I Really Liked The Peugeot RCZ


Sleek, sexy, fun to drive, not terribly quick but on the streets of Singapore it was irrelevant. To find out more about the French Audi TT, check out Road&Track Online today.

Incidentally, I notice that one of the search terms used to find this site yesterday was “D cup Malaysian Hooker”. Well, friend, if you’re back today, all I have to say is this: they’re out there.

Malaysia Diary, Day One: Right Hand Drive


I’d like to complain about my twenty-two hours in the air from TPA->IAD->NRT->SIN, but the truth of the matter is that I very carefully picked my United Economy Plus seats and I was able to read all 1100 pages of Neal Stephenson’s “REAMDE” as well as a history book on Malaysia, without ever feeling cramped, sick, or claustrophobic.

With that said, I hadn’t really slept for 28 hours when I arrived in the stunning Changi airport and met my main man Bobby from LiveLifeDrive.

“I have a Megane RS265,” he said. “Wait till you see it.”

“You mean wait till I drive it. Give me the keys. Hey, where’s the steering wheel?”

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