Spotter’s Guide For The September Road & Track


I’m always one of the last people to get my subscription issue of Road&Track, and I’m also not important enough at the magazine to know anything about how my articles are going to look before they come out. So I had to wait until today to prepare this comprehensive Spotter’s Guide to the September issue. Which, by the way, is the one with Tony Stewart and a Corvette on the cover. You should read that article first; it’s the most interesting one in the book and it wasn’t written by me!

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Ninety Bucks A Lap

Ugh, frustration. I’m in the middle of an 810-mile round trip to Summit Point Raceway and my brand-new (well, not BRAND NEW, we’ll get to that in a moment) right rear Hoosier race tire developed a hideous bulge after something like twelve laps.

Not that Boxxy (yes, I recently renamed one of my Porsches after her) was having a great weekend anyway. It’s suffering from the typical Boxster 1.3g left-hand cut-out at the bottom of Summit Main’s big downhill. The exhaust leak is clearly robbing power: Boxxy can’t quite hit 130mph on the long front straight. The good news: I swapped the brake discs on Friday afternoon and they’re fine.

Now for the depressing math.

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