Jason’s New Ride “The Clunker” – Issa Caprese!

By now I think most of you know of my land-yacht refurbishing friend in Spokane, Jason Bagge. He’s had pretty much one of every ’70s gunboat, sometimes more than one! For instance, I conservatively estimate he’s had at least fifteen 1971-76 Chevrolet Caprices, Impalas and Bel Airs. His latest acquisition is today’s subject, affectionately termed The Clunker: A 1971 Caprice. I’ll let him give you all the details. These are excerpted from posts he’s done on the car between late October and now. -TK

The car, upon arrival, 10/28/2022.

“1971 Chevrolet Caprice 4 door hardtop. Runs great. Has some rust issues here and there and someone torched out the rear wheel lips on the both sides-fender skirts are not an option right now. But I don’t care really. It’s a 1971-more pluses than minuses and I can hop in and drive it. There are parts on this car that are perfect. The expensive ones. That brushed aluminum tail panel piece and the grille are worth almost as much as what I paid for the whole car. I’m going to tinker with it.” Continue Reading →

1955 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe St. Regis: 100 Million Dollars! Muhahaha!

In the late Forties and early Fifties, Chrysler was considered a luxurious, well-engineered, high powered (starting in ’51 with the FirePower V8) line of cars. But at the same time, boring and staid.

They weren’t nearly as smooth and sexy as, say, a ’50 Coupe de Ville. Not that they were ugly, but they were a little vanilla compared to some other makes. Continue Reading →

Last Excursion of 2022: Model Car Show in Countryside

I’ve posted about it in the past, but twice a year in Chicagoland, there’s a great model car and promotional model show in Countryside at the IUOE Local 150 hall in Countryside, IL. My buddy and fellow Brougham aficionado Jim Smith always has a table of promos, and I help him out, so I get in for free. Always a great event and I always find something or several somethings to buy. Usually scale model Cadillacs and Lincolns. Naturally. Continue Reading →

Last Cruise 2022

So the Friday before last, September 30, was the last car cruise in Coralville, Iowa, and the last car show of any size until next spring. Naturally, I went. I’m trying something a little different, transcribing texts I sent to my friend in Texas, Jayson Coombes, on the show. He’s a fellow car nut and we text car show pics all the time, in season. So here we go, in chronological order. After, I went to a fantastic local pizza place in Iowa City, Pagliai’s Pizza, which was totally mobbed due to a Hawkeye game the following day. I don’t know, I thought you all might find it amusing. Enjoy. Continue Reading →