1986 Porsche 944 Turbo: Front-Engine Rocket

Before the 944, there was the 924. Originally it was planned as a VW-only model to replace the 914. It was designed by Porsche and used many more VW and Audi parts than its predecessor, at Volkswagen’s request. After everything had been designed and engineered, and was essentially ready for production VW backed out of the deal. Nice. So Porsche decided to sell it themselves, though VW contracted to build the cars for Porsche. It was introduced for the 1976 model year.

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1966 Porsche 911: Clean, Smooth, Timeless

The last several posts of mine, to no one’s surprise, have been various and sundry large American luxocruisers. Well, what can I say? I love them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like other stuff. It doesn’t have to have opera lamps and a Cayman-grain padded vinyl roof to catch my attention. And who could disagree that the early Porsche 911s weren’t beautiful?

911 01

What can one say about the Porsche 911 that hasn’t been said already? For many, it’s been THE Porsche. For generations. Well, there is one thing. Sometimes, I get tired of the pervasiveness of 911s in Porsche books and literature.

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1969 Porsche 912 Targa – Porsches Run In The Family!

Note: This was the very first article I wrote about old cars that was published online, back in August 2011. Not unsurprisingly, it is about a Porsche. Now that I have a couple of hundred articles under my belt, it has been redone and prettied up from its original iteration. -TK

My father is a Porsche guy, more specifically a 356 Porsche guy. He had them before he was married and before us kids came along, including several 356s-a 1951 Cabriolet, two 1960 Roadsters, and a 356C coupe, along with many parts cars. He’s been a member of the 356 Registry since the mid-’70s, and still has most of the magazines. In the early years of the new Millennium, he had settled down with one 356B Roadster and his daily driver, a midnight blue 2001 Carrera.

My mother was used to cars coming and going over the past thirty-five years. Heck, back when they were dating in the early 1970s he regularly stashed a parts car behind her parents’ house. Above picture is from about 1973. Even that toasty light gray Roadster would be worth big bucks now! But back then it was just a rusty, crusty $100 parts car.

But no new (or rather, additional) Porsches had entered the family for quite some time. The 356B Roadster had been in the family since 1988. Bought as an engine-less basket case, a friend restored it in his spare time when he wasn’t at his day job at the body shop of the local Buick-Dodge-Mazda dealer. But then one evening in the spring of 2003 she mentioned that there was an old Targa parked with a For Sale sign on 30th Street in Rock Island. Dad drove over, checked it out, then called the number in the window. In short order, he found out it was being sold by an old friend from high school.

He and Dan had gone on a road trip to Denver right after high school graduation in his new 1970 Boss 302, where they had the chrome Magnum 500 wheels stolen in a parking garage and left on jack stands. Fun! He had to call my grandfather and have money wired to get new wheels and tires from the Ford dealer in town. So yes, they go back quite a few years. So he bought the 912. Mom was less than thrilled.

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2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S – A Family Affair

The biggest single reason I’ve been so infatuated with cars from my earliest memories is due to the fact that I was born into a family of major gearheads. My ancestors were from Germany, and were coachbuilders. I mean actual coach builders, because their work pre-dated the automobile. They emigrated to the U.S. around the turn of the century, and initially settled in Chicago. A short time later they learned there were a lot of Germans in Rock Island, Illinois, and they moved there. And we’re still here!

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The Critics Respond, Part Eleven


Today’s Avoidable Contact opens up with a brief vignette concerning a young woman’s slide into what one calls everything from “ho’ing” to “sex work” depending on the duration of one’s time at university. Yes, Virgin(ia), prostitutes are typically made, not born. Last night my mind was on Porsche productastrophe, but this morning I’ve let that go and now I’m thinking: putting aside the politically-correct and sex-positive claptrap, how do I really feel about sex work and sex workers?
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She’s Gone


Sometimes, what I think of as “the bones of the relationship” are not sound. You love someone more than you can bear to think about. Every day you are not with that person feels a little bit like being dead. You would spend all the money you have, burn all the credit you can get, put the rest of your life in jeopardy to make something happen with that person.

But that’s just a feeling, and the reality is that there are multiple problems that make a permanent relationship impossible. You don’t have enough to put into it. Other things are more important. So you walk away. Someone else will come along. He will be a full-time partner instead of a part-time lover. He will want all the time what you only wanted sometimes. And no matter how much you wanted it sometimes, you have to consider what the fair thing, the right thing to do, is.

So now my main man TonyK is the owner of my 944. He put eight hours in on the car yesterday and this morning, working through the night to fix her problems, address the issues I’d neglected for years. He will have a real, permanent relationship with her. I, on the other hand, took her to the track or an event every month or so and then let her sit lonely in the garage where, apparently, mice were eating her from the inside out.

It’s what’s best. But if Tony had stayed another minute, I might have had to kill him. I know what the right thing to do is. But I’m not prepared to be gracious about it.

In Case Of Lack Of Financial Emergency, Dial 944


My God, it started right up and ran.

Five years after “Rodney” killed the clutch slave cylinder while borrowing it (how ironic), and more than two years after I towed it out of a barn, I popped the hood, put the jumper cables on, and cranked it. Don’t ask me why I let it sit in my garage since March of 2011 without starting it. I’ve been busy.

With just a few thousand dollars’ worth of repair, the little guy would be completely ready to go. But the reason I started it was because I had an offer on it, and another car I’m preparing to buy… What to do?
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