1988 Peugeot 405 S – Au Revoir, Lion

The U.S. market can be a funny, unpredictable thing when talking about various imported motor cars. Take the Peugeot 405, for instance. This is a car that one would have seen all over the place in Europe, but rarely in North America, even when they were still new cars. Of course, all markets have its preferences. I’d wager that there were damn few Cadillac Broughams or Chrysler Fifth Avenues in Nice or Paris. The new 405 was Peugeot’s last try in cracking the U.S. car market’s potentially lucrative nut.

In July 1987, the 405 made its first appearance as an ’88 model. The mid-sized, front wheel drive 405 sedan and estate had been originally slated to replace the venerable RWD 505. Peugeot, however, demurred, and decided to sell the 505 alongside the 405 for a few more years, much as Volvo kept the 240 around after the 740/760 began production. The 405 sedan became available to Francophiles in October of 1987; the station wagon arrived several months later, in May of 1988.

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I Really Liked The Peugeot RCZ


Sleek, sexy, fun to drive, not terribly quick but on the streets of Singapore it was irrelevant. To find out more about the French Audi TT, check out Road&Track Online today.

Incidentally, I notice that one of the search terms used to find this site yesterday was “D cup Malaysian Hooker”. Well, friend, if you’re back today, all I have to say is this: they’re out there.

My Favorite Wagon


Those of you who are kind enough to read me in Road&Track, or even subscribe, (hint hint! Please subscribe! We need the five bucks!) should be aware that I’ll be continuing to contribute to the magazine and the website in the months to come.

One of my first reviews from Malaysia can be found here. The Peugeot 508GT wagon captured my affections during the time we spent together. If they’d bring it here, it would make a great way to drag my kid around. Check it out.