Welcome To The Temporary Jungle

Thanks for your patience while I work on the site this week. There’s a solid chance that I will transition to a Substack at the beginning of July. There’s an even better chance that the site will return just like it was, except it will be considerably more forthright and explicit on a variety of topics. There’s no Roundup this week but I will have a few music and media criticism pieces up by Friday. If you’re bored you can read about my brief time with one of the final Polestar 1 coupes on Hagerty Media.

It appears there’s been some celebration on social media among various industry hangers-on who dislike me; that celebration is probably premature, but it is spawning some great stuff for me to follow up on later. Shine on, you crazy diamonds, and keep thinking about me “nite and day” like Al B. Sure.

In other news, my Gen 3 Radical SR8 won’t make its SCCA Protoype X class debut until August. Some of the air jack hardware is stuck in the UK, so I’ll be running my 4-cylinder Radical for the next few Regionals until I have everything I need to run the new car.

As for the quasi-cryptic vaguebooking that I had up here over the weekend… that’s still likely to happen. Watch this space.