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The Tucker Factory: Still Standing In Chicago

Last June, as some of you regular readers may recall, I attended the CLC West of the Lake Region car show at Ettleson Cadillac-Buick in Chicagoland. I met up with several of my friends there, including Ron Schweitzer, Andrew Bobis, Mike Risatti and Jim Smith. Smith was late. But he made up for it. If…

Press Day At The 2019 Chicago Auto Show!

The Chicago Auto Show is an institution. I attended my first in 1988. I was in third grade, and my parents took me up. It was a revelation for eight year old me. Cars, cars everywhere! Two floors of cars! And concepts, and free brochures! Good Lord, this must be what heaven is like! Suffice…

Road Sharks: Classic Cadillac Fins In Chicagoland

On June 23rd I pointed the Cartier east on Interstate 80 to attend another most excellent Cadillac show. Said event was hosted by Ettleson Cadillac of Hodgkins, IL.