We Aren’t Caught Up In Your Love Affair

You can hear the soyboys at Gizmodo LITERALLY SHAKING as you read it: Nineteen percent of Chinese help-wanted listings specify men only. Some of the listings boast that there will be “attractive women” available for socialization or even dating, and there’s truth behind those boasts as female “motivators” are also being hired by those same companies. The “motivators” are mostly there to look good and keep an eye out for the needs of “their” men.

The organization “Human Rights Watch”, which is a self-appointed overseer of everything from serious issues like female genital mutilation to I CAN’T EVEN silliness like the above, is busy attempting to shame Chinese companies like Tencent and Alibaba into ceasing the above practices so they can adopt the current West Coast model of sexless bugpeople using gender-neutral pronouns and chugging Soylent as they sublimate all of their normal sexual impulses into eighty hours a week’s worth of collaborative work body language to improve shareholder value before the Logan’s Run dynamic of Silicon Valley painlessly reallocates them into unemployment lines at the advanced age of thirty-four.

Needless to say, the Chinese are making a superficial gesture or two to address “the problematic issue” then they will go right back to unashamedly sexist policies in every aspect of their political, corporate, and personal lives. There’s a reason for this: the Chinese have already seen the future, and it doesn’t work.

“Women hold up half the sky.” So Chairman Mao said, and so the Chinese Communists believed, even as their attempts to remake society in a gender-neutral image foundered on the shores of reality. The socialists of China, just like their Russian contemporaries and their Californian successors, truly believed that there was no substantial difference between men and women other than their reproductive organs. It doesn’t matter what the science says; if O’Brien could defy the laws of physics and “float off the floor” through the force of political power, surely the lesser laws of biology and psychiatry would pose even less of a problem!

And thus it went for the better part of four decades, until Nixon and his useful-idiot successors allowed China to effectively re-imagine itself on the backs of the American and European factory worker. I doubt that the Chinese ruling class ever thought that the party would last as long as it has, which is why they forced a mass migration from farm to factory as quickly as possible and killed countless people doing so. No Chinese government official would be as stupid as Messrs. Clinton, Bush, and Obama; none of them would hand over the manufacturing base of their country to a foreign power just to have cheaper towels in Wal-Mart. Only Americans, and to a lesser extent Western Europeans, are that stupid.

In their headlong rush to take advantage of a situation that could not have felt permanent to them, the Chinese gave up on even the least semblance of sentiment. They worship profit with a purity that no trader at Goldman Sachs has ever felt. They are unfettered by morality, love, or sentiment. They care about just one thing: Does it work? It is the same mentality that allowed the United States to become the Arsenal of Democracy in just two short years, but it is pursued in a far more ruthless fashion.

Most critically, China is fundamentally atheist. Not in the way that the University of California system is atheist; those idiots practice a religion called “atheism” in which an entire Pantheon of false gods is worshiped. By contrast, the Chinese generally have no religion at all. Which means that they are free. If it makes sense to march millions of people off their land into miserable factories, there is no God who prohibits it. If it increases profit to use forced labor, there is no Invisible Sky Jesus to prevent such a thing occurring.

Nobody knows how many people have been killed by the Chinese government in the name of profit. It is certainly more than have been killed by “gun violence” or drunk driving or even secondhand smoke. The Chinese take blood and squeeze the money out of it. In one cruel and unintentionally hilarious irony, they created an internationally-recognized “progressive” hotel chain using profits and plans based directly on the murder of ten thousand or more people at Tiananmen Square. This progressive hotel caters to people who cannot take Donald Trump’s “deadly rhetoric”. Never mind that Trump may have just brought an end to the North Korean flashpoint. He defeated Hillary Clinton in an election. That is a crime worse than the murder of ten thousand students, by quite a long shot, am I right?

Any mindset that can wink at murder-for-profit will laugh out loud at the modern liberal golden calves of FGM (Forced Gender Minimization) and “racism” and “sexism” and all that other crap. The Chinese only care about results. Their experience is that men program better than women and that men surrounded by attractive “cheerleaders” program even better. So that’s what they are going to do. And they will get results, as they always do.

