW).
    The perils of surviving longer than I had a right to. 🙁

  6. Avatardon curton

    You could always switch to the CB1100. That way when asked why your max speed was 112 mph, you’d have another chance to complain about the JDM speed governor.

  7. AvatarArbuckle

    I’m watching the auction and Jonny Lieberman is a commentator for it. And he’s f*cking up info on every other car and he’s never not an annoying, attention-whoring spaz.

    Off-topic, but I needed complain about this ear cancer somewhere.

  8. AvatarJim Zeigler

    At 28, I have owned seven motorcycles and all of them have been slow. I’ve broken 100mph only once (on an ’88 Hawk GT), and that was on a deserted country road at 2AM. Lately, I’ve been thinking about going full squid and buying a 1000cc something-or-other to get it out of my system, as the MMJ song goes.

    My only issue is the weight of these sleds. Unless you go with a full-blown CBRGSXRZXRR, the entire market seems to think that ~500lbs is par for the course for a larger-bore bike. I’m riding an R1100GS right now, a fatass 560lb agricultural turd of a motorcycle that has me swearing off anything over 450lbs after I get it sold.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      The ZX-14R carries its weight in a very different fashion from a GS. It’s light on its feet unless you’re trying to back it up a hill with your legs.

    • AvatarCliffG

      Sports bikes come in a lot of different colors. I could never ride Yamaha’s (weird stretch), but a CBR1000RR was literally all day comfortable until one day my 60 year hips old yelled no no no. And the fueling was the finest I ever rode. Try some before you categorically dismiss them all. And, yeah, Jack, the Arai Quantum is the best.

    • Avataryamahog

      Have you considered some hot to trot super Moto? A plated WR450 / KTM EXC-W / 690 enduro might be just the ticket. They’re all pretty light ( sub 300 for the 450s, 330 lbs for the 690) and 45-70 horse is plenty when it comes from a high compression thumper.

      Get a 250 TPI and plate it and be our hero.

  9. Avatar-Nate

    Not that it’s relevant but last Sunday after making a long dormant Moto run again, I hopped on it and took off down a gravel road going up hill and around a corner, surprised my self as it’s the first ride since I crashed 4.26.17 .

    I’m now seriously looking to get back to riding .

    I don’t see any reason not to buy one of these Jack, as long as you like it and it won’t beat you up too much .

    Gotta go easy on the back .


      • Avatar-Nate

        Yessir ! .

        I agree and thought _really_ hard about hanging up my spurs but I want to ride again…..

        Someone here in Phoenix offered me a 1953 Cushman ‘Springer” (? WHT is that ?) affordably, I’ll go check it out ~ might be a cheap and relatively safe way to get back in the saddle .


          • Avatar-Nate

            I was in Phoenix for the annual Southwest Unique Little Car Show, it was fun as always .

            I’m _really_ getting old tho’ ~ the drive there and back nearly killed me never mind swimming ’round in a junkyard for 1- 1/2hours when I discovered some hard to find parts were only 20 miles away ….

            I hope to maybe get astride again this Summer ~ prolly just local coffee, sunup / sunset rides, like that to begin with .

            I love the Desert .

            Phoenix is YUUUGE now ! much different than it was decades ago .


          • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

            I’m not sure how big Phoenix used to be, but yup it’s mighty spread out. And traffic up the wazoo.

            Good luck getting back to riding. I know the times I can’t, it nearly drives me nuts.

    • AvatarDougD

      Well done Nate, congratulations. My screwed up knee won’t let me ride sportbikes anymore, but any ride is better than no ride.

      We’ve got snow on the ground today, is winter livery just a cruel joke?

  10. Avatar-Nate

    I’ve only ridden Tiddlers in the snow, in my Army jacket, gloves, boots & so on so maybe we’re just not supposed to ride in the snow ? .

    I sure had fun though .

    I need to get caught up on four wheel works before I can begin attacking junk Motos in the back yard, why I’ve been looking at ready to ride bikes for sale .


  11. Avatar-Nate

    BTW : my knees are -so- screwed up it’s incredible not just pain full but I’ll figure out something ere long =8-) .



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