Ask Bark: Buy Now or Buy Later?

In this week’s installment of Ask Bark, we hear from somebody who likes us!

Hey, Bark!

Have enjoyed you and your brothers work for some time now on all the various sites you guys post on. I have not purchased a new car in quite some time, like 15 years.  I do have a stable of older cars that include a e28, e30 a mini cooper, and the odd van etc. I have long been a Golf GTI admirer and feel it is getting time to purchase a new car.  My question to you is, should I try to purchase before the end of the year?

Can I afford to wait until the MY 18’s start appearing on the lots?  Of course, finding a 6MT S and lighting package could be more and more difficult.  Also any advice on securing the best deal would be helpful, like I said, I’m out of practice on the new car lot.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and look forward to reading you in the new year!


Hey, Rolf! Loved you in “The Sound of Music.” Let’s talk a little bit about the pluses and minuses of buying at the end of the model year versus buying at the beginning of the next model year.

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Ask Bark: FWD Fun Or Depreciated Deutschland Delight?

Ask Bark is, for now, making its home here at Riverside Green. If you’d like me to tackle a question about car buying, or anything else, for that matter, shoot me an email at I’m always happy to help!

Let’s get to this installment, which comes from a gentleman with a bit of a quandary.

Paul writes:

I am 54 years old with two kids in college.  The 2012 focus titanium has hit 200K.   I am looking for a car.  I have potentially narrowed down my options to a new Golf GTI (~$27K) or a used 2015 BMW M235i xdrive ($29K).  The BMW would have one year certified BMW warranty.  I drive my cars until they die or until my kids hijack them.  Both are automatics (wife requirement).


Do you have an opinion?   Thanks.

Do I have an opinion??? As Liz Warren might say, do you know who you’re messing with?

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