When the Chinese tech firms finally eclipse the increasingly moronic nation-states of Google and Facebook, those entities will scream and whine that they were sabotaged by Trump or by rednecks or by toxic masculinity. They will be wrong. It will be their own love that killed them; their love of the atheist religion that assigns value to people based on their skin color or gender or ability to duckspeak whatever brand of idiocy is currently popular. Our progressive overlords behave like people in love. When you are in love, you are blind to the faults of your beloved. But the Chinese are not blind to those faults. They are like the jilted lovers of socialism. They are free to see the flaws in the things you value too much to examine, whether those things are “alt-right” or “progressive” or neither. They only value the end game, the end product, the bottom line. As Lorde would say, they aren’t caught up in your love affair.

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  1. everybodyhatesscott

    If you suggest buying American instead, the same soyboys will call you racist. I can’t disagree corporate work would be more enjoyable if it was filled with slim pleasant girls instead of angry overweight harpies.

  2. John C.

    I would be no doubt pleasantly distracted by an inhouse cheerleader from my toil as a postage stamp writer at the-philatelist.com. But distraction would lower the quality of my output. This doesn’t matter to Chinese who are just really box checking as far as what they produce.

    For this reason I would recommend more ad salespeople and well paid guest writers to Riverside Green before you hire cheerleaders. From my dim memory, they were mostly just teases anyway.

  3. Kevin Jaeger

    I would be inclined to believe what you write but the Silicon Valley tech companies don’t actually practice any of that diversity nonsense they preach. They are created and run by young white and Asian men. They only hire some token diversicrats once they’re large, successful and have ample amounts of cash to throw around on things that amuse them.

    This type of diatribe would certainly apply to the governments they operate in, but in my experience it doesn’t really apply to the companies themselves. They live on a bubble, but not exactly the type of bubble you describe.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Yeah, the startup culture is the most bigoted and results-oriented culture possible. But it doesn’t take long for parasites to attach themselves to any successful Silicon Valley host.

      • Aoletsgo

        “the startup culture is the most bigoted and results-oriented culture possible.”
        Most of the time when you are writing about soyboys and sexless, gender neutral bugpeople I have a really hard time relating. The majority of my career has been with small, private, high-tech startups so there is none of this shit about what you speak. It’s not that I am totally ignorant about the goings on at big corp/government/universities it is more of an out of sight out of mind.
        I also have lots to get done, clients to keep happy and competitors to crush.

  4. Dirty Dingus McGee

    *sends resume to the Ho Lee Fuk manufacturing company so I can be distracted.

    To quote Monty Python; I can stand a little bit of peril.

  5. Eric L.

    When I read your writings on China, manufacturing, and the state of secular America, I always have the same question: When did you arrive at these views? Have you felt this way for 20 or 30 years, or have events of the last decade shaped your worldview? Has this always lurked behind your myriad careers? Do you swallow these “offensive” views at work and play along?

    If the change is recent, is it because of the younger J. Baruth in your life? Or is it simply age?

    As a random reader, who only discovered TTAC immediately after your Town Car accident, it feels like the intensity of your views has grown in the past 2 or so years. But that’s probably some latency between you arriving at these conclusions and feeling able to write about them, maybe?

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      I had more or less a nihilist approach to the future before I had a son. Now I worry about what’s going to happen after I die.

      Also, the older I get the more empathetic about the struggles of others. As an example, I’ve worked steadily in tech for 21 years and expect to be employable for another 21 — but that doesn’t mean that I don’t worry about employment prospects in general for my neighbors and countrymen.

      I do a lot of contract work, six months at a time if I’m lucky and longer if I’m not. I don’t talk to people at work and I don’t form relationships. Then I move on. As James Taylor would say, the walking man walks.

    • 98horn

      I imagine (though I have no first hand knowledge) that the slim attractive “cheerleaders” are not for sex, but for such things and being supportive and encouraging to their cohorts. Truly a lost art in our culture.

  6. tyates

    “Do you suppose it is beyond us to produce a dual system of astronomy? The stars can be near or distant, according as we need them.”

    I like O’Brien. He tells it like it is.

  7. yamahog

    Bribe the people with their own money – single payer Yamato class sports bikes. That’ll restore young men’s thumos.

    Couldn’t be any worse than Osamacare, am I right or what?

  8. Shocktastic

    Making the appearance of available breeding females to Chinese tech-bros is smart marketing to hire the best young men in a society that has a deficit of available women. China & India are both facing a demographic apocalypse due to the availability of cheap ultrasounds and safe, inexpensive abortions.

  9. Jeff Zekas

    Hey Jack, saw a female Chinese U of O student at the market yesterday: male haircut, male clothes, male walk. Not sure if she was transgender or bisexual or just cross dressing. Reminded me of Mao and the unisex outfits worn by the Worker’s Party. Guessing she will fail miserably at school, unlike her capitalist fellow exchange students. By adopting the sexless, gender neutral “American model”, she is doomed to failure, IMHO.

