You Didn’t Ask For More MelodyBird Shots, But Here They Are


The MelodyBird‘s settling in very nicely in Toronto, and its owner has already started working with Chris to get another one. Doesn’t look like I’ll have to make good on our money-back guarantee 🙂 We’ll have some demos in the near future. In other news, a major dealer in, ah, a city in Nevada has agreed to carry the regular MelodyBurners as soon as we have stock. Pretty soon you’ll be able to gamble and check one out all without going more than a few miles from your hotel.

In the meantime, enjoy these shots…

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MelodyBirds For $2599


All sorts of good news for me lately. The first good news is that after switching up my medication and whatnot I’m significantly more likely to be alive this time next week. Most people in this situation would be taking stock of their lives and whatnot and re-evaluating their choices and so on. I’ve been too busy holding a little intro jam for the first MelodyBird, which is on its way to a studio musician in Toronto.

Everybody agrees: the MelodyBird offers playability and tone that equal or surpass the Gibson Nashville Custom Firebird and Heritage H-357. I don’t say that lightly because I’m a big believer in the H-357 and own two of the fifteen or so that have been hand-made by Marv Lamb in the past five years. But we’ve got it whipped.

Best of all, a Gibby CS Bird is $4299 and an H-357 is $3500 plus a six to eight month wait. The MelodyBird is $2599 with Seth Lover pickups as seen above. But wait, there’s more!

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