Spotter’s Guide To The May 2018 Issue Of Road&Track

If you’re tired of reading “ride-along” reviews of the 2019 ZR1 written by people who weren’t allowed to drive it, today is your lucky day. Last month, I spent two days driving the ZR1 around the NCM West circuit. Was it fast? Yes it was!

How fast was it?

Go look at last year’s Performance Car Of The Year testing. See how fast the AMG GT-R was? It was very fast. The ZR1 is faster. How much faster? I can’t say, at least not yet.

There are plenty of other things that I can tell you about the ZR1, however. They can be found on page 24 of the May 2018 Road&Track. Check it out, why dontcha.

12 Replies to “Spotter’s Guide To The May 2018 Issue Of Road&Track”

  1. Paul M.

    Wow – that is sweet and can’t wait till I get my copy of R&T. I can’t imagine using more than the regular Vette’s engine, I am just not that good a driver. One question, I wonder if you can answer, were you able to push it hard enough to see if it has some of the same heating issues as the Z06?

  2. Rock36

    Real question Jack, is there any deliberate intent behind which NCM track configuration is used? R&T used the west circuit the last couple years too, but back in 2016 it was a 2.9 mile circuit without the sinkhole. Was that because you were running cars like the Viper, Z06, 488, and wanted the long straight to demonstrate some impressive peak speeds?

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      There is. I switched us to the West circuit once I started setting the laptimes instead of Larry. I did it because using a shorter circuit allows me to be more consistent and more mindful. It also helps prevent brake fade since all these cars come with stock pads and fluid.

  3. Bigtruckseriesreview

    Considering what they want for this thing, just get a TESLA LUDICROUS and then you can take your whole family with you while you drag race that lame Corvette TO DEATH.

    I’ve got 5 WITNESSES.

    • mas

      Be it as it may, Corvette sounds a metric ton more awesome.
      (Also, on a good day, you can do 64 such starts before completely draining the battery, then it is back to the wall plug for the Tesla)

  4. tyates

    Sure, but should I save for the Limo? Well, I really liked the 2017 comparison article – yes obviously they should have let Jack do the final draft, because it was a little high on the cliches per column inch- but still it’s always fun when someone compares a McLaren, Porsche, Camaro, Honda, etc around the same track. I guess the Corvette didn’t make the editorial cut last year? Anyway, looking forward to reading it.

    This weekend I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to Chipotle and she said “only if we can go over the mountains” so we went from Beverly Hills to Sherman Oaks via Beverly Glen and then took Mulholland & Benedict Canyon on the way back. That’s a great drive and there’s even a scenic overlook. I still see more “supercars” like Lambos and McLarens when I’m stuck in Wilshire or Rodeo than I do on those back roads though – only saw a few 911s this time.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      There was no “new” Corvette for last year.

      The 2014 test had the Z51
      The 2015 test had the Z06
      The 2017 test had the Grand Sport
      The “2018” test didn’t have a Vette
      The 2019 test will likely have the ZR1

      Hard to imagine what’s gonna beat it.

  5. Mark

    Your writing, my love for Corvettes, and the fact that they build this car, made for a special morning coffee with my magazines.


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