  10. Spud Boy

    I can’t tell from the post if I’m supposed to admire the Chinese, or despise them.

    As for killing thousands by moving them from farms to factories, I can tell you from my experience visiting China many times, quite the opposite is true. “Farming” in China bears a closer resemblance to what we would call rooting around in garbage; the factories, by contrast, are quite clean and have allowed millions to escape abject poverty.

    As for your topical reference to Tiananmen Square, which happened almost 30 years ago, I agree the Communists were a disaster. Lucky for us though, as had the Chinese adopted free market principles, they likely would have buried us economically a long time ago, for many of the reasons you cited.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      I admire the Chinese but I wish that the Western model of governance and morality would prevail globally.

      There’s an increasing amount of evidence that suggests the Chinese simply mass murdered everybody in any village that objected to being “urbanified”. It’s fairly frightening.

      The information that they allow to escape is bad enough: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-wukan-idUSKCN0ZG3A4

          • Tom Daley

            I don’t buy that explanation. Why are they not swept away in the initial neighborhood destruction? They become cause celebre after their establishment.
            Thousands of buildings are swept away all the time in PRC. People aren’t killed wholesale (though I don’t doubt killings occur), they are just moved on, and (shock horror) “compensated”.
            Despite the draconian censorship, you’d be surprised at how much “unfavorable” info gets around on the likes of Wechat.

  11. -Nate

    Gah .

    I remember having Women to do something at the shop but never being required to do any work, it slowed us way down no matter how big their tits were .

    No thanx, keep ’em elsewhere .

  12. JustPassinThru

    The Chinese today live in a reality that supercedes the soyboi Left’s desire to pretend that sexual differentiation doesn’t exist. For decades, the One-Child mandated decree, resulted in millions of abortions by Chinese women. While this was going on, China was still largely a feudal peasantry; a SON was valuable to the family; while a DAUGHTER…COST.

    So abortion for sex-selection became an unspoken rule. And the birthrate was about three males to every female.

    Now, that unnatural population blip is working its way through – all those males are in their thirties, and NEEDING WOMEN. There are not enough to go around. So, just as in Western mining towns, where there was one whore for every hundred miners (I sit here 100 miles from Wallace, Idaho, a notorious town of brothels, back in the day) today, in China, there’s all those men who are STARVED for female attention.

    And yes, the innocent flirting of Office Morale Girls will be more than enough to coax a bit more work out of these men…at least for a time.

    We haven’t seen the end of this, yet…pressure will continue to build. Any war of conquest China is involved in, will be more than JUST a desire to extend political dominance.

  13. Harry


    Longform concerning the imbalance of men and women in China and India. Nothing fantastic or eye-opening about the contents of the article. The subjects are, or are made to be, so pathetic that I can’t imagine any of them finding a mate even if the imbalance was reversed. I don’t think that was the point.

    It is the formatting of the article that is striking. Just scroll through from start to finish. It is an ungainly mash of words, awful infographics, “artful” illustrations, and a branching tree of automatic verticle and side-scrolling that forces you to ingest this fluff that one can normally skip over to get to the meat.

    I can’t imagine a professional editor thought it was a good way to present information. It seems much more like they had a toy and they are going to use every function available. It is presented in the manner of a 5th grader who thinks they are amazeballs at powerpoint.

    • Compaq Deskpro

      Scrolling the wheel down so the images slide to the left is stupid. Why not just stack the animated images vertically?

      I didn’t mind the imagery either, the one showing the man and woman with the tiny house he saved up to build with the skyscrapers towering in the background got the point across that just as many Americans lose out to Chinese outsourcing, most Chinese don’t benefit from their country’s economic dominance either.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Yes and it was largely correct. We’ve just boiled in our frog pot to the point that we don’t think about how much of our industry went to Japan.

      • rnc

        I’m not disputing that fact and I’m leaving out the social aspects of this post, this the part about China being the next great economy that is going to destroy America.

        Japan is a dying country, in 1985 it was the boogy man that it was going to take over the world economically and technologically, when all it did was become better than 1960’s american companies at doing what american companies did in 1960, built a big giant bubble that went pop and when the world pivoted, Japan didn’t know how to and wasn’t willing to allow the creative destruction to learn.

        How is China different?, what is one industry that China leads in? Not follows, copies and does cheaper than what was already there.


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