Spotter’s Guide For The September Road & Track


I’m always one of the last people to get my subscription issue of Road&Track, and I’m also not important enough at the magazine to know anything about how my articles are going to look before they come out. So I had to wait until today to prepare this comprehensive Spotter’s Guide to the September issue. Which, by the way, is the one with Tony Stewart and a Corvette on the cover. You should read that article first; it’s the most interesting one in the book and it wasn’t written by me!

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So, I’m In Road & Track This Month


I’m pleased to announce (to the three people who haven’t heard me going on about it) that I have two pieces in the April issue of Road & Track. I’m also featured in the 2013 Boxster review; look for my top-vent Impact! helmet steering the porky Porsche around a narrow-radius turn at Carolina Motorsports Park.

Check it out and let me know what you think!