1962 Cadillac Park Avenue: The Garageable Sedan de Ville

In the early Sixties, Cadillac Motor Division received a bit of flack from some of their customers as to the growing girth of their offerings. Said irritated customers, living like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons in their Victorian era mansions in New York, Philadelphia and Boston, were finding that their new Cadillacs were too big for their garages. So Cadillac decided to offer a new model. A shorter Cadillac.

And so, for the 1961 model year, there was a new model, the short deck Series Sixty-Two sedan. (UPDATE: The ’61 was actually in the de Ville series, the brochure showing it as a Sixty-Two series is incorrect. Thanks Dave Smith for the info!). Its primary difference was a shrunken rear deck, all the better to fit in 1920s-era garages and to assist in parallel parking in Manhattan or on Boylston Street in Boston. Standard equipment and interior trim were just as elegant and luxurious as the regular, long-tailed model. That ought to show those moneyed East coast swells, right?

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